Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (nrg4SD)

Vanessa Pulgarín


RegionsAdapt - Capacity-building through cooperation

7 December 2018 / 15:30-16:30

PCCB Capacity-Building Hub / RYSY Meeting Room 24 - Area E

The RegionsAdapt initiative was created to explore the quite untapped potential of regional governments, and as the first global initiative backing regional governments in climate adaptation. It is a global framework to inspire and support regional governments to take concrete action, collaborate and report efforts on climate change adaptation. With their participation regional governments join an ambitious group of governments pioneering in climate change adaptation, having the opportunity for extensive communication with other governments and thereby learning best practices and share solutions to certain challenges.

More specifically, RegionsAdapt is a platform for:

  • Regions to cooperate and share best practices within their different capacities and experiences on climate adaptation;
  • Promoting and supporting the acceleration of the adoption or revision, as well as implementation of regional climate adaptation plans and strategies;
  • Fostering concrete actions on adaptation;
  • Tracking regional adaptation plans and strategies across the world;
  • Reporting and monitoring adaptation processes, actions and their outcomes;

The RegionsAdapt initiative provides capacity-building through the identification of strengths and challenges of its members and matching them with other members that can complement their efforts. This creates a learning experience and improves members’ capabilities in climate change adaptation efforts.  In addition, RegionsAdapt members can receive technical support to adopt their adaptation strategies, such as best practice guidelines and support to accelerate action in the area. One of the ways to benefit from this support was by participating in Working Groups (WGs)organized for each of the initiative´s key priority areas. The WGs were coordinated by one or two regional governments and foresaw the participation of technical partners (specialized national and multilateral agencies, foundations, NGOs and academia, among others). Their purpose was to exchange experiences and learning processes related to cases of success and failure, to commonly develop and adopt good practice standards, and to implement joint pilot projects after identifying international cooperation matchmaking opportunities.

After two years of working within these WGs, the initiative entered into a new phase aiming at developing concrete projects, as well as working in smaller groups on adaptation guidelines within different geographical regions. In addition, a library of climate adaptation best practices and innovative solutions, that can be replicated elsewhere, is under development.

In sum, the RegionsAdapt initiative’s capacity- building lives by the exchange and cooperation of its members and partners, supported by the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development – nrg4SD, which acts as the secretariat to the initiative.

  • Vanessa Pulgarín, RegionsAdapt Project Manager
  • RegionsAdapt technical partners