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Press Headlines
The "press headlines" is a daily compilation providing a general overview of international media coverage of climate change-related issues, that does not purport to be exhaustive. The information contained in the compilation is taken as is from sources external to the UNFCCC secretariat, that are freely available on the Internet. No evaluation on the part of the UNFCCC secretariat has been done in terms of the information that they contain. The UNFCCC secretariat makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or content of such information.
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UN agency proposes greenhouse-gas standard for aircraft
A United Nations panel has proposed the first global greenhouse-gas emissions standard for aircraft.
U.N. group agrees to aircraft standards to cut CO2 emissions
Global aviation experts agreed on Monday to the first emissions-reduction standards for aircraft in a deal that will take effect with new models in four years, but environmental groups said the carbon dioxide cuts did not go far enough.
Effects of carbon emissions could last 10,000 years, study finds
The effects of burning fossil fuels today could persist for thousands of generations, according to a new study that takes the long view on the consequences of climate change.
Christian Science Monitor
Sheltered from biggest risks, green fuel to ride out oil crash
Green power is cheap enough to compete with fossil fuels and will buck the trend of falling investment in oil and gas as it can offer long-term returns sheltered from political risk, investors and industry analysts say.
Climate change driving species to the Earth's poles faster than predicted, scientists say
Warming temperatures are pushing land and sea creatures closer to the north and south poles and to cooler altitudes at rates faster than first predicted, scientists say.
ABC Australia
Norway utilities float idea to tap ETS to meet non-ETS goals, as EU climate chief reveals struggles
European nations should be allowed to pay for additional emissions reductions in ETS sectors to put towards targets in non-ETS sectors from 2020, according to a proposal floated by Norway’s power industry body Energy Norway on Monday.
Carbon Pulse
Energies propres: Obama veut doubler le financement de la recherche
Le président des Etats-Unis Barack Obama a proposé samedi de doubler, dans les cinq ans à venir, le fédéral pour la recherche et développement dans les énergies "propres" telles que le solaire ou l'éolien. Cela correspond à une promesse faite à la COP21
Obama duplicará los fondos federales para energía renovable
El presidente Barack Obama pedirá en su propuesta de presupuesto para 2017 doblar los fondos destinados a la investigación y el desarrollo de energías limpias en un plazo de cinco años, anunció hoy el mandatario en su tradicional mensaje sabatino
Japan Cabinet Approves Introduction of Solar-Power Auctioning
Japan’s cabinet on Tuesday approved changes to the country’s incentive program for clean energy, including the introduction of auctions for solar projects in an overhaul of the program, which is almost four years old.
EU Installs Record Wind Power as Technology Leapfrogs Hydro
The European Union installed record wind-power capacity in 2015 as the technology leapfrogged hydropower to become the third-biggest source of electricity in the 28-nation bloc.
World’s first cactus-powered plant opens in Mexico
Pilot scheme will run cars and a small power plant on biogas from prickly pear harvested in Michoacan state
Climate Home
Builders ‘central’ to Paris climate change pact
Financial backers of construction industry must anticipate risks from warmer planet and low-carbon regulations to protect asset value, say new guidelines
Climate Home
Could Floating Cities In International Waters Solve Overcrowding On Land?
Aquacities could float in the ocean and connect to land by a very long bridge. And, they're perfect for climate change.
Fast Company
Jeremy Irons urges Brits to go green for Valentine's Day
JEREMY IRONS is encouraging Brits to show their love for the environment this Valentine's Day by supporting a new green campaign.
Changement climatique : risques et opportunités pour le secteur privé (opinion) La Tribune
POLL: Analysts slash EUA forecasts on gloomy outlook following price rout Carbon Pulse
El cambio climático no es cuento, ya llegó (Opinión) Semana
Morocco Unveils A Massive Solar Power Plant In The Sahara
Morocco has officially turned on a massive solar power plant in the Sahara Desert, kicking off the first phase of a planned project to provide renewable energy to more than a million Moroccans.
Le Maroc inaugure la première tranche d'une centrale solaire géante
Pays hôte de la COP 22 à la fin de l'année, le Maroc mise sur les énergies renouvelables. Le roi du Maroc a inauguré ce jeudi, près de Ouarzazate, la première tranche d'une centrale solaire appelée à devenir, selon ses promoteurs, la plus importante du monde.
Le Figaro
Inaugurada en el sur de Marruecos la planta solar más grande del mundo
La primera fase de la megaplanta solar de Uarzazate (sur de Marruecos) ha entrado hoy en funcionamiento con una producción inicial de 160 megavatios.
UN's Ban Ki-moon calls on IMO to 'translate' Paris Agreement into tangible results
The secretary-general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon has told the International Maritime Organization it has an important role to play in translating landmark agreements such as the Paris climate agreement into tangible improvements in people’s lives.
Lloyd's List
PH Senate ratifies amendments to Kyoto pact on greenhouse gas cuts
The Senate on Monday concurred in the ratification of the Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol, which seeks to strengthen the country’s commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gases as part of global efforts to address the effects of climate change.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
La France aggrave son retard dans les énergies renouvelables
Forte de sa loi de transition énergétique, promulguée en août 2015, et auréolée du succès de la conférence sur le climat de Paris (COP21), en décembre, la France s’affiche volontiers comme le pays de « l’excellence environnementale », pour reprendre une formule chère à la ministre de l’écologie, Ségolène Royal
Le Monde
Potential wind farm atlas ready
At a time when the country is looking to tap renewable energy, city scientists have developed an atlas of potential wind energy sites, including offshore ones, along the 7500-km coastline.
Times of India
Kenya stock market to launch carbon trading platform
Kenya’s stock market will launch an emissions trading platform that it hopes will help local companies sell their carbon credits to foreign buyers, local media reported.
Carbon Pulse
La gestión de los bosques en Europa está empeorando el cambio climático
La forma de gestionar los bosques europeos en los últimos dos siglos y medio no solo ha sido estéril en la lucha contra el cambio climático, sino que ha contribuido a empeorarlo.
El País
Green Climate Fund holds Cape Town ‘crisis’ talks over future
Crisis talks on the future of the UN’s flagship green investment bank are taking place in Cape Town this week after key donors expressed concern it lacks focus and direction.
Climate Home
Paris climate deal could 'displace millions of forest dwellers'
The Paris climate agreement could make millions of forest dwellers homeless, according to a new analysis.
Les forêts d’Europe ne tempèrent pas le réchauffement climatique
Le rôle des forêts dans la régulation du climat de la planète est souvent réduit à leur fonction de puits de carbone.
Le Monde
Europe's shift to dark green forests stokes global warming-study
An expansion of Europe's forests towards dark green conifers has stoked global warming, according to a study on Thursday at odds with a widespread view that planting more trees helps human efforts to slow rising temperatures.
EU Market: Carbon ends flat in rare stable session
EU carbon prices ended just one cent lower on Thursday in a relatively calm session that contrasted with volatile recent days that have seen carbon extend 20-month lows.
Carbon Pulse
`Climate change a major threat to blue economy'
Global warming and climate change are the biggest threats to the blue economy and marine resources of the country, said Ola M Johannessen, executive chairman of the board and founding director of the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre in Bergen, Norway .
Times of India
Renewable Energy Is Trouncing Fossil Fuels
The United States has to reduce greenhouse emissions to less than a quarter of what they were in 2005 to meet its commitment under the Paris climate agreement.
Huffington Post
Confronting Climate Change: Policies And Opportunities Forbes
Footprints Without Borders: Harmonising Product Carbon Footprinting Schemes in East Asia
Product carbon footprinting is not a philanthropic act undertaken by companies to save the world. It has real commercial returns.
Sustainable Brands
Let’s make this a real ‘leap’ year, and go fossil fuel-free (Naomi Klein) Guardian
Report: Climate change threatens food fish in Northeast
Fish and shellfish that humans rely on for food and that are important to the economy are on a list of Northeastern marine species considered most vulnerable to climate change, a federal government report released Wednesday and published by the journal PLOS ONE said.
France's Hollande sounds out environmentalist to join government in reshuffle
French President Francois Hollande has sounded out an environmentalist to join the government in a cabinet reshuffle widely expected soon, a source said on Wednesday.
Ban Ki-moon pide medidas contra el cambio climático
El secretario general de la ONU, Ban Ki-moon, afirmó este 3 de enero en una visita a la sede de la Organización Marítima Internacional (OMI) en Londres que los países deben tomar medidas para cumplir los objetivos contra el cambio climático en el ámbito marítimo.
NYC mayor wants to boost solar power capacity five-fold
Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to increase the solar power capacity of city-owned buildings five-fold from what it is now, mayoral aides said Wednesday.
La última idea contra el cambio climático: un impuesto a la carne roja
Una idea revolucionaria para frenar el cambio climático ha saltado de las aulas al debate público: en vez de atacar sólo por el lado del consumo energético, vayamos también a por el responsable de emitir un tercio del total del CO2 -el principal gas de efecto invernadero- y la mayor parte del metano: la ganadería intensiva.
El Economista
Guangdong becomes China’s first carbon market to green-light OTC forward trading
The Guangdong emissions exchange on Wednesday became the first in China to release rules for forward trading in carbon, though all deals must be negotiated over the counter (OTC) as screen-based forward trading is banned in the country’s regional pilot schemes.
Carbon Pulse
RGGI urged to consider deeper emissions cuts from 2020
US states participating in RGGI should consider a deeper emission reduction target after 2020 in order to meet their longer-term goals, attendees urged the market’s operators at a stakeholder meeting in Wilmington, Delaware on Tuesday.
Carbon Pulse
Hydrogen fuel cell makes easyJet flights greener
Despite oil prices plummeting in the past year, fuel remains a considerable cost for airlines around the world, and especially so for low-cost carriers that operate on wafer thin margins.
