Capacity-building for loss and damage

As one of its five strategic workstreams, the five-year rolling workplan of the Excom focuses on “enhanced cooperation and facilitation in relation to action and support, including finance, technology and capacity-building”.

Expected results

The expected results of the workplan's capacity-building activities are to foster an improved state of knowledge, capacity and technologies to understand, address and track impacts and enable approaches for highlighting loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change, such as slow onset events.


Activities of the workplan in relation to capacity-building entail:

(a) Inviting the Paris Committee on Capacity Building (PCCB) and other relevant agencies to identify capacity gaps in addressing loss and damage and to recommend ways to address the gaps;
(b) Inviting relevant actors to organize regional stakeholder workshops to build capacity for the use of comprehensive risk management guidelines, including using feedback from test cases and any pilot projects they have identified;
(c) Invite the Durban Forum on capacity-building to consider dedicating one of its future annual in-session events, which aim at bringing together relevant stakeholders involved in capacity-building, to the issue of loss and damage and related aspects;
(d) Develop actions to address capacity-building for addressing loss and damage on the basis of recommendations emerging from (a–c) above and invite relevant actors to support their implementation, including consideration of the framework for capacity-building in developing countries established under decision 2/CP.7.

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