Paris Committee on Capacity-building (PCCB)

5 - 12 December 2018

RYSY Meeting Room 24 - Area E

At the 7th Durban Forum on Capacity-building held in May 2018, Parties and non-Party stakeholders reiterated the need for more time and space for informal and formal discussions on capacity-building related matters in order to exchange knowledge on case studies, success stories, lessons learned and how to support capacity-building in developing countries.

Capacity-building Hub @ COP 24

Responding to these requests, the PCCB agreed to implement the following actions to strengthen outreach efforts on capacity-building activities at COP 24:

  • Create a dedicated space (Capacity-building Hub) to present a series of events, which will feature presentations, networking opportunities and showcasing hands-on training of tools;

  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to foster global, regional, national and subnational cooperation;

  • Launch a PCCB Facebook page for COP24 to support wider outreach and networking on capacity-building, which PCCB members, capacity-building practitioners and policy-makers can use for on-going knowledge exchanges;

  • Disseminate and promote relevant information on the capacity-building webpages that complement the capacity-building portal until this additional information can be integrated into an enhanced version of the portal; and

  • Initiate the process of adding contact information to the mapping of the stakeholders and capacity-building list.

Introducing the PCCB national-level pilot exercise on capacity gaps and needs related to NDC implementation (Indonesia)