Huffington Post
Measuring ocean heating is key to tracking global warming
Taking the Earth’s temperature is a challenge, but a critically important one if we are to better understand the nature of climate change
The Surprising Way Ships' Wakes Could Help Ease Global Warming
The shipping industry gets blamed for its share of environmental ills, from air and water pollution to collisions that kill whales and other marine animals.
Huffington Post
Tax high carbon food, sugar for climate and health gains – study
Taxing the carbon footprint of food could slow global warming and stave off heart disease, UK policy makers have been told.
Climate Home
Climate Change and Pets: More Fleas, More Heartworm
Climate change doesn't just affect habitats for wildlife. It's also affecting cats and dogs.
'Range of Zika vector will increase with climate change'
DW asks emerging pathogens expert Amy Vittor about the connection between Zika and climate change. Researchers are using dengue as a reference point, as little is known about the new virus linked to a birth defect.
Deutsche Welle
These Fish Species Are Most Vulnerable to Climate Change
Scallop and salmon are among the species of fish most vulnerable to the warming of ocean waters due to climate change, according to new research.
These Paintings Turn Climate Data Into Art
Climate data is usually seen in pixels, spreadsheets and maps. But watercolor paintings? Not so much.
Climate Central
Political economy of climate finance  Daily Star
France eager to actualize Paris climate agreement
In December 2015, world leaders agreed on a new international framework for tackling climate change from 2020.
UN shipping chief: Climate change is ‘top priority’
The International Maritime Organization is set to consider an emissions target in April, says newly appointed head Kitack Lim
Climate Home
After climate summit, this year's green bond issuance could exceed $50 billion -Moody's
The global agreement reached at the climate summit in Paris could prompt the amount of bonds this year issued to finance low-carbon projects to exceed $50 billion, Moody's Investor Service said on Tuesday.
China adds 49 offset projects aiming to generate 7 mln CCERs per year
China on Tuesday published the names of 49 recently approved offset projects designed to generate over 7 million CCERs a year, though less than half are eligible for use in the country’s pilot markets.
Carbon Pulse
Los malos humos del transporte aéreo
El CO2 generado por el transporte aéreo en Europa crecerá un 45% hasta 2035
El sector aguarda la creación de un mercado global de derechos de emisión
El País
Changement climatique : des géants miniers pressés par leurs actionnaires
Davantage de transparence sur les risques liés au changement climatique. C’est ce que réclament de gros investisseurs à Anglo American, Rio Tinto et Glencore, 3 géants miniers.
China's new wind power capacity hits record high
China's newly installed wind power capacity reached a record high in 2015 amid increasing efforts from the government to boost clean energy.
Morocco to launch world’s largest solar energy plant
Moroccan King Mohamed IV will launch the biggest solar energy plant in the world tomorrow, the Anadolu Agency reported yesterday.
Middle East Monitor
NZ told to seek climate change partners
New Zealand has an opportunity to partner with other countries with similar emissions profiles on how to tackle greenhouse gas emissions, a climate professor says.
Radio New Zealand
Placas solares flotantes, solución original para la energía renovable
Japón y Corea del Sur lideran el aprovechamiento de los embalses para la instalación de paneles fotovoltáicos
La Vanguardia
[Zimbabwe] Renewable energy players form association
Preparations are underway to establish the Renewable Energy Association of Zimbabwe (REAZ), an association that will facilitate the sustainable development and uptake of renewable energy in the country.
Ugandan engineers have built a solar-powered bus for Africa’s roads
Ugandan engineers have built a solar-powered electric bus that they say is a first of its kind in East Africa and think it will revolutionize the automative market in the region.
Tackling Climate Change in the Caribbean: Natural Solutions to a Human Induced Problem (Jessica Faieta) IPS
Global warming not driven by natural forces: Study
The global temperature does not rise or fall chaotically in the long run and should remain stable unless pushed by outside forces, according to a new study.

Read more at:
Huge year for wind power in Europe
Offshore wind investments in Europe doubled in 2015, according to new data from the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).
In India, govt aid helps carmakers go green and cheap to fight smog crisis
Carmakers are gearing up to launch affordable hybrid and electric cars for India in the next few years, executives said, lured by government incentives for fuel-efficient vehicles as the country accelerates efforts to cut worsening air pollution.
Énergie renouvelable: le Maroc a une longueur d'avance h24info/Le Figaro
Korean trading firm seeks to buy CERs through UN platform
A Korean carbon credit company has filed an expression of interest with the UNFCCC to buy at least 100,000 CERs from projects in South Korea eligible in the domestic ETS, UN data showed.
Carbon Pulse
How much money is needed to make Paris a reality?
The Paris Agreement commits the world to limiting global warming to 'well below' two degrees – but how much will this historic pledge cost?
Business Green
US scientists eye Route 66 of clean energy
Interstate energy “highways” would send wind and solar-generated electricity to where and when it’s needed throughout America
Climate Home
Germany leads Europe in offshore wind energy growth
Europe’s offshore wind capacity doubles in one year but the UK falls behind Germany in the clean energy race, despite attracting more investment
Buenos Aires, con un novedoso software contra el cambio climático
La Ciudad será la primera de Latinoamérica en utilizar un software de vanguardia que ayuda a evaluar cómo reducir las emisiones de carbono.
Egypt: African Union Summit Adopts Egyptian Initiatives On Climate Change
African leaders unanimously approved on Sunday two initiatives proposed by Egypt on climate change in the continent, during the African Union summit held in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, the Egyptian state-run news agency MENA reported.
Aswat Masriya
Agustí Jansà: "Con el cambio climático, en Baleares habrá más sequías"
Meteorólogo de profesión y afición, hijo de ilustre meteorólogo y experto en la meteorologia y el clima del Mediterráneo. Agustí Jansà (Sant Lluís, Menorca, 1948) ofrece en esta entrevista algunas claves del tiempo tan extrordinario, por la sequía y el calor, de estos meses de invierno así como los efectos que tendrá el cambio climático en Baleares.
el Mundo
Leonardo DiCaprio producing climate change-themed young adult novel adaptation
Leonardo DiCaprio is marrying his love of the environment and movies by producing an adaptation of climate change-themed novel The Sandcastle Empire.
Climate-change Sundance documentary seeks to make a difference
Josh Fox has gotten bad news. And it's not that he, like, got a parking ticket or forgot to pay a bill. This is dire stuff: The major cities on the East Coast will likely be underwater in the next few decades. Roughly 40% of the planet's species are on track to go extinct. Ravaging fires and droughts and floods — they're all coming.
LA Times
Regulating the Other Greenhouse Gas
The federal government's proposed limits on methane emissions from oil and gas wells on public land will protect the atmosphere against one of the most potent greenhouse gases known to science. Now the government needs to impose similar restrictions on wells on private land.
Paris Agreement 'decisive turning point' on climate change, says new UN senior adviser
Less than two months after 196 parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) adopted the Paris Agreement, the global community is already seeing signs of it being a decisive turning point, according to a senior UN official dealing with climate issues.
UN News Centre
Laurence Tubiana nommée « championne » pour le climat
Le ministre des affaires étrangères, Laurent Fabius, l’avait annoncé début janvier : la France disposerait bientôt d’un « champion » pour le climat, une personnalité chargée de maintenir la dynamique enclenchée par l’accord de Paris du 12 décembre. C’est désormais chose faite.
Le Monde
Low prices raise concerns for China carbon market
Seven pilot schemes are swamped with pollution permits, analysts say, boding ill for national roll-out of mammoth climate policy
Climate Home
La France à l'aube de sa transition énergétique
En France, la COP s'est déroulée quelques mois après la promulgation de la loi Royal pour la transition énergétique et la croissance verte, et en pleine élaboration de sa nouvelle programmation pluriannuelle de l'énergie (PPE).
La Tribune
NATO: Green energy saves soldiers’ lives
Smart grids, roll-up solar panels and wind offer safer forms of energy for troops in hostile environments, says world’s largest military alliance in annual report
Climate Home
Four years on, World Bank CDM fund signs up first PoA
The World Bank-led Carbon Initiative for Development (CI-Dev) has signed its first purchase agreement, contracting with developer SimGas to buy carbon credits from a PoA to roll out home biogas systems in east Africa.
Carbon Pulse
Rent your rooftop and get solar power at a cheaper rate
Give us your rooftop and we will give you cheap solar power - this is the model being used by many solar power companies to rake up their rooftop solar installation capacities.
Economic Times
Carbon tax proposed by environment panel to achieve Japan’s lofty emissions cut goal
An Environment Ministry panel has reported in a recommendation that a carbon tax will be helpful in achieving the government’s 80 percent target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2050.
Japan Times
Fossil fuel campaign puts new target on Australia's insurers
Insurance companies are shaping as the next battlefront in the local fossil fuels divestment fight.
Sydney Morning Herald
El boom de energías renovables que ayudó a Chile a rebajar los costos de energía más altos de América Latina
Informe de Bloomberg destaca que el boom se generó sin subsidios estatales, a diferencia de países como España y Japón. Y resalta que la industria podría incluso transformarse en un pilar exportador.
El Mostrador
Europe's recent summers were the 'warmest in 2,000 years'
The past 30 years in Europe have likely been the warmest in more than two millennia, according to new research.
Shipping must be covered by ETS or climate fund – MEPs
The Paris climate agreement’s target of limiting global warming well below 2°C will be impossible without measures to curb shipping’s greenhouse gas emissions, MEPs told industry representatives last week. Including shipping CO2 in the EU’s emissions trading system (ETS) or having the sector contribute to a climate compensation fund were the options on the table, they said.
Hellenic Shipping News
Haunting Photos Show Effects Of Climate Change In Bangladesh
The number of climate change refugees in Bangladesh is expected to increase dramatically in the coming decades.
Huffington Post
Building On Paris, Countries Assemble The Carbon Markets Of Tomorrow
Formal climate change negotiations don’t resume until May, but Germany, Japan, and New Zealand are quietly shepherding the world’s carbon markets towards compatibility with each other – and, they hope, with the UNFCCC. Here’s a look at what lies ahead for global carbon markets in 2016.
