Climate Change Kiosk - 13 November 2006

13 November 2006

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Climate change and Africa: Coping with increasing drought risk
This presentation explores how climate change will impact Africa and, in particular, what coping strategies could be used to manage drought risk. Risk management tools including relevance in the future for those areas most negatively affected by climatic change.

Mr. Thomas Loster
MunichRe Foundation



Drought and regeneration: Climate change adaptation in Niger
Climate change has begun to affect the nomadic peoples of Niger. The number of days per year with a minimum temperature above 30°C is increasing annually. Rainfall in this semi-arid area is becoming increasingly erratic, with changes in timing, frequency and amount of precipitation. Severe droughts have been recurring since 1973, the latest of which occurred in 2004. This climate change is adversely impacting the grasslands, helping to cause the process of desertification and land degradation. The effect on the Tamasheq and Wodaabe nomads who inhabit this area is great. Many have lost their herds of cows and sheep and seen their traditional lands destroyed. Over the past 30 years they have developed strategies to combat the recurrent droughts, and some groups are taking measures to regenerate degraded land, stop desertification and live with the effects of climate change. The effects of drought, and these survival strategies and practices are emphasised.

Jeff Woodke
United Kingdom


17:00- 17:30

How to make the CDM work for Africa
Nine years on from Kyoto and only 4 out of 356 registered CDM projects are from Africa, accounting for less than 0.025% of emission reductions under the mechanism. Clearly there is something wrong. This presentation focuses upon ESD's practical experiences with the CDM in Africa and the lessons learned. Key actions are proposed that would enable Africa to benefit from the CDM and to advance sustainable development on the continent.

Mike Bess
Senior Partner
Energy for Sustainable Development (ESD)


17:30- 18:00

CARE takes action on climate change
CARE International shares its experiences with "climate-proofing" its poverty reduction efforts, with examples from around the world

Angie Dazé
Programme Manager
CARE Canada