Dialogue on long term cooperative action under the Convention


The Conference of the Parties, at its eleventh session by itsdecision 1/CP.11, resolved to engage in a dialogue, without prejudiceto any future negotiations, commitments, process, framework or mandateunder the Convention, to exchange experiences and analyse strategicapproaches for long-term cooperative action to address climate changethat includes, inter alia, the following areas:

           (a)           Advancing development goals in a sustainable way
           (b)           Addressing action on adaptation
           (c)           Realizing the full potential of technology
           (d)           Realizing the full potential of market-based opportunities

Full text of decision (85 kB)


The dialogue will be facilitated by two co-facilitators:

- Ms. Sandea DE WET (South Africa), Chief State Law Adviser,Department of Foreign Affairs, has been nominated by Parties notincluded in Annex I to the Convention.

- Mr. Howard BAMSEY (Australia), Deputy Secretary of the AustralianDepartment of the Environment and Heritage and Chief Executive Officerof the Australian Greenhouse Office, has been nominated by Partiesincluded in Annex I to the Convention.


The dialogue will be conducted under the guidance of the Conferenceof the Parties and will take place in up to four workshops, wherepossible pre-sessional workshops, open to all Parties, to be organizedby the secretariat, subject to availability of resources.