AC's Task Force on National Adaptation Plans (NAP Taskforce)

The NAP Taskforce was established at the fourth meeting of the Adaptation Committee (AC) with the aim of to further support developing countries seeking to formulate and implement National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) and it was welcomed by the COP at its nineteenth session (decision  16/CP.19) with the following objectives:

(a) To serve as the panel within the AC that continuously looks at issues related to NAPs;

(b) To liaise with the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG), upon request, in support of its work with regard to NAPs in the least developed countries (LDCs), ensuring consistence and supplementarity of mandates;

(c) To identify opportunities in which activities can also be employed by non-LDCs;

(d) To follow up on the operationalization modalities identified for the support of non-LDCs’ NAPs under the guidance of the Chair and the Vice-Chair of the AC;

(e) To report to the AC at each of its meeting on issues identified and proposed activities to support the NAP process for all eligible developing countries.

The NAP Taskforce comprises members of the Adaptation Committee and nominees from the Least Developed Countries Expert Group, the Standing Committee on Finance, the Technology Executive Committee, the Adaptation Fund, the Global Environment Facility and the Green Climate Fund.

At its 15th meeting (March 2019) the Adaptation Committee approved the 3rd workplan of the NAP Taskforce, which contains activities for the years 2019 to 2021 - please see tab on the right.

The NAP TF's original terms of reference are contained in annex I of the report of the AC to COP 19, available in document FCCC/SB/2013/2, annex I. The terms of reference were revised intersessionally before the 10th meeting of the Adaptation Committee to reflect the extended membership that is currently in place.


Adaptation Committee:

- Cecilia da Silva Bernardo (Co-Lead)
- Meredith Ryder-Rude (Co-Lead)
- Clifford Mahlung
- Navina Sanchez
- Vladimir Katsov
- Kulthoum Motsumi

Least Developed Countries Expert Group: Hana Hamadalla Mohamed/Nikki Lulham

Standing Committee on Finance: Pieter Terpstra/Mohamed Nasr

Technology Executive Committee: Adelle Tomas

Adaptation Fund: Farayi Madziwa

Global Environment Facility: Dustin Schinn

Green Climate Fund: Sakhile Koketso/Jason Spensley/Orville Grey


The NAP Taskforce can be contacted at