Innovative Sources for Multilateral Climate Finance

Saturday 8 December 2018 - 14:00 to 18:00 at the PCCB Capacity-building Hub

RYSY Meeting Room 24 - Area E


From its beginning in 2005, the ecbi has been based on the understanding that enhancing the capacity of the multilateral climate change regime to produce ambitious outcomes involves a large degree of building and enhancing trust between negotiators. Over the past five years, the ecbi founding Director, Professor Benito Müller has been arguing that the well-being of the Financial Mechanism of the UNFCCC/Paris Agreement plays a key role in generating such trust.

This is why the PCCB and ecbi have joined forces to look into ideas of generating innovative, additional contributions to the funds of the Financial Mechanism and of mechanisms to enhance their longer-term viability.

The proposed Seminar at COP 24 in Katowice is to showcase some of these ideas, as trust building instruments to strengthen the capacity of the multilateral system to generate ambition in the global effort to fight climate change. The Seminar is targeted at key stakeholders in the field of multilateral climate finance, including finance negotiators, representatives of relevant UNFCCC bodies, international financial institutions, NGOs, as well as independent experts.

Marzena Chodor &  Tomasz Chruszczow

 Benito Müller

 Achala Abeysinghe

  Benito Müller

First Q & A session

Sean Kidney

 Julie-Ann Richards

 Second Q & A session

 Kelley Kizzier

Panel Discussion

Daniele Violetti

All videos recorded by Serge Jablunovskij


Speakers (alphabetical order)
Ms Achala Abeysinghe
Senior Strategic Adviser to the LDC Group
"The LDC proposal for an International Air Passenger Adaptation Levy (IAPAL)"
Ms Marzena Chodor
Co-chair of the PCCB
Mr Tomasz Chruszczow
High-level Champion for Climate Action
Mr Sean Kidney
CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative
"Green Bonds"
Ms Kelley Kizzier
Independent Consultant
"Carbon Taxation for International Maritime Fuels"
Mr Benito Müller
University of Oxford
Director, ecbi:
(i) "Western Climate Fund"
(ii) "Corporate Air Passenger Solidarity Programme"

(i) Presentation

(ii) Presentation

Ms Julie-Anne Richards
Adviser, Climate Damages Tax Coalition
"The Climate Damages Tax"