Ecosystem Marketplace
Iranian energy investment could take a while, IFC says
The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has started discussions with companies interested in investing in Iran, but it could take between six and nine months to materialise.
The National
Tell the truth, ExxonMobil: a low-carbon future is affordable – and necessary Guardian
La meta de emisiones cero es una gran oportunidad de negocios (by Paul Polman) La Nación
COMMENT: In a volatile EU ETS, spare a thought for the compliance guys
After a period of relative calm towards the end of 2015, volatility has returned in force to the EU carbon market in 2016, with EU Allowance prices falling as much as 32% since the start of the year and intraday price swings of over 50 cents.
Carbon Pulse
Investing in the Environment After the Paris Climate Accords
Late last year at a summit in Paris, more than 190 nations hammered out a climate deal committing them to cut carbon emissions. Good for the planet. But what about investors?
US News & World Report
Clean energy growth too slow, warns UN
The world is investing far less in low-carbon energy than it needs to achieve the international objectives for limiting global warming agreed at the Paris climate talks last month, the UN’s secretary-general has warned.
Financial Times
Climat : plus de 500 investisseurs mondiaux réunis à l'ONU pour faire avancer l'Accord de Paris
A l’occasion d’un sommet des investisseurs sur les risques climatiques qui s’est déroulé mercredi au siège des Nations Unies à New York, le Secrétaire général de l’ONU, Ban Ki-moon, a appelé les investisseurs à doubler leurs investissements dans les énergies propres d’ici à 2020.
Eight reasons companies should improve the climate credentials of their supply chains
CDP's Dexter Galvin explains how business can benefit by increasing their supply chain's commitment to sustainability
Banks raise 30 billion yuan for clean projects in China’s first green bond auctions
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and China Industrial Bank this week raised 30 billion yuan ($4.56 bln) in funding for environmental projects, including efforts to cut carbon emissions, as they held their first green bond auctions.
Carbon Pulse
Mille milliards de dollars sont nécessaires chaque année pour limiter le changement climatique
Un investissement de 1 000 milliards de dollars américains par an dans les énergies propres est nécessaire pour maintenir l'augmentation de la température mondiale à des niveaux acceptables, a déclaré mercredi le secrétaire général de l'ONU Ban Ki-moon.
DiCaprio greets pope in Italian, discusses environment
Actor Leonardo DiCaprio brushed up his Italian to greet Pope Francis at the Vatican Thursday, discussed their shared concern over the environment and gave the pontiff a check for his charitable works.
ITRE power push in EU ETS reform rebuffed
The European Parliament's industry and energy (ITRE) committee will have no exclusive decision-making powers in a review of the EU emissions trading scheme (EU ETS) directive, the conference of presidents decided today.
Le climat a son indice boursier !
À l’issue de la COP21, Euronext lance le premier indice compatible avec une trajectoire de réchauffement de 2 degrés, seuil que les climatologues préconisent de ne pas dépasser.
Shanghai carbon exchange aids first custody contract to build trade
The Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange announced its first "custody contract" on Thursday, allowing a brokerage to borrow permits from a local company and trade them, in a bid to inject liquidity in a depressed market.
Business Times
Climate Change Could Tell Us Where the Zika Virus Will Spread Next
It sounds like the plot for a horror movie: A virus with subtle, easily overlooked symptoms (cough, fever, rash) that has the potential to cause serious birth defects and long-term neurological problems is carried by a tiny mosquito that’s rapidly spreading throughout the world.
Decades-long heatwaves may hit Europe as climate change bites
Buckle up. Europe is in for a bumpy ride as climate change gathers pace. The continent could in future swing between climate extremes, including bursts of super-heatwaves that last for decades, according to an analysis of temperature data from the past 2000 years.
New Scientist
Australia carbon credit issuance surpasses 20 million
The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) this week issued more than half a million Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), taking the total past 20 million since the first offsets were issued in 2011.
Carbon Pulse
Cambio climático: el calor ralentiza el desarrollo de los peces
Los investigadores analizaron el impacto de la temperatura del agua, el viento, la lluvia y la radiación solar en las larvas del pez Doncella (Pomacentridae) de la isla Lizard, en el extremo septentrional de la Gran Barrera, en el noreste de Australia.
NZ could be leader influencing carbon trade best practice
New Zealand had a world-leading emissions trading scheme until it went off the rails in 2012, and we can have one again, environmental economist Dr Suzi Kerr says.
Otago Daily Times
Green Energy Boom Helps Chile Contain Surging Power Prices
Chile’s solar industry is proving a win win. Not only has it cut emissions of the global warming gas carbon dioxide, but it has also helped slash some of the highest electricity costs in Latin America.
Los chilenos deben prepararse para el efecto que el cambio climático tendrá en sus vidas
El experto señala que el país tendría que adaptarse a esta realidad e invertir en nuevas especies forestales, nuevos cultivos agrícolas, abastecimiento de agua, y fuentes de energía renovables.
El Mostrador
UN chief wants clean energy investments doubled by 2020
The U.N. secretary-general on Wednesday challenged investors around the world to at least double their investments in clean energy by 2020, saying that "we must begin the shift away from fossil fuels immediately."
Goal on energy for all must be met ahead of 2030 deadline: CEO
Giving everyone on the planet access to electricity and other modern energy can and must be achieved earlier than a target date of 2030, because it is vital both to improve people's lives and curb climate change, said the official leading the push.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Philanthropists, Businesses Push for Greater Investment in Renewable Energy
While the country awaits a decision from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on a possible 2016 bid for the White House, he continues to spread a message on global warming.
Voice of America
Global Carbon Market Faces Diplomatic Minefield as Crude Slumps
After 195 nations agreed to develop the first truly global greenhouse-gas market last month, climate diplomats from China to Brazil must now haggle over how the program will work against a backdrop of the cheapest oil in more than a decade.
Climat: Royal plaide pour un prix élevé du carbone devant des investisseurs internationaux
La ministre française de l'Ecologie Ségolène Royal a plaidé mercredi devant des investisseurs réunis à l'ONU pour un prix du carbone élevé susceptible d'inciter les entrepreneurs à privilégier l'économie verte.
French ecology minister Segolene Royal pushes carbon pricing at UN
The idea of a setting a price for the cost of carbon is to encourage polluters to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases they emit
Business Standard
UN urges business leaders to double investment in green energy by 2020
Rapid transition from fossil fuels to wind and solar is needed to ensure the success of the Paris climate agreement, says secretary general, Ban Ki-moon
After Paris Climate Talks, Investors Wrestle With How To Pay For Clean Energy Transition
Less than a month after world leaders meeting in Paris signed a sweeping deal to fight climate change, a major question looms: Who will pay for the plan?
International Business Times
Beijing carbon market to extend pilot trading
Beijing's carbon market will continue to trade local permits even after a three-year pilot phase expires in June, its market regulator said, seeking to allay worries that cancellation of permits could trigger a price collapse.
France plans renewed climate diplomacy blitz to protect Paris deal
INTERVIEW: Laurence Tubiana says maintaining momentum from COP21 summit is vital as governments prepare to work on finer details of historic pact
Climate Home
Climate compensation schemes 'failing to reach poorest'
Remote communities are not receiving the compensation they are entitled to from schemes designed to conserve tropical forests, a study suggests.
WFP’s Chief Calls for Support for Those Most Vulnerable to Climate Change
With El Nino affecting countries in southern Africa, threatening agricultural production due to a massive heat wave, the World Food Programme has urged the international community to support the upscaling of climate smart agricultural technology for resilience.
China "Rock Star of Clean Energy Investment": Expert
China is the rock star of clean energy investment, Michael Liebreich, founder and chairman of the advisory board of Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), said here Wednesday.
Explosión de bonos verdes contra el cambio climático
2015 terminó con dos récords que en apariencia no tienen mucho que ver: fue el año más caluroso desde que se tienen registros –así lo han confirmado este mes la NASA, la Administración para el Océano y laAtmósfera y la agencia meteorológica británica– y en el que los inversores se volvieron locos por los bonos verdes.
Cinco Días
UAE opens $10bn green credit line in Gulf first
Developing countries will be the target of National Bank of Abu Dhabi’s 10-year pledge to tackle ‘significant’ energy funding gap
Climate Home
«L'influence du changement climatique n’est pas clairement mise en évidence»
La FAO et l'École nationale forestière d’ingénieurs de Salé ont publié une étude intitulée «Simulation de l’effet du changement climatique sur la dynamique des peuplements forestiers au Maroc, cas de la forêt de la Maâmora».
Le Matin
La Nova Scotia Power fait des progrès concernant les énergies renouvelables
La société Nova Scotia Power a progressé dans l'utilisation des énergies renouvelables en 2015.
La Presse Canadienne
How Love Really DID Change The Course Of History Huffington Post
Ban Ki-moon urges leaders to sign climate pact in April
2015 landmark climate agreement open for signature on April 22 in New York, coinciding with Earth Day, says secretary-general
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Paris climate deal hinges on better carbon accountancy
Calculating the volume of greenhouse gases emitted across such a dynamic landscape is not an easy task. Nevertheless, the climate agreement made in Paris last month dictates that nearly every country will need to begin assembling detailed inventories of their greenhouse-gas emissions in a few years’ time
Overlapping policy fears, post-Paris process top IETA’s priorities for EU ETS reform
EU lawmakers must both spell out how Europe’s carbon market can be the bloc’s driving policy for GHG cuts amid a raft of competing instruments, and include a mid-term review clause to fit in with global goals under the Paris Agreement, business association IETA said Tuesday.
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El precio de la energía renovable caerá en los próximos 5 años, según la AIE
El precio de la energía renovable descenderá en los próximos cinco años, mientras que la capacidad de producción aumentará, según el Informe de mercado de energías renovables a medio plazo 2015 elaborado por la Agencia Internacional de la Energía (AIE).
