Registry Initialization

Prior to commencing live operations with the International Transaction Log (ITL), all registries need to demonstrate that they have properly implemented the Data Exchange Standards. Each registry therefore undertakes the initialization process with the ITL in order to demonstrate that it fulfils all required registry functions to the appropriate standard.

The initialization of registry connections with the ITL proceeds in three phases:

  • Documentation review: the operation of the registry is assessed by reviewing its technical and operational documentation
  • Connectivity testing: the ability of the registry to connect to the ITL is assessed by verifying that it can undertake basic communication steps with the ITL
  • Functional testing: the ability of the registry to carry out its required functions is assessed by verifying that it can undertake transaction, reconciliation and administrative processes, including for notifications, as specified in the data exchange standards

The assessment of the registry activities under this process is carried out by the ITL administrator.  The results of this assessment are contained in Independent Assessment Reports for each registry.

Once approved by the ITL administrator, the registry can in principle go live with the ITL, though the decision as to when the registry wishes to have this live link activated will often take account of other factors. Generally speaking, non-European registries can go live individually with the ITL while European registries may wish to go live together and simultaneously with the European Union transaction log (EUTL).

For an up-to-date status of registry initialization and whether registries are live with the ITL, see the registry websites page.