Summary of the consultations with the Chairs of Regional Groups and Coordinators of Constituencies, held during SBs 42, from 1-11 June 2015 in Bonn, Germany

Consultations on elections held on 9 June 2015, 13.15 hrs

Consultations on the election of officers of Convention and Kyoto Protocol bodies were convened today, which were chaired by Mr. Cheikh Sylla, Vice-President of the COP/CMP Bureau.

Chairs and Coordinators were urged to submit, by the close of the sessions in Bonn, the nominations that are outstanding for the Executive Committee of the Warsaw International Mechanism on Loss and Damage and the SBSTA Rapporteur, as well as the other nominations outstanding from COP 20/CMP 10.

The Chair urged all groups and constituencies to consult within their group and to submit the nominations for the elections to be held at COP 21/CMP 11.  The Chair further informed that in view of the busy schedule in Paris, the deadline for the submission of these nominations is the close of the ADP session in October, on Friday, 23 October 2015.

The next consultations on elections will be held during the ADP session to be convened in August/September 2015.