Membership - L&D Excom

The Executive Committee comprises 20 members, with a balanced representation of Annex I and non-Annex I Parties, as agreed at COP20 (December 2014):

  • 10 members from Annex I Parties
  • 10 members from non-Annex I Parties, of which; 2 members from each of the African States, the Asia-Pacific States, and the Latin American and Caribbean States, 1 member from SIDS, 1 member from the LDC Parties, and 2 additional members from non-Annex I Parties.

The members nominated to the Executive Committee are:




Mr. Vhalinavho KHAVHAGALI (Co-Chair) South Africa Non-Annex I / Africa
Mr. Idy NIANG Senegal Non-Annex I / Africa
Ms. Pepetua Election LATASI Tuvalu Non-Annex I / Asia Pacific
Mr. Nurul QUADIR Bangladesh Non-Annex I / Asia Pacific
Mr. Antonio CANAS El Salvador Non-Annex I / Latin American and Caribbean States
Mr. Orville GREY Jamaica Non-Annex I / Latin American and Caribbean States
Mr. Adao Soares BARBOSA Timor-Leste Non-Annex I / LDC
Ms. Dawn PIERRE-NATHONIEL Saint Lucia Non-Annex I / SIDS
Mr. Nedal KATBEHBADER Palestine Non-Annex I
Ms. Ekaterine MIKADZE Georgia Non-Annex I
Mr. Farhan AKHTAR United States of America Annex I
Ms. Monika ANTOSIK Poland Annex I
Mr. Thomas DE LANNOY European Union Annex I
Ms. Cornelia JÄGER Austria Annex I
Mr. Erling KVERNEVIK (Co-Chair) Norway Annex I
Mr. Russell MILES Australia Annex I
Mr. Malcolm RIDOUT United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Annex I
Mr. Valeriy SEDYAKIN Russian Federation Annex I
Mr. Kimio TAKEYA Japan Annex I
Mr. Christoph VON STECHOW Germany Annex I

Half of those members are elected initially for a term of three years, and half for a term of two years.

The COP encouraged Parties to nominate to the Executive Committee experts with the diversity of experience and knowledge relevant to loss and damage associated with climate change impacts, taking into account the goal of gender balance pursuant to decision 23/CP.18.

The Executive Secretary invited Parties to submit nominations for the Executive Committee of the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage (See the message to Parties for more details).

For information on the election and membership of the bodies of the Convention and the Kyoto Protocol, please click here.