2017 SCF Forum biographies: Manuel Quinteros Aguilar

Manuel Orlando Quinteros Aguilar

  • Minister of Public Works, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development 2009-2015.
  • Head of the Board of Directors of the Road Conservation Fund (FOVIAL).
  • President of the Governors Board of the Social Housing Fund (FSV).

As Minister of Public Works, M. Quinteros Aguilar has implemented a transparency and accountability policy, which along with complementary international transparency programs, CoST and CASALS, have allowed for public governance with zero lawsuits in six years. The acknowledgement of his successful management has made him deserving of the President Salvador Sánchez Cerén´s trust, who reelected him as Minister, a charge in which he has been since 2009.

Minister Quinteros Aguilar has promoted a new public works management model, which links public resources, from the private sector and citizens, as well as the usage of new modern financial instruments such as the issuance of stocks from FOVIAL and CEPA; alternative funds from external funding, such as the Yucatán Fund (with 50% donation) and the Latin American Investment Funds (LAIF) from the European Union (with 20% donation), to finance logistics’ infrastructure for development.

Minister Quinteros Aguilar led the State Policy for Mobility and Logistics for Productive Development and Trade Transformation that aimed at converting El Salvador in a country with the lowest logistics costs in the region. The Ministers of Public Works and Transportation in the Mesoamerican region acknowledged his active role on the matter, so they delegated him the coordination for the preparation of an ensemble of regional, integral, complementary and independent policies of mobility and logistics.

Previously, he directed the preparation of the Government Programs in the successful campaigns for Salvador Sánchez Cerén, presidential elections of 2014, and Mauricio Funes Cartagena in 2008, both presidential candidates from his political party “Fondo Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional” (FMLN), from which he is co-founder.

Between 1994 and 2008, M. Quinteros Aguilar was Congressman at the Legislative Assembly for five periods, during which he had the privilege of being the first FMLN Chief of the Parliamentary Group, he integrated as well the Board of Directors as Secretary and Vice President.

Due to his academic education as Public Accountant and with a vocation for public finances, during six years he was part of the Finances and Budget Commission, from which he was Secretary (2006-2009) and President (2003-2006) in two consecutive terms. He has also been a member of the Special Investigation Commission of Financial Crimes (1997-2000), of the Central American Interparliamentary Commission to Fight Corruption and Drug Related Activities (2000) and the Central American Interparliamentary Commission of Integrity and Fight against Corruption (1997). During his legislative performance he presented the First Bill for Transparency and Accountability and was an active participant in the elaboration of the Law against Money and Stocks Laundering.

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