Preparation of the fifth national communications by Annex I Parties

Annex I Parties are requested to submit a fifth national communication to the secretariat by 1 January 2010 (decision 10/CP.13). In preparing these national communications, Annex I Parties should follow the revised reporting guidelines for the preparation of national communications. Additionally, a number of decisions and conclusions should be taken into account. In order to facilitate the preparation of the fourth national communications, the secretariat organized a workshop in Dublin in September 2004. more>>

Annotated Outline for Fifth National Communications (278 kB) of Annex I Parties under the UNFCCC, including Reporting Elements under the Kyoto Protocol

The UNFCCC guidelines for the preparation of national communications by Parties included in Annex I to the Convention (FCCC/CP/1999/7) and the Guidelines for the preparation of the information required under Article 7, of the Kyoto Protocol, including on reporting of supplementary information under Article 7, paragraph 2 (part II of the annex to decision 15/CMP.1) provide guidance for the Parties included in Annex I to the Convention (Annex I Parties) on the structure and content of the national communications. The secretariat prepared an annotated outline as a compilation of provisions of these guidelines with the view to support Parties in preparing, in accordance with these guidelines, their fifth national communication (NC5).