Climate Change Kiosk - 17 November 2006

17 November 2006

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Climate change and energy in africa: UNEP activities
A special series of presentations organized by the United Nations Environment Programme, Regional Office for Africa, showcasing projects from the African and local experiences demonstrating forward action in the face of climate change issues


Glenn Hodes -
CDM in Africa: Myths and realities
Energy Economist
RISO National Laboratory
- Presentation (powerpoint) ( pdf version (217 kB) )
- Webcast

Sami Kamel
- Renewable energy in Africa
Senior Economist
Carbon Finance Coordinator
RISO National Laboratory
- Presentation (powerpoint) ( pdf version (175 kB) )
- Webcast

George Manful
- National Communications
- Presentation (powerpoint) ( pdf version (4145 kB) )
- Webcast

Sergio Jauregui - Reduction of emissions by deforestation in Africa: Relevance and opportunities
- Presentation (powerpoint) ( pdf version (224 kB) )
- Webcast

11:30- 12:00

Changing the climate change story: Discovery Channel's FINAL HOUR
Climate change isn't just a problem requiring solutions, it's a seismic re-framing of our world that calls into question the core cultural assumptions which define the post-industrial age and civilization. To solve it involves nothing less than a transformative vision, a new story, another paradigm-shift for which storytelling can and must be the first line of offense. Where story goes the world is sure to follow. The Discovery Channel show, FINAL HOUR, to be seen by an audience of 1.4 billion people in 170 countries, is providing that vision.

Paul Lussier

Executive Producer/Creator/Writer - FINAL HOUR
Paul Lussier Company/Rivet Entertainment for Discovery Channel

- Webcast
- Presentation (powerpoint) ( pdf version (2781 kB) )