Side events and Exhibits at SB 50

This page provides information on side events and exhibits during the UN Climate Change Conference June 2019 (SB 50).

The official SB 50 side events and exhibits schedules have been published and are available via the following links: 

The application period for side events and exhibits at SB 50 concluded on Wednesday 27 March 2019, 17:00 (CET). All applicants have been notified of the status of their applications via the Side Events and Exhibits Online Registration System (SEORS) personal account.

Further information on SB 50 side event and exhibit application timelines, procedures, and the eligibility, selection and allocation criteria are available on the SEORS session page.  


Official side events

Official side events are a platform for admitted observer organizations, which have limited speaking opportunities in the formal negotiations, to engage with Parties and other participants for knowledge sharing, capacity building, networking and exploring actionable options for meeting the climate challenge.

UN agencies, admitted observer organizations and those Parties that partner with observers present their work or foster discussions on key issues, often engaging the audience in a Q&A session.

As introduced after the adoption of the Paris Agreement, official side events are organized under the common theme “Accelerating implementation of the Paris Agreement“ and will be categorized under the three categories:

1. Enhancing ambition:
pre-2020 action; any issues that help increase ambition.
2. Promoting implementation:
methodologies, showcasing of climate action, global stocktake, etc.
3. Providing support to developing countries:
means of implementation, replicable tools and approaches.

Each side event is categorized in line with its main focus and color-coded accordingly on the side events web schedule.

Official exhibits

Exhibits serve as a platform for observer organizations and Parties to highlight diverse climate change issues at UNFCCC conferences and provide a meeting point for participants. They cover a wide variety of topics and are loosely clustered by thematic groups.


Practical information

Side event and exhibit slots are offered free of charge.

Venue and location

All official side events and exhibits will take place within the conference venue at the World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB).

Access to side events and exhibit area

All speakers and participants who wish to take part in a side event or visit an exhibit must be in possession of a conference badge for SB 50, i.e. duly registered as representative of a Party or observer organization, in order to access side events. Additional registration to attend a side event is not necessary. Please find further information on registering for the conference here.

Organizing official side events and exhibits

Applications for side events and exhibits can only be received through the Side Events and Exhibits Online Registration System (SEORS) during the respective application period. Please see the links below for deadlines and further information.

SEORS SEORS user manual FAQs SB 50 Side Event Organizer Handbook SB 50 Exhibit Organizer Handbook

Contact Side events and exhibits team

For any questions regarding the official side events and exhibits, please contact



All side events will be live webcast and available to view on demand at the side events webcast page.


Climate Action Studio

The Climate Action Studio is a platform for showcasing action of non-Party stakeholders in the climate change process. The studio operates during COPs and subsidiary body sessions by invitation, providing a space to highlight that action through interviews with nominated observers admitted to the UNFCCC process around specific themes linked to the negotiation process. The interviews are edited and then shared through the Climate Action Studio YouTube channel.