Les entreprises manquent de données sur les risques climatiques de leur chaîne d’approvisionnement
75 multinationales pesant plus de 2 000 milliards de dollars en dépenses d’approvisionnement ont accepté de répondre à la plus grande étude jamais réalisée sur les données climatiques provenant de leurs fournisseurs et clients.
Clean Power Plan: Industry, enviros spar over carbon trading methods
The nation's power companies are advocating for a large and flexible carbon trading system under a federal plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions, but environmental advocates say certain restrictions are needed to ensure the best climate outcomes.
RGGI states to consider Wash. State plan to use its CO2 units, but “substantive issues” flagged
RGGI states will evaluate Washington State’s draft proposal to allow it to use the regional carbon market’s allowances in its own state-wide cap-and-trade scheme, RGGI’s operator said on Tuesday, adding that the plan raises “substantive issues”.
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Supply Chain Thwarts Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs Action on Climate
Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Coca-Cola Co. and 73 other companies that together buy more than $2 trillion of goods and services are unprepared for climate shocks because suppliers are ignoring requests for data on their exposure to rising temperatures and climate regulation
Seven ideas on how to finance the SDGs
Where will the ‘billions to trillions’ of dollars needed for the sustainable development goals come from? Our expert panel suggest funding methods
Report: Suppliers are the 'weakest link' in climate information chain
Half of key suppliers to companies signed up to a major supply chain responsibility programme failed to respond to requests for climate information, a new report has revealed.
The Sun Rises on Australia’s Green Energy Future: AGL Launches Solar Plants
The sun rose on Australia’s green energy future last Wednesday when AGL officially launched two massive utility scale photovoltaic power plants in New South Wales.
Coal demand to peak in 2025, ExxonMobil says
United States oil giant ExxonMobil has predicted that global demand for coal will peak in about 2025 and then fall into terminal decline as natural gas gains the ascendancy amid increased efforts to clamp down on greenhouse gas emissions
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Cambio climático multiplicará los 'Snowzilla'
A pesar de que hace apenas unos días NOAA y NASA confirmaron con preocupación que el planeta estaba rompiendo sus récords de altas temperaturas, este fin de semana, 85 millones de personas que habitan la costa Este de Estados Unidos estuvieron confinadas entre abrigos y residencias cubiertas de nieve.
Canada to set climate change tests in pipeline reviews: Trudeau
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged on Tuesday to require that environmental reviews of oil pipelines and LNG export projects consider greenhouse gas effects, and said it was not his role to be a cheerleader for such projects.
Lutte contre le dérèglement climatique et la déforestation : Un projet satellitaire de plus de 3 milliards pour l’Afrique
Prévue sur trois jours, la conférence internationale sur l’observation spatiale pour la gestion durable des forêts et des terres en Afrique Centrale et de l’Ouest (Osfaco) a débuté le mardi 26 janvier 2016 dans un réceptif hôtelier à Cocody, en présence de Georges Serre, l’ambassadeur de France en Côte d’Ivoire, et Allah Kouadio Rémi, le ministre ivoirien de l’Environnement et du Développent durable.
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World is three minutes away from the brink of global destruction, scientists announce
The Doomsday Clock shall remain at three minutes to midnight — the closest to an apocalypse since the Cold War, according to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.
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Gambia: NATC Launches D4.6 Million Project to Mitigate Climate Changes
Njawara Agricultural Training Centre (NATC) has launched a project that aims to discourage indiscriminate sand mining on roads of the beneficiary communities in North Bank Region (NBR).
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Climate targets suffer as carbon price slumps
The EU’s flagship emissions trading scheme runs into yet more problems
ANALYSIS: What would a link-up between China and the EU’s carbon markets mean for emissions trading?
UK’s chief climate envoy has revealed to BusinessGreen that China is developing a carbon trading system scheme that will be “compatible” with the EU’s – but what will this mean in practice?
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Green Climate Fund must think micro for macro impact Climate Home
The prospect of climate change and solutions post-Paris (opinion) Seattle Times
Après la COP21, un système financier pour le climat ? (opinion) La Tribune
Record hot 2015 gave us a glimpse at the future of global warming
An exceptionally hot year, 2015 shattered records, but will just be the norm in 15 years’ time
India, France switch on global solar alliance
Modi and Hollande inaugurate New Delhi HQ of 122-strong coalition following announcement at Paris climate summit
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Need to strike balance between development and saving environment: PM Modi
Highlighting the importance of combating global warming, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday called for the imperative need to strike balance between development and preserving the environment, saying that 'innovation' was key in this endeavour.
Companies have environmental 'blind spot' in supply chains: study
Many multinationals have a blind spot in judging the environmental impact of their suppliers' operations, adding to corporate risks linked to climate change, according to a study published on Tuesday.
Climat : Axa publie sa première empreinte carbone
Le groupe Axa vient de rendre public l’intensité carbone de ses investissements, conformément aux objectifs de la « Promesse de Montréal » (« Montreal Pledge »), charte qui a pour ambition de donner un cadre de décarbonisation des portefeuilles.
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Climate Deal’s First Big Hurdle: The Draw of Cheap Oil
Barely a month after world leaders signed a sweeping agreement to reduce carbon emissions, the global commitment to renewable energy sources faces its first big test as the price of oil collapses.
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EU and Switzerland to link carbon markets after talks conclude
The EU is to link its carbon market to the much smaller Switzerland ETS after the parties concluded five years of talks, the Swiss environment ministry said on Monday.
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Sir David King: EU and Chinese carbon markets will 'join forces'
UK’s special representative on climate change reveals UK government officials are working with China to ensure Chinese carbon cap-and-trade system is compatible with EU ETS
Record hot years near impossible without manmade climate change – study
New calculations shows there is just a 0.01% chance that recent run of global heat records could have happened due to natural climate variations
Altas temperaturas, sequías e incendios son la huella del cambio climático
La actividad humana es la responsable del avance del cambio climático y de las altas temperaturas, según dos estudios que pública este lunes la revista Nature sobre los años más calurosos jamás registrados y la conocida como “huella de nitrógeno”.
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The fight over the future of carbon pricing has arrived
Putting a price on carbon. It's not a particularly novel idea, but it's one that people in powerful positions are talking about again in the wake of the Paris climate talks and the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos.
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Watershed project conserves Himachal's ecology, boosts economy
The World Bank-funded Mid-Himalayan Watershed Development Project in Himachal Pradesh has helped preserve natural resources and prevent soil erosion besides ensuring substantial improvement in the local economy…
The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Bio-Carbon Project, a major component of this project, is being implemented over 4,003 hectares in 177 panchayats
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Christiana Figueres anunció su retiro de la ONU
Después de seis años de ocupar la silla de la secretaría de la Convención de Cambio Climático de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU), Christiana Figueres anunció que dejará este cargo en julio próximo, así lo informó la costarricense a EFE Verde.
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L'ampleur de la montée du niveau de la mer a sans doute été "sous-estimée"
L'ampleur de la montée du niveau de la mer résultant du réchauffement des océans a été sous-estimé. Et pas qu'un peu. Selon des chercheurs allemands, il représente près de deux fois ce qui a été calculé jusqu'ici.
Mujeres, vitales contra el cambio climático: Al Gore
Las mujeres son vitales en la lucha contra el cambio climático y su participación fue esencial durante las negociaciones del Acuerdo de París para disminuir las emisiones de dióxido de carbono, dijo el exvicepresidente de Estados Unidos, Al Gore.
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Sun sets on $35,000 appeal to film vanishing Pacific island
‘Anote’s Ark’, a film about vulnerable Kiribati and its inspired president, has a week to meet its crowdfunding target
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BLOG: In Davos, Big Business Sends Mixed Signals on Climate Amid Calls for Carbon Pricing Huffington Post
Investors Have A Big Opportunity for Accelerating Clean Energy (by Mindy S. Lubber and Christiana Figueres) Huffington Post
As Japan's oil, gas, power use stalls, coal imports hit new record
Japan's 2015 oil imports fell to the lowest since 1988, reflecting the country's declining population and low economic growth while at the same time its natural gas imports fell for the first time since the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
‘40 % rise in India’s emissions in 10 yrs’
India's total greenhouse gas emissions in 2010 was 2.13 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, rising 40 per cent from its 2000 levels, the latest official data shows.
The Indian Express
Canada's carbon challenge: Turning promises into reality
Provincial premiers boast leadership in the country’s effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions, but achieving their own lofty ambitions will require political courage and aggressive policies to drive fundamental changes in the way Canadians produce and consume energy.
The Globe and Mail
This Buddhist Monk Is An Unsung Hero In The World's Climate Fight
The architect of the historic Paris climate negotiations credits the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh with helping broker the deal.
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Christiana Figueres: “l’Accord de Paris sur le climat est basé sur des fondements très solides” Euronews
ONU: Cambio climático afecta seguridad alimentaria del mundo
El director general de la ONU para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO, por sus siglas en inglés), José Graziano da Silva, afirmó en una entrevista que el cambio climático reintroduce la inseguridad alimentaria que había sido superada en muchos países.
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Obama's Carbon Rule Victory Is More Important Than You Think
One court's refusal to block climate change regulations may build pressure for compliance long before the war is over.
China to ban CO2 auditors from carbon trading in new rules
China will ban firms responsible for auditing carbon dioxide emissions and offset projects from trading on a national carbon market due to be launched in 2017, according to new government guidelines aimed at increasing the credibility of the verifiers.
Narendra Modi to hold talks with Hollande
After their talks in Delhi, the two leaders will lay a foundation stone at the new headquarters of the International Solar Alliance, a 121-nation group launched by Mr Modi at the Paris climate summit in November to expand affordable solar power.
RGGI states urge EPA to smooth path to broader carbon trade with flexible platform, mass-based approach
The nine US states participating in RGGI have urged the EPA to adopt a flexible trading platform for its Clean Power Plan (CPP) and to encourage other states to take a mass-based approach in their emissions reduction strategies, in order to create a broader carbon market.
