The Sidra Tree

"The Sidra tree, growing strong and proud in the harshest of environments, has been a symbol of perseverance and nourishment across the borders of the Arab world. What is the significance of this glorious tree? With its roots bound in the soil of this world and its branches reaching upwards toward perfection, it is a symbol of solidarity and determination; it reminds us that goals of this world are not incompatible with the goals of the spirit."

Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser
Qatar Foundation Chairperson, at the inauguration of Education City, 13 October 2003

The Sidra Tree

In the Qatari culture, the Sidra tree is the iconic symbol of the country's heritage. The Sidra has grown in the deserts of Qatar for generations. With roots that reach deep into the earth, fruit and flowers that nourish and leaves that heal, the Sidra became a beacon of comfort in the harsh desert environment, allowing life to flourish. The Sidra also provided shade and shelter to travelers and scholars, who would escape the desert heat, gather together and share knowledge.

Over time, the Sidra came to represent nourishment, strength and courage, as well as learning and growth. In the hearts and the minds of the people of Qatar, the Sidra tree exemplifies perseverance, solidarity and determination.

Qatar Foundation/ Qatar National Convention Center

For these reasons, the Sidra is featured as the logo of the Qatar Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 1995 to develop people's abilities through investments in human capital, innovative technology, strategic partnerships and state of the art facilities. The Sidra inspired the façade of the Qatar National Convention Centre, a signature structure located in Education City, the educational complex built by the Qatar Foundation in Doha. The Sidra structure that fronts the building is 250 meters wide and five stories tall.

COP 18/CMP 8

The Qatar National Convention Centre is the venue for COP 18/CMP 8, the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This conference brings the international community together to formally discuss the multilateral response to the growing threat of climate change. It is only fitting that the Parties gather to determine the course forward under the inspiring Sidra tree.