2017 SCF Forum biographies: Drazen Kucan
drazen kucan

Drazen Kucan, Senior Urban Development and Energy Efficiency Specialist, Division Adaptation & Mitigation (DMA), the Green Climate Fund (GCF)

Drazen leads global urban development and energy efficiency sector at DMA and GCF: his work is focusing on technical reviews of Concept Notes and Funding Proposals throughout the GCF project and review cycle; delivering strategic pipeline development with a strong emphasis on the Green and Resilient Cities globally, while contributing towards a broad policy deliberation, in a multitude of international forums, on cities and climate change; and challenges related to scaling up climate finance and transformative transactions. He is responsible for the GCF portfolio of over 30 projects at different stage of development, funding considerations and implementation; and actively engaged in conceptual work and community of practice on de-risking structures and transformative interventions in the global urban and energy efficiency context at the GCF.

Drazen is a former senior international staff of the Manila-based Asian Development Bank (ADB); in his previous career he was a Director for Corporate Finance and Investment Banking with the Raiffeisen Banking Group (Austria); and a senior consultant in variety of resilient infrastructure development assignments across the Asia-Pacific and the Central & Eastern Europe region for the European Comission, the World Bank and the UNDP. He has a dual, Dutch-Croatian nationality and is fluent in six languages. Drazen holds an MSc degree in Renewable Energy from the TU Vienna (Austria); a joint doctorandus / MBA degree from the Nijenrode University (the Netherlands) and a BA degree in Urban Sociology from the University of Zagreb (Croatia).

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