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China Plans to Include Eight Industries in Carbon Trading Market
China’s planned national carbon-trading program will cover eight industries when it starts up in 2017, the nation’s top economic planning agency said in a statement on Friday.
COMMENT: Carbon markets firmly back on the agenda Carbon Pulse
MIT joins global hunt for ways to cut carbon
Some MIT professors are researching nuclear power plants that can float in the ocean. Others are testing atom-sized solar cells that can coat skyscraper windows or smartphone screens. And still others are looking at how to mix algae with sunlight to make a reliable, clean fuel.
Boston Globe
Treasury faces row over future of carbon tax
Energy giants EDF and Centrica are understood to be calling for the green levy to be increased from 2020, but manufacturers want it scrapped

The Telegraph
Cambio climático produce efectos en la salud de los puertorriqueños
Los efectos del cambio climático son evidentes en la salud de los puertorriqueños, según afirmó hoy, sábado, la epidemióloga del Estado, Brenda Rivera García, durante una presentación que hizo para Sociedad de Microbiólogos de Puerto Rico
El Nuevo Día
Film-Truth to screen ‘Sustainable Vineyard’ short and Paris climate-change work
The “Sustainable Vineyard” series grew out of Film-Truth’s “Greening Eden” project, which took them to the Paris conference last month.
MV Times
Green Week in Berlin encourages 400,000 visitors to cook at home
The housewife in the kitchen is an endangered species, according to the organisers of Green Week in Berlin, the international exhibition for the food, agricultural and horticultural industries, which ended yesterday.
Irish Examiner
Davos: nations urged to adopt Paris climate accord
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged nations to implement the Paris climate change accord agreed late last year.
France calls on world leaders to give Paris climate deal 'new push'
Ratifying the agreement at a meeting in New York to enshrine it in international law is the next step, says France’s foreign minister Laurent Fabius
Scientists: 2015 was the warmest year on record (video - interview with Christiana) CNN
Bloomberg appoints top executives to climate risk task force
Leading business figures from AXA, BlackRock and Unilever revealed as members of new task force to track climate-related risks
Bloomberg unveils crack team to assess global climate risk
Business leaders from Unilever, Axa, Blackrock and JPMorgan among those chosen by Michael Bloomberg to rate threat posed by fossil fuel giants to global economy
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A Davos, les acteurs de la COP21 appellent à agir pour le climat
La planète n'en a pas fini avec les épisodes extrêmes : ouragans, tornades, sécheresses et inondations devraient s'intensifier, et il faudra, demain plus encore qu'aujourd'hui, en supporter les coûts et tenter de venir en aide aux victimes.
Talking Tech in Davos: Internet of Things, Climate Change (video)
Tech is one of the major themes being discussed at the World Economic Forum in Davos, particulary the Internet of Things and how it is taking on climate change.
'International body's HQ a new beginning for solar power development'
The International Solar Alliance (ISA) headquarters in Gurgaon will be a new beginning for solar power development in the country, the government said on Thursday.
How climate change could help the spread of Zika virus and other infectious diseases
The growing presence of Zika virus in Brazil has captured international attention in the past week, as one report after another has come in of its apparent link to birth defects in the babies of infected mothers.
Washington Post
What Does Climate Change Mean for Winter Storms?
With a massive East Coast snowstorm forecast for Friday, you may be wondering if the extreme conditions are a sign of climate change.
MIT Scientists Found A Way To Turn Your Pushups Into Clean Energy
Last week in the journal Nature Communications, MIT professor Ju Li, along with his graduate students Sangtae Kim and Soon Ju Choi, announced a new device that can harness the energy of "small bending motions" for electrical power.
Huffington Post
Catholics back children’s climate lawsuit against US government
Faith networks cite Pope Francis’ encyclical in support of youth call for stronger federal carbon-cutting action
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Bolivia's second-largest lake dries up and may be gone forever, lost to climate change
As Andean glaciers disappear, so do the sources of Lake Poopó’s water, say scientists who blame a warming environment, El Niño and mining
'More tools required for intensifying battle against global warming'
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has lamented that Bangladesh’s battle against global warming cannot be escalated as “we have some –but not all – of the tools needed” for the fight.
Financial Express
Businesses can go green without going under
It's barely a month since global leaders reached a landmark deal to bring climate change under control but now the hard work has begun over how to actually reduce countries' and companies' carbon footprints, business and energy leaders told CNBC.
U.S. agencies say 2015 was hottest on record, shatters records
Last year’s global average temperature was the hottest ever by the widest margin on record, two U.S. government agencies said on Wednesday, adding to pressure for deep greenhouse gas emissions cuts scientists say are needed to arrest warming that is disrupting the global climate.
2015 a battu des records de chaleur
L'année a été de loin la plus chaude jamais enregistrée sur la planète, depuis 1880, battant ainsi le précédent record de l'année 2014.
Stop Demonizing Fossil Fuel Companies, Warns Global Bank Chief
Stuart Gulliver, the boss of global bank HBSC, has made an impassioned plea to activists to stop demonizing the fossil fuel companies.
Huffington Post
Christiana Figueres: “Acuerdo de París es una llama de esperanza para la diplomacia internacional”
La secretaria de la Convención Marco de Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático (CMNUCC), la costarricense Christiana Figueres, considera que el acuerdo del clima acordado en París "ha movido el mundo de la desesperanza a la ilusión y ha encendido una llama de esperanza para la diplomacia internacional".
La Nación
Earth's temperature depends on where you put thermometer
When it comes to measuring global warming, it's all about altitude. Temperature readings taken close to Earth's surface - about 6 feet off the ground - show a slightly warmer planet than measurements taken from on high by satellites in orbit.
Leonardo DiCaprio savages corporate greed of big oil: 'Enough is enough'
Solution to climate change is to keep fossil fuels in the ground, Hollywood star tells World Economic Forum in Davos
Walmart CEO in Davos: Ignore climate sceptics
Responding to climate issues is best for business, says head of US retail colossus Doug McMillon at World Economic Forum
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“Do not forget the poor” Francis tells the global economic elite in Davos
Pope Francis told members of the world's wealthy political and economic elite that they should not be deaf to the cry of the poor and must consider their own role in creating inequality.
Merco Press
Dans cinq ans, 1.000 km de routes solaires pour éclairer les villes
La ministre de l’Ecologie, Ségolène Royal, a annoncé ce mercredi lors de ses vœux au Groupement des autorités responsables de transport la création d’ici cinq ans de 1.000 km de routes couvertes de panneaux solaires, dites à "énergie positive". Des cellules photovoltaïques seront testées dès cette année sur des routes.
Davos must reform its troublemakers
Ordinarily the beautiful alpine scenery of Switzerland might be expected to calm the worried executive’s mind. But delegates to this week’s World Economic Forum in Davos have been presented with plenty of things to worry about.
Financial Times
Stop ignoring costs of smaller disasters - U.N. risk chief
Governments around the world are underestimating the costs of disasters, particularly smaller ones triggered by weather and climate extremes, which is undermining the case for efforts to reduce risk, the United Nations' new disaster prevention chief said.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Selon l'Irena, les énergies renouvelables pourraient induire 24 millions d'emplois
Dans le sillage de la COP 21, l'Irena publie une étude qui met l'accent sur les bénéfices macroéconomiques des ENR : elles entraîneraient une hausse de 1,1% de croissance d'ici à 2030, soit 1.300 milliards de dollars de plus dans l'économie mondiale.
Getting 196 Countries To Agree On Climate Change Was ‘The Easy Part’
For all those who thought settling the Paris climate agreement was enough to lead to a low-carbon economy, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.
Huffington Post
Atlantic, Caribbean storms more destructive as temperatures rise - study
Hurricanes in the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans will grow more than twice as powerful and damaging as ocean temperatures rise from global warming, a new study says.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
How attitudes about global warming compare to the actual warming of the globe
The bars in red on the graph below are the 20 hottest years on human record. There were hotter years, like when the Earth was still mostly molten rock. But since mankind has had the capability to actually measure temperatures around the world, the 20 bars below indicate the hottest years we've seen.
DiCaprio rips into Big Oil at Davos summit
Fresh off his Golden Globe win, Leonardo DiCaprio drew ooohs, ahhs and smiles from a crowd as he was honoured for his work against the climate crisis at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Then he ripped into Big Oil.
Leonardo DiCaprio resalta necesidad de combatir el cambio climático
El laureado actor estadounidense Leonardo DiCaprio provocó sonrisas y expresiones de admiración en la concurrencia cuando fue honrado por su trabajo contra el calentamiento global en el Foro Económico de Davos. Y entonces procedió a fustigar al sector de los combustibles.
Climate change fails to top list of threats for business leaders at Davos
The high profile UN summit on climate change in Paris appears to have had little impact on the decision making and worries of global business leaders.
UN chief enlists stars and VIPs to promote new UN goals
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has enlisted stars including Shakira, Forest Whitaker and Lionel Messi along with global VIPs to campaign for achievement of the new United Nations development goals by 2030.
UAE plans on exceeding target of 24% renewable energy by 2021
Sustainability Week consolidating global unity on tackling climate change. The UAE plans on exceeding its ‘conservative’ target of making 24 per cent of its energy mix come from renewable sources by 2021, a top official in the capital said today.
Gulf News
Les énergies renouvelables battent des records en Allemagne
L'année dernière, le renouvelable (solaire, hydraulique, éolien…) a couvert plus d'un tiers de la consommation d'électricité outre-Rhin. La révolution énergétique est clairement en marche, même si le pays fait également marcher à plein ses centrales à charbon.
Le VifGuradian
Church of England pushes ExxonMobil to disclose climate risks
A group of investors led by the Church Commissioners for England and the New York State Common Retirement Fund have urged ExxonMobil to disclose the resilience of its business model in the wake of the Paris Agreement on climate change.
