UNFCCC-CASTT: Climate Action and Support Transparency Training

UNFCCC-CASTT: Climate Action and Support Transparency Training  

The UNFCCC Climate Action and Support Transparency Training, or UNFCCC-CASTT, is a capacity-building programme designed to cater to stakeholders at all levels of competencies within national climate governance and implementation.

Through a holistic approach to capacity-building and development, the programme draws on the knowledge of a multitude of climate change professionals to provide trainees with the theoretical and practical methods needed to take transformative action.

The programme is segmented into three packages.

Depth of content depends on the training package, however the trainee can expect to walk away with ample practical knowledge and a global perspective on climate change and sustainable development.

The programme seeks to enhance the technical capacity of necessary individuals, resulting in improvements in competencies needed to contribute to efficient reporting and climate action. Through the targeted training, enhancement, and partnerships bridged by UNFCCC-CASTT, effective participation in the transparency framework can be achieved, at both the national and international levels.