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Financing for Climate Friendly Investment

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Economic progress enables states to promote development by investing in infrastructure and social programs. The economic performance of developing countries is expected to increase rapidly and represent over 60 percent of global GDP by 2030. Economic growth provides opportunities for both developing and developed countries to enhance their revenues and their technical and social infrastructures. However, in order to accomplish long-term, sustainable development, countries must mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and use resources efficiently.

Momentum for Change: Financing for Climate Friendly Investment

Momentum for Change: Financing for Climate Friendly Investment was launched in November 2012 to recognize successful financial innovations for adaptation and climate mitigation. It showcases climate activities promoting low-carbon growth and highly resilient communities through the use of innovative financing mechanisms. Watch the webcast of the Financing for Climate Friendly Investment special event at the 2013 UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw.

Momentum for Change: Financing for Climate Friendly Investment is implemented in partnership with the World Economic Forum Global Project on Climate Change.

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Recognizing innovative financing mechanisms

Momentum for Change: Financing for Climate Friendly Investment showcases "Lighthouse Activities" that demonstrate concrete results to address climate change. All Financing for Climate Friendly Investment Lighthouse Activities are:

KaXu Project.jpgKaxu Solar One

The International Finance Corporation leveraged private-sector capital to develop and construct the world’s first large-scale concentrated solar power plant, using blended funding to close funding gaps and to deliver positive results to stakeholders.

ImageGreen Finance and The Aggregation of Swedish Local Government Investment Projects

Kommuninvest’s Green Bond Framework aggregates local and regional governments’ funding needs to offer green loans and work towards the overarching goal of a climate-neutral society.

ImagePartnerships to Advance Climate Risk Insurance Approaches

The Munich Climate Insurance Initiative designed and implemented a parametric index-based microinsurance product to cover extreme weather damage in the Caribbean.

CrowdfundingCrowdfunding for Community Solar Projects

The largest crowdfunding platform in the EU for community solar projects, offering solar companies a platform to source investments for their projects.
OffgridOff Grid Electric

This project provides accessible and affordable solar systems to homes and businesses connected to an expensive and unreliable grid, or to those who have no grid access at all.

RevenueRevenue-Neutral Carbon Tax

British Columbia is home to North America’s first revenue-neutral carbon tax, covering more than 70% of the province’s emissions. Every dollar generated by the carbon tax is returned to British Columbians in the form of personal and business tax measures, making it revenue-neutral.
GothenburgGothenburg Green Bonds
The Swedish city of Gothenburg was the world’s first city to issue a green bond to borrow money for investments that benefit the environment and the climate.

-Azuri PayGo Energy

Innovating pay-as-you-go energy systems for rural homes in 11 African countries.
-Deforestation-free Cocoa

Using a carbon-asset-backed loan to protect forests and produce cocoa in Peru.

-Microsoft Global Carbon Fee

Transforming corporate culture by putting a price on carbon emissions associated with the company’s global operations.
The introduction of microfinance in Latin America is a groundbreaking innovation because it enables these enterprises to access climate finance for the first time.

ImageZurich Flood Resilience Program

An innovative initiative that looks at the role of financing pre-event mitigation measures in building resilience to floods in communities that need it the most.
ImageLighten the Energy Bill

Promotes a unique financing mechanism that enables the installation and management of sustainable lighting systems, by absorbing the entire upfront investment and sharing the profits with the end user.

imageChina CDM Fund

An innovative climate financing mechanism. It is a national climate fund mandated to support low carbon growth and climate resilience in China.
photoDarfur Low Smoke Stoves Project in Sudan

A transformational financing scheme to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by replacing traditional wood and charcoal stoves with modern, energy-efficient and clean-burning LPG cook stoves.

imageECOCASA: Low Carbon Housing in Mexico

Providing innovative financing to promote sustainable housing by overseeing the performance of energy-efficient appliances, technologies and sustainable building design.
imageIFAD's Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme

Channeliing climate and environmental finance to smallholder farmers to improve the climate resilience of at least 8 million smallholder farmers to expand their options in a rapidly changing environment.

photoRental Solar Farms

Cost-effective, convenient and clean rental solar farms to reduce consumption of diesel fuel by generators, to improve access to electricity and to reduce emissions and power costs, without up-front capital investment or long-term obligations.
imageSustainable Energy Finance Program - Philippines

Providing funding to private banks to lend to energy efficiency and renewable energy projects through technical advice and capacity building, risk sharing and building partnerships with other banks.

These lighthouse activities were selected by the Momentum for Change Advisory Panel after receiving dozens of applications from around the world.

All eligible activities are part of an activity database which provides a broader range of the types of innovative financing mechanisms to address climate change.

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