Modalities and procedures of the Adaptation Committee

A full set of rules of procedure, drawing upon the provisions decided by COP 17, was approved at COP 18. At its second and fifth meetings, respectively, the AC further elaborated on these, also taking into account a decision by COP 19 to replace the positions of Chair and Vice-Chair of the Adaptation Committee by the positions of Co-Chairs. At its fifth meeting, the AC agreed on a set of revised rules of procedure.

COP 17 decided that the Adaptation Committee should make use of the following modalities in exercising its functions:

  • Workshops and meetings
  • Expert groups
  • Compilation, review, synthesis, analysis reports of information, knowledge,
  • experience and good practice
  • Channels for sharing information, knowledge and expertise
  • Coordination and linkages with all relevant bodies, programmes, institutions and networks, within and outside the Convention

 Parties also agreed on the following provisions for the Adaptation Committee:

  • The Committee is to report annually to the COP, through the subsidiary bodies, including on its activities, performance of its functions, guidance, recommendations and other relevant information arising from its work, and, as appropriate, on further action that may be required under the Convention, for consideration by the COP
  • It is requested to develop a three-year plan for its work, which should include milestones, activities, deliverables and resource requirements, in accordance with its agreed functions, for approval by COP 18
  • The Committee shall meet at least twice a year, where possible in conjunction with other adaptation-related UNFCCC meetings, while retaining its flexibility to adjust its number of meetings to suit its needs
  • Meetings shall be open to attendance by accredited observer organizations, except where otherwise decided by the Adaptation Committee, with a view to encouraging a balanced representation of observers from Annex I Parties and from non-Annex I Parties