Consideration of Reports from non-Annex I Parties

National reports submitted by non-Annex I Parties are considered different from those of Annex I Parties.

Information from initial national communications (NCs) submitted by non-Annex I Parties were compiled and synthesized by the secretariat upon request from the COP.

Biennial update reports (BURs) submitted by non-Annex I Parties will be subjected to international consultation and analysis which includes two steps, (1) the technical analysis of BURs by a team of technical experts, and (2) a facilitative sharing of views among Parties.

Submitted NCs

Submitted BURs

Compilation & Synthesis Reports

International Consultation and Analysis

Compilation & Synthesis of NCs

The secretariat has conducted six rounds of the compilation and synthesis of initial NCs between 1999 and 2005.

The Sixth compilation and synthesis from 122 developing countries (Parties not included in Annex I of the Convention) was produced in 2005 and is the most recent. The report contains six addendum listed below that focus on critical sub-components to the NCs.

Addendum 1. Sustainable development and the integration of climate change concerns

Addendum 2. Methodological issues, activity data, emission factors, reporting tables and more

Addendum 3. Ways to abate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and enhance removals by sinks

Addendum 4. Research projects and systematic observation initiatives

Addendum 5. Climate change impacts, adaptation measures, and response strategies

Addendum 6. Parties' financial and technical needs; education, training, and public awareness

International Consultation and Analysis of BURs (ICA)

The ICA process will consist of two steps, the technical analysis of the BURS submitted by non-Annex I Parties, followed by a facilitative sharing of views.

COP 16 (decision 1.CP.16, paragraphs 63-64) decided to conduct ICA of BURs in a manner that is non-intrusive, non-punitive and respectful of national sovereignty. The ICA will aim to increase transparency of mitigation actions and their effects through analysis by technical experts and a facilitative sharing of views.

Subsequently, COP 17 established modalities and guidelines for ICA which outlines its scope and process. COP 19 adopted the composition, modalities and procedures for the team of technical experts that will undertake the analysis.

Contact and Feedback   For submission of national reports from non-Annex I Parties, please e-mail the secretariat:
reporting-nai@unfccc. The details on the submission process will be communicated through this email.