Financial Times
ExxonMobil shareholder group urge more transparency on climate risk
A group of shareholders in ExxonMobil urged the oil giant on Tuesday to detail the resilience of its business model to climate change, a month after the Paris agreement set the world on course to transform its fossil fuel-driven economy.
Wind, solar to thrive despite low oil prices, say experts
Crashing hydrocarbon prices are helping consumers and hurting exporters, but won’t halt momentum for clean energy investment
Climate Home
Climate Adaptation Is Key to Managing Interconnected Global Risks
The consequences of climate change are causing growing concern among global leaders as they intersect with a large number of interconnected global risks.
Huffington Post
Survey: Top CEOs say having a 'higher purpose' is now crucial for business success
PwC releases results from its Annual CEO survey, showing nearly a quarter of companies have shifted corporate goals to focus more on their impact on society
2015 a-t-elle été l'année la plus chaude jamais enregistrée?
Le gouvernement américain devrait annoncer mercredi que 2015 a été l'année la plus chaude jamais enregistrée.
Doing business in a post-Paris world GreenBiz
Paris climate change agreement heeds Zayed’s vision
Creation of Masdar City in Abu Dhabi a test-bed for sustainable, low-emission living, UN official says
Gulf News
Shift beyond oil ‘unstoppable’ post Paris, says UN climate chief
With Middle Eastern governments accepting hydrocarbons’ days are numbered, Christiana Figueres says progress on decarbonising economy is inevitable
Climate Home
Foro de Davos: los efectos del cambio climático copan las preocupaciones para la próxima década
Los cambios bruscos en el precio de la energía son el principal escollo económico.
Ban Ki-moon insiste sur la nécessité d’exploiter les énergies renouvelables
« Toutes les parties concernées par l’énergie - les gouvernements, le secteur privé, les investisseurs et les institutions financières, les villes et les populations partout dans le monde - ont compris que nous ne pouvons pas continuer à consumer notre cheminement vers la prospérité mondiale », a déclaré dimanche le Secrétaire général des Nations unies, Ban Ki-moon
Switching on clean energy can light way to development goals: UN chief
Faster adoption of clean, renewable energy will act as a catalyst for many of the world’s new Sustainable Development Goals, the U.N. secretary general said Sunday.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
UAE- Paris Agreement opportunity for Gulf Region: UNFCCC Chief
The UAE has abundant opportunities to diversify its economy away from oil as a result of the impulse of the Paris Agreement the head of the UN climate convention said to a distinguished audience at the Diwan of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.
The world's richest 1 per cent emits 175 times as much carbon as the poorest, study finds
The new research comes after an agreement about how much responsibility developed countries have for climate change
Climate change at Davos: What you need to know
The global elite gathers at the World Economic Forum for a four-day summit – and energy transition is high up the agenda
Climate Home
Les océans se réchauffent fortement depuis 20 ans
La tendance au réchauffement des eaux des océans déplace les stocks de poissons vers les pôles, détériore les récifs coralliens et fait monter le niveau des mers, car l'eau se dilate à mesure que sa température augmente.
La Liberté
Warmer Indian Ocean could be 'ecological desert', scientists warn
Anslem Silva has fished for four decades from this popular harbor on Sri Lanka's west coast, but for five years now filling his boat has become increasingly difficult.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Cambio climático: Los océanos absorben cada vez más el calor
Los océanos, que absorben el 90% del calor adicional provocado por el calentamiento global, han asimilado tanto en las últimas dos décadas como desde 1865 hasta entonces, indica un estudio publicado este lunes 18 de enero en la revista Nature climate change.
El Comercio
Scaling Up Renewables: Taking Climate Action to the Next Level
Over 500 leaders from government, business and civil society gathered last night at the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to discuss scaling up renewable energy as the cornerstone of global climate change mitigation.
Blue & Green Tomorrow
Global warming strikes deep into oceans: study
The oceans have soaked up as much heat from global warming over the last two decades as during the preceding 130 years, according to a study published Monday.
Oceans heat fast, even with slower warming at Earth's surface
The amount of heat soaked up by the oceans has surged in the past two decades in a sign of worsening global warming despite a slowdown in temperature rises at the Earth's surface, a U.S. study showed on Monday.
As climate change threatens CentAm coffee, a cocoa boom is born
Brimming with shade trees and bounded by the Tuma river, the lower climes of Roger Castellon's farm in Nicaragua's mountainous Jinotega department were long ideal for growing coffee.
Denmark sets world record for wind energy production
Denmark has set a world record for wind energy - with an achievement hailed as "the key to stop global warming".
Chile Is Going Big on Solar Power
First, free education, and now solar energy. Chile is fast becoming a people- and environment-friendly nation
Latin Post
Paris climate deal offers flame of hope, says UN official
Christiana Figueres says countries cleared multiple hurdles to reach accord, showing that ‘if we want to do something we can’
'Renewable energy is limitless and will last forever,' says Ban at global debate
Everyone involved in energy—governments, the private sector, investors and financial institutions, cities, and people everywhere–has understood that we can no longer burn our way to global prosperity, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared today at a debate hosted by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Financial Times
UN News Centre
From Abu Dhabi to Davos, climate change tops agenda
This weekend, ministers from all over the world are in Abu Dhabi to discuss the role of renewable energy in tackling climate change.
Climate Home
Obama administration halts new coal leases on federal land
The Obama administration is imposing a moratorium on new coal leases on federal lands, arguing that the $1 billion-a-year program must be modernized to ensure a fair financial return to taxpayers and address climate change.
Les Etats-Unis amorcent un changement majeur dans l’exploitation du charbon
L’ère du charbon n’est pas encore révolue aux Etats-Unis, mais les temps sont en train de changer. En témoigne la décision de l’administration américaine, vendredi 15 janvier, de revoir les modalités d’ouverture de nouvelles mines sur les terres fédérales.
Le Monde
Migrations incontrôlées, terrorisme, pétrole, Chine et climat : le forum de Davos sous haute tension
Flots de migrants, vagues d'attentats, plongeon sans fin du pétrole et des marchés, Chine encalminée et climat déréglé vont accabler cette semaine le forum de Davos, où les puissants du monde entier tenteront d'y voir plus clair.
La Tribune
Rapid switch to renewable energy can put Paris climate goals within reach
Increasing renewables to 36% of the global energy mix by 2030 would provide about half emissions reductions needed to hold warming to 2C, says International Renewable Energy Agency
2015 A 'Tipping Point' For Climate Change
When future generations write the history of humanity's faltering quest to repair Earth's climate system, 2015 will have its own chapter.
Davos must confront a world at a tipping point
The founder of the World Economic Forum says global leaders need to adapt to ever-faster change
Países caribeños alarmados por cambio climático
Los países del Caribe están alarmados por el impacto del cambio climático, un tema que centrará lo debates de la reunión ministerial en Haití la próxima semana.
AP/El Día
¿Nacerán menos niños por el cambio climático?
A estas alturas ya nos sabemos de carrerilla los previsibles efectos que el cambio climático provocará en nuestro entorno y que afectarán gravemente a nuestra forma de vida: fenómenos meteorológicos extremos, lluvias erráticas, derretimiento de los polos y los glaciares, desertización, aumento del nivel del mar
El Huffington Post
Solar energy jobs double in five years
The number of solar jobs in the U.S. has more than doubled in five years. In fact, there are more people working in solar now than at oil rigs and in gas fields.
CNN Money
Rising temperatures at Australian Open 'caused by global warming'
Hot temperatures at the Australian Open tennis tournament may be down to global warming, according to some climate experts.
Will climate change destroy Vietnam’s agriculture?
If the sea water level rises by one meter, the rice growing area will be cut by half, from 4 million to 2 million hectares, experts say.
VietNamNet Bridge
Grenada Is Developing Climate-Smart Agriculture
As the Caribbean deals with the impact of climate change, adaptation is a major priority. That’s why one island is launching a new project to make its agriculture more robust against the ramifications of climate change.
Caribbean Journal
Woman cycles across Southern Hemisphere to collect 1,001 climate change stori
With little more than an audio recorder, Devi Lockwood has been travelling on a green touring bike, covered in stickers with a jaunty yellow flag flying off the back, across the Southern Hemisphere for more than one year.
We Need to Think as World Citizens for the Paris Agreement to Succeed in Combating Climate Change (opinion) Huffington Post
Climate change disaster is biggest threat to global economy in 2016, say experts
Global warming heads top economists’ concerns for first time but large-scale forced migration seen as most likely risk to materialise
Los efectos del cambio climático encabezan los riesgos para la década
Los efectos del cambio climático son el principal riesgo global para la próxima década
Climate calamity ‘top threat’ to global economy in 2016
Climate disasters seen doing greatest damage for first time, finds World Economic Forum survey of global risks
Climate Home
Énergie renouvelable: investissements records en 2015
Plus de 320 milliards de dollars ont été investis dans les énergies renouvelables en 2015 dans le monde, un record, et cela malgré la chute des prix des énergies fossiles (pétrole, gaz, charbon), selon une étude publiée jeudi.
The promising private sector climate finance debate
With the landmark Paris climate agreement now a month-old and the holiday cheer for its accomplishment a bit more subdued, an earnest debate is fully underway over how to live up to the promises of the accords.
Climat: la prochaine ère glaciaire retardée à cause du réchauffement (étude)
La prochaine ère glaciaire, qui aurait pu intervenir dans 50.000 ans, pourrait être retardée d'autant du fait du réchauffement climatique généré par l'homme, indique jeudi une étude publiée dans la revue Nature.
Solar beats wind, powers new high in renewable energy investment
Renewable energy investments in India jumped to $10.9 billion in 2015 from the annual average of $8 billion in the last three years, driven by the solar energy sector, which for the first time beat the wind power sector in attracting capital, according to a report.
The Hindu
Corporate leaders still in denial on climate change
Too many people in the corporate sector are still in denial about climate change, according to Katherine Garrett-Cox, the CEO of investment firm Alliance Trust.
