Daily Programme - Cancun Climate Change Conference - November 2010

The Daily Programme is the official UNFCCC guide to each day's official meetings, side events and press briefings. It also provides an overview of the status of the previous day's negotiations. Hard copies will be available from the Documents Distribution area each morning before the start of the day's meetings. The web version will contain links to the documents listed under each agenda item, thus serving as a fast locator of the official documents needed for the day's meetings.

Daily Programme

Monday, 29. November 2010

Tuesday, 30. November 2010

Wednesday, 1. December 2010

Thursday, 2. December 2010

Friday, 3. December 2010

Saturday, 4. December 2010

Sunday, 5. December 2010

Monday, 6. December 2010

Tuesday, 7. December 2010 and  Corrigendum

Wednesday, 8. December 2010

Thursday, 9. December 2010

Friday, 10. December 2010