PCCB at COP 24
PCCB in the negotiations
Annual Technical Progress Report

SBI 49 was invited to consider the annual technical progress report (ATPR) of the PCCB, including its recommendations to the COP, and to recommend draft conclusions or a draft decision thereon for consideration and adoption at COP 24.

Having considered the 2018 ATPR of the PCCB, the SBI recommended a draft decision on the matter for consideration by COP 24, which subsequently adopted the recommended draft decision (decision -/CP.24 (AUV)).

In its decision, the COP welcomed the ATPR and the recommendations contained therein and invited Parties, the operating entities of the Financial Mechanism, the constituted bodies under the Convention, United Nations organizations, observers and other stakeholders to consider these recommendations and to take any necessary action, as appropriate and in accordance with their mandates. The COP also welcomed the collaboration of the PCCB with non-Party stakeholders, including through its capacity-building hub and the use of social media tools. Furthermore, the COP Invited Parties and relevant institutions to provide support and resources to the PCCB in implementing its rolling workplan for 2017–2019.

The COP also took note of the decision of the PCCB to continue its 2018 focus area of capacity-building activities for the implementation of nationally determined contributions in the context of the Paris Agreement in 2019, and requested the SBI to thematically align future meetings of the Durban Forum with the annual focus area of the PCCB, taking note of the recommendation of the Committee contained in its 2018 ATPR.

Review of the Paris Committee on Capacity-building

COP 24 was invited to initiate the review of the Paris Committee on Capacity-building in accordance with decision 1/CP.21, paragraph 81. It referred to the SBI the consideration of this matter with a view to making a recommendation to CMA 2 on enhancing institutional arrangements for capacity capacity-building consistent with Article 11, paragraph 5, of the Paris Agreement. The SBI considered the matter of the PCCB review together with the annual technical progress report of the PCCB and adopted conclusions (FCCC/SBI/2018/L.21).

In its conclusions, the SBI invited Parties and observers to submit their views on the matter of the PCCB review, including views on enhancing existing institutional arrangements for capacity-building under the Convention, for consideration at SBI 50 (June 2019). It further requested the secretariat to prepare a compilation and synthesis of these submissions for consideration at SBI 50. It further agreed that all available annual technical progress reports of the PCCB will serve as inputs for the review.

The SBI agreed to continue its work at SBI 50 with a view to recommending a draft decision on enhancing institutional arrangements for capacity-building for consideration and adoption at COP 25 (November 2019), taking into account Article 11, paragraph 5, of the Paris Agreement, in accordance with decision 1/CP.21, paragraph 81.


PCCB events at COP 24

The PCCB had an active presence at the upcoming COP in Katowice, Poland, and invited interested stakeholders to join and participate in its events at COP 24:

Update on the work of the PCCB in 2018 (side event)

A brief overview of the work of the Paris Committee on Capacity-building (PCCB) in 2018
3 December, 15.00-16.30hrs
Event page

Building capacity for the integration human rights into climate action (side event)

Joint side event of the PCCB, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice (MRFCJ)
7 December, 13.15-14.45hrs
Event page

PCCB Capacity-building Hub (series of events)

The series of events at the Capacity-building Hub @ COP 24 reflects the collaborative spirit of the capacity-building community and is highlighting the 2018 focus area of the PCCB - capacity-building for the implementation of NDCs.
5-12 December
Hub page


Further activities at COP 24
Technical Workshop

The PCCB co-organized with the UNFCCC secretariat a technical workshop at COP 24 focused on building the capacity of constituted bodies under the Convention to integrate gender considerations into their work. The 3-hour event was held on 12 December. Further information will be made available in due course.

Inputs to other events

The PCCB also received invitations to provide inputs at a number of mandated events at the COP, such as the first workshop under the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture held on 3 December, and the technical part of the stocktake on pre-2020 implementation and ambition held on 5 December.