Multilateral assessment process Croatia

The first multilateral assessment (MA) of Croatia took place at the Working Group Session (WGS) under the SBI 41 in Lima on 6 December 2014. The aim of this session was to assess Croatia's progress in implementation towards the achievement of emission reductions and removals related to its quantified economy-wide emission reduction targets.

The WGS was preceded by a three-month period of questions and answers in the lead-up to the SBI session in Lima when the MA took place.

Questions to Croatia were submitted via the MA-Portal from 1 to 30 September 2014. 

A compilation of questions and answers (392 kB) on 29 November 2014. No further observations were received from Croatia two months after the MA session

The following documents are available:

Input to MA




Party record

• First Biennial Report ( BR (8827 kB) ) and
technical review report (TRR)

• Sixth National Communication
( NC (8827 kB) ) and review report (IDR)

• National GHG inventory submission (NIR, CRF, KP LULUCF, SEF), and report (ARR)

Questions formulated and answers provided within the three months prior to the MA session, using the MA-Portal




• Complete set of questions and answers  x (392 kB)

SBI summary report

Link to webcast of WGS I under the SBI