PCCB working group 1 - Linkages with existing bodies established under the Convention

The PCCB working group on strengthening linkages with existing bodies established under the Convention addresses the following PCCB mandates:

  • Assessing how to increase synergies through cooperation and avoid duplication among existing bodies established under the Convention that implement capacity-building activities, including through collaborating with institutions under and outside the Convention;
  • Identifying and collecting good practices, challenges, experiences and lessons learned from work on capacity-building by bodies established under the Convention;
  • Fostering dialogue, coordination, collaboration and coherence among relevant processes and initiatives under the Convention, including through exchanging information on capacity-building activities and strategies of bodies established under the Convention;
  • To promote and explore linkages with other constituted bodies under the Convention and the Paris Agreement, as appropriate, that include capacity-building in their scopes.

Will initiate work on the basis of the background document prepared by the secretariat (PCCB/2017/1/6), as well as inputs received in response to the calls for submissions;

Will prepare the call for submissions from bodies established under the Convention, to address, inter alia:

  • Information related to the 2017/2018 focus area or theme of the PCCB, including for incorporation in the capacity-building portal;
  • Suggestions for further enhancement of the capacity-building portal;
  • Information or suggestions related to the relevant PCCB mandates as outlined above;