In Saudi Aramco IPO Talk, Some See Age of Oil Coming to an End
With threat of climate limits, Saudis may want to `cash out'
What new climate measures are G7 members taking after Paris deal?
A month after COP21 summit, club of major economies weighs policy tweaks to meet tough global warming goal
Climate Home
Obama administration to announce remake of coal program, freeze leases
The Obama administration is due on Friday to announce an overhaul of how the United States manages coal development on federal land, and freeze new coal mining, according to government and conservationist sources, in a further move to confront climate change.
Climate extremes threaten Australia's wine industry
Winemakers in Australia's oldest growing region fear a ruined harvest after heavy rainfall, while vineyards in the country's west are under threat from bushfires, undermining efforts to recover from a near decade-long run of lower exports.
South Africa suffers driest year on record in 2015
South Africa suffered its driest year on record in 2015, the national weather service said on Thursday, as a drought that has threatened the vital maize crop and hit economic growth showed no sign of abating.
Cambio climático (opinion) La Nación
Abu Dhabi to host world leaders at climate change summit
Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) is to host an action day for world leaders to discuss workable solutions to achieve the COP21 goal of reducing global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius.
UAE News
Global warming could stave off next ice age for 100,000 years
Global warming is likely to disrupt a natural cycle of ice ages and contribute to delaying the onset of the next big freeze until about 100,000 years from now, scientists said on Wednesday.
Global mercury emissions down 30 percent as coal use drops: USGS
Global emissions of mercury from manmade sources fell 30 percent from 1990 to 2010, in part from decreasing use of coal, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reported on Wednesday.
Rampant El Nino offers glimpse of future climate risks
Weather phenomenon exposes how unprepared world is for economic, security and humanitarian impacts of global warming
Climate Home
Net loss: First Nations fisheries threatened by climate change, study says
First Nations communities that have fished along Canada’s Pacific coast for thousands of years could have their catches nearly cut in half by 2050, according to a new study conducted at the University of British Columbia.
Africa: WBD Unveils U.S.$26 Billion Africa Climate Business Plan
The World Bank Group has unveiled a new plan that calls for $16 billion in funding to help African people and countries adapt to climate change and build up the continent's resilience to climate shocks.
Business Day Ghana
Des Google Cardboards pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique
Sorti le 4 novembre dernier, le jeu Cleanopolis s’est fixé pour objectif de sensibiliser les familles aux enjeux du changement climatique.
¿Qué tan grave es el cambio climático para los países en desarrollo?
No debería sorprendernos en las próximas décadas escuchar sobre fenómenos naturales cada vez más fuertes en Colombia y en el mundo. Hasta la fecha más de 2.000 millones de personas han sido afectadas por estos eventos.
Le changement climatique a un impact palpable sur les classes moyennes
Le changement climatique a un impact déjà palpable sur les classes moyennes dans le monde, les poussant à consommer différemment et menaçant leur stabilité économique et sociale.
Are corporates coming on board to tackle climate change?
The head of an NGO working with corporates thinks so, and so does a big retail chain.
Jamaica’s Drought Tool Could Turn the Table on Climate Change
On a very dry November 2013, Jamaica’s Meteorological Service made its first official drought forecast when the newly developed Climate Predictability Tool (CPT) was used to predict a high probability of below average rainfall in the coming three months.
Et si...on se mettait au transport à voile ?
Le bateau est le plus important moyen de transport de marchandises sur longues distances dans le monde. Presque tous nos vêtements, appareils électroménagers ou matériaux de construction ont pris la voie des mers, et par là, émis des quantités énormes de CO2
Le Monde
Voces contra el cambio climático
"Tampoco los dinosaurios creían en el cambio climático”, decía el cartel de un activista en la recién celebrada conferencia de París.
El País
Les énergies renouvelables en Afrique ne sont pas une utopie (opinion)  Le Monde
Libéria : 150 000 personnes auront accès à l’énergie avec l’appui de la Banque mondiale
La Banque mondiale a accordé au Libéria un financement de 27 millions $ qui permettra à 150 000 personnes d’avoir accès à l’électricité. Cet objectif sera atteint grâce au Projet libérien d’accès à l’énergie renouvelable (LIRENAP).
Agence Ecofin
Bangladesh moves up the climate change knowledge ladder (opinion) Daily Star
Next stop for Paris climate deal: the courts
Countries backsliding on their pledges made at the Paris climate summit could soon get dragged into court by their own citizens.
Could post-Paris climate policy drive growth in carbon trading?
Latest Thomson Reuters report suggests EU emissions trading reform is finally taking effect, while Obama's Clean Power Plan could pave the way for surge in US carbon markets
Obama says must change the way nation manages fossil fuel resources
President Barack Obama on Tuesday said he would seek changes in the way U.S. oil and coal resources are managed, prompting a flood of reaction from environmental groups pushing him to do more to limit fossil fuel production - and producers anxious about regulatory changes.
IMF calls for carbon levy on ships and planes
The International Monetary Fund is calling for a carbon tax on aviation and shipping
Climate Home
FMI: Hogares y empresas deberían pagar impuesto por emisiones
Expertos del Fondo Monetario Internacional (FMI) consideraron que los hogares y empresas deberían pagar un impuesto por la emisión de gases de efecto invernadero para cumplir con lo establecido en el acuerdo climático de París.
El Economista
El cambio climático supone un mayor gasto en vivienda para las clases medias
El calentamiento global implica cambios en los patrones de consumo en los cerca de 1.000 millones de personas que forman la clase media en todo el mundo, puesto que estas familias se ven obligadas a cambiar sus prioridades gastando más en vivienda y menos en artículos de lujo, ocio y bienes duraderos.
El Mundo
Is climate change ruining skiing in the Alps?
The arrival of snow in the Alps has come as a welcome relief for holidaymakers and ski workers alike. But why was the arrival of healthy quantities of snow so late, and is this something that we should begin to expect in future years?
The Conversation
Climate policies on collision course with clean cookstoves drive
Switching from dirty wood stoves to propane saves lives, but carbon pricing threatens to make it unaffordable for millions in South Asia
Climate Home
Sunpartner Technologies, l'énergie solaire dans les smartphones
La jeune pousse française a mis au point des panneaux photovoltaïques miniatures et transparents, qui peuvent s'intégrer à de très nombreux objets du quotidien.
Could artificial trees be part of the climate change solution?
Real trees are forced to work harder as more carbon is released into the atmosphere. Technology could share the load
Guardian/Washington Post
APP to work with 500 villages to combat deforestation
Forestry giant Asia Pulp & Paper to put $10 million toward agroforestry cooperation with villages in Sumatra and Kalimantan.
Les icebergs géants freinent le changement climatique
Les icebergs sont le symbole du réchauffement climatique. Mais ils pourraient également en être une des solutions, selon une récente étude.
Le VifGuradian
As Exxon Faces Investigation, Investors Renew Pressure for Stronger Climate Stance
This year's shareholder resolutions extend a 25-year campaign to get Exxon to confront the climate threat. No climate resolution has ever been adopted.
Climate change: how to put Paris talks into action (opinion) The Australian
Kofi A. Annan - Changement climatique : les appuis populaires à la riposte News Mada
Turn climate pledges into concrete action – France
The 195 governments that clinched the Paris climate deal must now turn their pledges into concrete action, France's ecology minister Segolene Royal said Monday, January 11
Laurent Fabius : « Je reste président de la COP »
Président de la Conférence des parties (COP) jusqu’en novembre 2016, Laurent Fabius compte prendre des initiatives pour consolider l’accord sur le climat signé à Paris le 12 décembre 2015 par 195 Etats.
Le Monde
Lack of methane emission reporting poses investor risk - green group
Fewer than one-third of oil and gas companies report their emissions of powerful greenhouse gas methane through voluntary, publicly available sources, posing a risk to their investors, said a new report released on Monday.
Laurent Fabius: Climate finance, transparency rules priorities for 2016
President of UN climate talks insists he will see out tenure despite reshuffle rumours, says COP21 deal means move from fossil fuels is now irreversible
Climate Home
Dedicated COP21 global action day for Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week
Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week will dedicate a day for world leaders to work on setting targets, meeting goals and strengthening cooperation to tackle climate change, according to Ban Ki-moon and other heads of state.
The National
Climate change means more fear, less fun for global middle class: UBS
The erosion of wealth among the world's middle class due to climate change is a threat to economic and social stability which could spur its 1 billion members to push for action on global warming, Swiss bank UBS Group AG said.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Carbon capture a justified ‘$1bn bet’ given possible returns
Carbon capture and storage (CCS) may have become a gamble for austerity-pressed economies but don’t walk away now, a British academic has said.
Climate Home
Antarctic icebergs have surprise role in slowing warming: study
The biggest icebergs breaking off Antarctica unexpectedly help to slow global warming as they melt away into the chill Southern Ocean, scientists said on Monday.
Powerful replacement in works for climate-modeling computer
One of the most powerful computers in the world dedicated to climate change, weather and other earth science research will be replaced in 2017 by an even faster machine, officials announced Monday.
Global action too slow to curb rising risks - ex-UN disaster chief
The world's preparations to deal with disasters are not yet keeping pace with the growing threats to people and societies, said the former U.N. disaster prevention chief.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
US boom boosts global carbon markets in 2015
Global volume of carbon credits shrinks but ‘boom time’ in California, Quebec and northwest US sees overall value jump 9%
Climate Home
Les changements climatiques dominent la liste des principaux risques juridiques
Les changements climatiques dominent la liste des principaux risques juridiques en affaires. Les entreprises devront affronter tant les écueils associés à l’instauration de la politique sur le carbone que la transition économique afférente
Le Devoir
2016: A Year for Passionate Intensity and Positive Change (Kofi Annan) Huffington Post
Australian national takes the helm as new UN disaster risk reduction chief
Following his appointment by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Robert Glasser, an experienced leader and thinker on development issues, took up his new role this week as head of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR).
