AFRC          Albion Fisheries Research Centre

Agric           Agriculture

Ann             Annual

ASLR          Accelerated sea level rise

c.i.f.             Cost, insurance and freight

CC              Climate change

CCCM        Canadian Climate Centre Model

CEB            Central Electricity Board

CFCs          Chlorofluorocarbons

CH4            Methane

CO              Carbon monoxide

CO2            Carbon dioxide

COMESA    Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa

COP            Conference of Parties

DOE            Department of Environment

DPV             Dual purpose vehicle

EPZ             Export Processing Zone

f.o.b             Free on board

FAD             Fish aggregating device

FCCC          Framework Convention on Climate Change

GCM           General Circulation Model

GDFCF       Gross Domestic Fixed Capital Formation

GDP            Gross Domestic Product

GEF            Global Environment Facility

GFDL          Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

GHGs          Greenhouse gases

GISS            Goddard Institute for Space Sciences

GNP            Gross National Product

H2O             Water or water vapour

HFCs            Hydrofluorocarbons

ICZM             Integrated Coastal Zone Management

IDA                International Development Association

IOC                Indian Ocean Commission

IOR - ARC     Indian Ocean Rim - Association for Regional Cooperation

IPCC              Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

ITCZ              Inter Tropical Convergence Zone

ktc                  kilotonne carbon

ktdm                kilotonne dry matter

LPG                Light Petroleum Gas

LUCF              Land Use Change and Forestry

M                    million

MACOSS        Mauritius Council of Social Services

MCA                Mauritius College of the Air

MW                  Megawatt

N2O                Nitrous oxide

NA                   Not available

NCC                National Climate Committee

NGO                Non-governmental Organisation

NMVOC           Non-methane volatile organic compound

NOAA               National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOX                Oxides of nitrogen

O3                   Ozone

OAU                Organization of African Unity

º C                   Degree Celcius

PFCs               Perfluoro-carbons

MUR                Mauritian rupee

SADC               South African Development Community

SIDS                Small Island Developing State

SO2                 Sulphur dioxide

tdm                  Tonnes dry matter

TOE                Tonne Oil Equivalent

UKMO             United Kingdom Meteorological Office

UN                   United Nations

UNCED            United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

UNEP               United Nations Environment Programme

UNFCCC          United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

USCSP             United States Country Studies Program

WHO                 World Health Organisation

WMO                 World Meteorological Organisation