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Press Releases and Advisories 2010

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Date Title
20 Dec 2010 pdf-icon UNFCCC Chief says Cancun must be followed by higher global emission cuts and rapid launch of new climate bodies and funds
11 Dec 2010 pdf-icon UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun delivers balanced package of decisions, restores faith in multilateral process  es  fr  ru
04 Dec 2010 pdf-icon Draft decisions agreed at UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun bode well for strong outcome of Mexico gathering
29 Nov 2010 pdf-icon United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun kicks off with calls for commitment and compromise  es fr ru
09 Oct 2010 pdf-icon At Tianjin climate gathering, governments come closer to defining what can be achieved at Cancún UN Climate Change Conference  es  fr  ru
04 Oct 2010 pdf-icon UNFCCC Executive Secretary calls on governments to accelerate search for common ground at Tianjin climate meeting  es fr  rus
31 Aug 2010 pdf-icon Kyoto Protocol's joint implementation mechanism sees breakthrough approval from Russia
06 Aug 2010 pdf-icon UNFCCC Executive Secretary: Governments make progress towards deciding shape of result at UN Climate Change Conference in Mexico, but need to narrow down number of negotiating options  es  fr  ru
02 Aug 2010 pdf-icon UNFCCC Executive Secretary: Governments meeting in Bonn have responsibility to take next essential step in fight against climate change  es  fr ru
11 Jun 2010 pdf-icon Bonn climate talks make progress on fleshing out  specifics of global climate change regime  es fr rus
31 May 2010 pdf-icon Second round of Bonn UN Climate Change Talks in 2010 designed to pave way for full implementation of climate change action across the globe  fr  rus
17 May 2010 pdf-icon Christiana Figueres Appointed New UNFCCC Executive Secretary  fr  rus
12 Apr 2010 pdf-icon Climate change negotiators agree on intensified UNFCCC negotiating schedule for 2010
30 Mar 2010 pdf-icon UNFCCC publishes reports summing up results of 2009 UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen
23 Feb 2010 pdf-icon First round of formal UN climate change negotiations to take place in April in Bonn, Germany
18 Feb 2010 pdf-icon Executive Secretary leaves United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Secretariat
16 Feb 2010 pdf-icon Second all-Africa Carbon Forum to be held in Nairobi, Kenya on 3–5 March 2010
02 Feb 2010

pdf-icon UNFCCC receives list of government climate pledges