Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute / National Centre for Emissions Management (IOŚ-PIB/KOBiZE)

PCCB Capacity-Building Hub / RYSY Meeting Room 24 - Area E

Our side event focuses on the presentation of project that is currently being implemented by the National Centre for Emissions Management / Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute (KOBiZE/IOŚ-PIB) in Poland.

IOŚ-PIB as a research institute is responsible for many research tasks concerning also the activities contributing to capacity building and development of tools and systems for climate policy. It supports public administration on a regular basis as far as the climate policy implementation is concerned. For these reasons it appears to be an excellent example of Polish activities which could be presented during the Paris Committee on Capacity Building Day in Katowice.

The event aims mainly at demonstrating the project LIFE Climate CAKE PL (full name: System of providing and disseminating information in order to support the strategic implementation of climate policy), focused on creating a comprehensive decision-making support scheme, with special emphasize on development of a special analytical toolkit and providing essential knowledge.

The project is co-financed both by the EU LIFE Programme and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Poland.

While the main objective is defined as development of the sustainable and comprehensive system for creating and exchanging information and knowledge in order to support the effective and efficient implementation of the EU climate and energy policies, operational targets include:

  • developing a high-quality information about the impacts of measures implemented and planned under the EU energy and climate policies using analytical tools,

  • delivery a high-quality information on about the impacts of measures under EU energy and climate policies to public administration, private entities and the public,

  • building a comprehensive and consistent toolkit for assessing the measures proposed at the levels of Member States and the EU, including their sectoral dimension,

  • raising the public environmental awareness, with particular consideration given to the addressees of climate and energy policies, through wide dissemination of high-quality information,

  • securing the sustainability of the Project outcomes through establishing the Centre for Climate and Energy Analyses (CAKE in its Polish acronym) – a comprehensive and sustainable team, which, using and developing the analytical toolkit created within the Project, the stakeholder network and distribution channels, will continuously generate information and provide to its addressees in order to assist them in decision-making.

  • Contribution to capacity building in the field of climate policy has laid at the heart of developing above targets as well as the whole project.

List of speakers
Mr. Robert Jeszke
Head of Strategy, Analysis and Auction Unit, IOŚ-PIB/KOBiZE, LIFE Climate CAKE PL Project Coordinator
Mr. Maciej Pyrka
Deputy Head of Strategy, Analysis and Auction Unit, IOŚ-PIB/KOBiZE Expert in CGE modeling
Dr. Maciej Cygler
Expert IOŚ-PIB, KOBiZE, Project impact monitoring LIFE Climate CAKE PL
Mr. Jan Gąska
Expert in CGE modeling, LIFE Climate CAKE PL