Capacity-building Hub - How did it all start

At the 7th Durban Forum on Capacity-building held in May 2018, Parties and non-Party stakeholders highlighted the need for more time and space for informal and formal discussions on capacity-building related matters in order to exchange knowledge on case studies, success stories, lessons learned and how to support capacity-building in developing countries.

As a response, the PCCB agreed to create a dedicated space (Capacity-building Hub) to present a series of events, which could feature presentations, networking opportunities and showcasing hands-on training of tools on capacity-building.

At the 1st  Capacity-building Hub that took place during COP 24, over 130 experts from approximately 90 institutions, networks, organizations, Parties, constituted bodies and the UN Climate Change took part in over 40 events and 190 activities on topics related to capacity-building.

At the 3rd Meeting of the Paris Committee on Capacity-building, the PCCB agreed to host and actively engage in a 2nd Capacity-building Hub which will take place at the margins of the 25th session of the COP in Santiago, Chile. This was agreed in consideration of the usefulness of the capacity-building hub at COP 24 and as part of the implementation of the “PCCB’s strategic plan for stakeholder engagement, communications and resource mobilization”.