Multilateral assessment process European Union

The first multilateral assessment (MA) of the European Union took place at the Working Group Session (WGS) under the SBI 41 in Lima on 6 December 2014. The aim of this session was to assess the European Union's progress in implementation towards the achievement of emission reductions and removals related to its quantified economy-wide emission reduction targets.

The WGS was preceded by a three-month period of questions and answers in the lead-up to the SBI session in Lima when the MA took place.

Questions to the European Union were submitted via the MA-Portal from 1 to 30 September 2014. 

compilation of questions and answers (673 kB) on 29 November 2014.No further observations were received from the European Union two months after the MA session.

The following documents are available:

Input to MA




Party record

• First Biennial Report ( BR (4798 kB) ) and
technical review report (TRR)

• Sixth National Communication
( NC (4798 kB) ) and review report (IDR)

• National GHG inventory submission (NIR, CRF Convention and KP, KP LULUCF, SEF), and report (ARR)

Questions formulated and answers provided within the three months prior to the MA session, using the MA-Portal




• Complete set of questions and answers  x (673 kB)


SBI summary report

Link to webcast of WGS I under the SBI