Slow onset events


Enhanced cooperation and facilitation in relation to slow onset events is the strategic workstream (a) of the five-year workplan of the Executive Committee. Slow onset events (SOEs) include desertification, glacial retreat and related impacts, land and forest degradation, loss of biodiversity, ocean acidification, increasing temperatures and sea level rise, according to decision 1/CP.16.

Under this workstream, the Excom will continue the ongoing work of action area 3(d) and (e) of the initial two-year workplan to assess and develop recommendations to improve the state of knowledge to understand, and capacity to address, SOEs and their impacts, including the capacity of regional agencies, and identify follow-up actions, as appropriate.

Activities include: updating the database of organizations working on SOEs; assessing regional impacts of SOEs and gaps in capacities of regional agencies to assist countries in addressing those gaps; identifing relevant approaches to bridging those gaps; establishing a technical expert group on SOEs; organizing a technical meeting with a focus on approaches in relation t recovery and rehabilitation, and permanent loss; and facilitating the development of tools for national planning and policy-making.

For further information on activities of the Executive Committee on SOEs, see the five-year workplan.

Access the database of organizations working on SOEs here.

How to get involved?

In order to further develop and strengthen the database of organizations working on slow onset events and the scope of their current efforts, the Executive Committee invites relevant organizations to complete this template>>

  • To add a new organization to the database; or
  • To submit new, additional, updated information to an organization already included in the database.

Please submit completed templates to loss-damage(at)

The Executive Committee invites relevant organizations and experts to collaborate with the Executive Committee to facilitate access to information, including through collaborative channels or databases, and technologies to track the impacts, and enable approaches to address loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change, including slow onset events.

See the invitation for collaboration >>>

Knowledge resources and past events on SOEs

  • A document on the scope of work undertaken on slow onset events (SOEs) as reported by partners in the SOEs database, as of February 2018, is available here >>>
  • A poster providing an overview of the scope of work on slow onset events is available here >>>
  • A user-friendly synopsis of the mapping, as of December 2015, is available here>>

Excom at the 8th meeting of the SBSTA Research Dialogue


Letter to the Chair of the SBSTA

The Executive Committee requested the Chair of the SBSTA to consider slow onset events as a possible topic for the research dialogue to be held at SBSTA 44 or for future research dialogues.

The Excom presented two posters at the 8th meeting of the SBSTA Research Dialogue during SB44 on 19 May 2016.