UN News Centre
Nicolat Hulot : « Pourquoi j’arrête ma mission d’envoyé spécial pour la protection de la planète »
Nicolas Hulot a annoncé, mercredi 6 janvier, qu’il mettait un terme à sa mission d’envoyé spécial du président de la République pour la protection de la planète.
Le Monde
Obamas Invite Businessman Who Helps Low-Income Residents Afford Solar Panels To State Of The Union
When Mark Davis' clients install solar panels, their energy costs drop by about a third -- "so 30 percent is going back into the community."
Huffington Post
Paris Global Warming Agreement is One More New Year's Resolution
Like most New Year’s resolutions, the hope generated by the Paris climate accord last month will fade into disappointment.
Volkswagen boss apologises to America for cheating diesel emissions tests
Matthias Müller said the company’s credibility needed to be fixed as he announced a $900m plan to build a new SUV at VW’s Tennessee factory
The Guardian
Être végétarien, c’est vraiment pire pour la planète ?
« En termes d’émissions de gaz à effet de serre, manger une laitue est trois fois pire que de manger du bacon », selon une étude américaine.
Ouest France
Premio al asesor climático del Papa
Hace poco más de 40 años, nadie sospechaba que el calentamiento global que ya empezaban a percibir los científicos de todo el mundo estuviera motivado por algo más que por las emisiones de dióxido de carbono (CO2).
El Mundo
El cambio climático amenaza la generación de electricidad
A medida que avance el siglo, los ríos del planeta llevarán menor cantidad de un agua que será más caliente.
El Pais
El cambio climático colabora en la fortaleza de 'El Niño'
Tornados, inundaciones, temperaturas récord, ola de calor: los fenómenos meteorológicos extremos que marcaron el año pasado se debieron al fenómeno “El Niño” particularmente acentuado en un contexto de cambio climático pero también a variaciones naturales.
El Informador
OCHA subraya el impacto devastador de El Niño en el mundo
El coordinador humanitario de la ONU, Stephen O’Brien, subrayó hoy los efectos devastadores que El Niño está teniendo en distintas regiones del planeta y pidió acciones urgentes para mitigarlos.
UN News Centre
Year in Review: C40 Celebrates 10 Years of City Climate Action
2015 was an important year for C40, and for our mayors. We saw cities firmly establish their place in the global dialogue on climate change, from gathering at the Vatican to committing in large numbers to the Compact of Mayors, culminating in a fantastic series of events at COP21 in Paris. On top of these milestones, 2015 also marked C40’s 10th anniversary.
National Geographic
Energías renovables y el futuro de Chile
Chile cuenta con un gran potencial en torno al uso de energías renovables, no sólo en relación a la hidroeléctrica, energía solar y eólica, sino que con respecto a otras fuentes que han sido menos aprovechadas como la mareomotriz y la geotérmica.
Quel est l’impact de l’immense fuite de méthane en Californie ?
La Californie est en état d’urgence. Depuis plus de deux mois, une fuite de gaz massive affecte la région de Los Angeles.
Le Monde
DiCaprio: Quien no cree en el cambio climático no cree en la ciencia
Leonardo DiCaprio se siente optimista ante el hecho de que el debate sobre el cambio climático esté remitiendo y los líderes mundiales empiecen por fin a tomárselo más en serio.
El Universal
What’s Behind the Freakishly Warm Winter in the Eastern U.S.?
People from Massachusetts to Mississippi cut down their Christmas trees while wearing shorts and t-shirts this year.
National Geographic
Gambia: Climate Change Threatens Fish Production in Gambia Says FAO Rep
The Country Representative of Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Mrs. Perpetua Katepa Kalala, has described climate change as a crucial threat to food security in The Gambia and that its impacts are making adaptation more difficult and costly,
Climate change, mild winter renews calls for northern grid road in Sask.
In the wake of the Paris Climate Summit and with this year's mild winter, the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations has renewed calls for a northern grid road system in the province.
CBC News
Pope Francis was right on climate change
Climate will have such a profound effect on the earth that we will need to reconsider our relationship with the natural environment.
The Washington Post
Droughts from climate change will hit developed countries harder, study predicts
New research suggests farms in developed countries may be more vulnerable to longer, deeper droughts predicted to occur as a result of climate change.
CBC News
Environnement : comment réduire l'empreinte carbone de nos assiettes ?
Quel est le bilan carbone des aliments que nous mangeons ? La viande par exemple, est connue pour avoir un bilan carbone assez lourd, certaines viandes auraient moins d'impact sur l'environnement.
France TV Info
Environnement : quand les éleveurs mettent en place des techniques pour limiter les gaz à effet de serre
En pâturant, les vaches dégagent du méthane, les éleveurs en sont conscients et certains d'entre eux mettent en place des règles pour alléger leur bilan carbone.
France TV Info
S'inspirer du corps humain pour capturer le CO2 à grande échelle
Pour certains chercheurs, la capture du CO2 à grande échelle doit être considérée dans les efforts pour freiner le réchauffement de la planète.
Ici Radio Canada
What does the Paris agreement mean for the world's other 8 million species?
In December, the world’s nations agreed on an aggressive plan to combat climate change. But what, if anything, will the landmark Paris agreement do for thousands of species already under threat from global warming?
The Guardian
Google calcula conveniencia de instalar paneles solares
La compañía que ayuda a comparar tarifas aéreas y a traducir idiomas extranjeros a través de Internet, ahora ofrece un nuevo servicio en línea: calcular los posibles costos y los beneficios de instalar paneles solares en los techos de las casas.
La Nación
Rejet de Keystone XL : le gouvernement américain visé par deux plaintes
La société TransCanada a annoncé mercredi 6 janvier qu’elle allait réclamer 15 milliards de dollars américains en dommages et intérêts au gouvernement américain en contrepartie de son rejet du projet d’oléoduc transfrontalier Keystone XL.
Le Monde
Filipinas: voces locales en la lucha global contra el cambio climático
El 12 de diciembre de 2015, vi, junto con la mayor parte del mundo, como el ministro de Relaciones Exteriores francés, Laurent Fabius, golpeaba el martillo verde en un auditorio lleno de los líderes mundiales en Le Bourget, París. Dicho gesto señalaba oficialmente la adopción del Acuerdo de París, la primera convención internacional legalmente vinculante que obliga a los gobiernos de los países tanto en desarrollo como desarrollados a actuar para detener el peligroso cambio climático.
El País
Climate change: Cereal harvests across the world 'fall by 10% in 50 years'
Droughts and heatwaves have reduced cereal harvests by an average of about 10 per cent globally over the past half century, and their impact has become stronger in recent decades especially in developed countries, a study has found.
Earth is 'experiencing a global warming spurt'
Climate Central: Scientists say cyclical changes in the Pacific Ocean have thrown Earth’s surface into what may be an unprecedented warming spurt, following a global warming slowdown that lasted about 15 years
The Guardian
The quest to hack trees and beat climate change
In the fight against climate change, trees are an ally. They suck in carbon dioxide, reducing the harmful greenhouses gases in our air. But there’s a problem — we’re asking them to work overtime.
The Washington Post
Fin de la mission de Nicolas Hulot auprès de François Hollande
La mission de Nicolas Hulot comme envoyé spécial du président François Hollande pour la protection de la planète prend fin, après l'accord mondial sur le climat scellé à la COP21, ont annoncé mercredi l'Elysée et la Fondation Hulot (FNH).
Le Huffington Post
10 Favorite Foods Predicted to Go Extinct due to Climate Change
Climate change has always been on the news due to its negative effects on nature. Severe flooding, drought, melting ice glaciers, super typhoons and animals going extinct are the most common things we hear about the changing climate.
Latin Post
Les changements climatiques deviennent une « préoccupation pour l’humanité »
Catherine Le Bris, chercheur au CNRS explique comment l'accord de la Cop 21 induit le respect de droits de l’homme et de l’équité entre les générations
Sud Ouest
El cambio climático amenaza la generación de electricidad
A medida que avance el siglo, los ríos del planeta llevarán menor cantidad de un agua que será más caliente.
El Pais
The ethics of climate change: A primer
With a ratcheting up of awareness culminating in the Paris climate change conference, 2015 may have been the year that the threat of climate change was finally taken seriously.
The Washington Post
Inaction on global warming is as reckless as drunken driving
Our moral duty to address climate change is based on a simple concept, straightforward enough to qualify as kindergarten fare.
The Washington Post
Espace : des satellites pourront bientôt mesurer les émissions de gaz à effet de serre
Présent sur le plateau de LCI ce lundi pour aborder l'actualité spatiale, le directeur du centre national d'études spatiales Jean-Yves Le Gall explique que des satellites pourront bientôt mesurer les émissions de gaz à effet de serre, d'ici à 3-4 ans.
South Africa's Developing Solar Energy Landscape
Until a few years ago solar panels were a rare sight in South Africa, largely limited to the roofs of a few affluent households.
The Huffington Post
How One Alaskan Community Is Attempting to Adapt to Climate Change
The Iñupiat use portable houses and sandbags to shield themselves from rising waters and melting permafrost, but can they save their culture?
Wind power startup nabs $200 million for projects on homes, farms
United Wind Inc, which has carved out a niche leasing wind turbines to farms and rural homes, has clinched $200 million in funding from Toronto-based Forum Equity Partners - the largest-ever single investment in small wind projects.
Sauver la planète? «Yes, we can!»
La récente Conférence de Paris sur le climat a accouché, au forceps, d’une simple déclaration d’intention.
24 Heures
L'anguille d'Amérique, bientôt une espèce en péril?
En 2012, le Comité sur la situation des espèces en péril du Canada (COSEPAC) a octroyé le statut d'espèce menacée à ce poisson qui peuple plusieurs affluents du Saint-Laurent, y compris le fleuve lui-même.
Radio Canada
Après la COP21 de Paris, rendez-vous à Marrakech
L’accord de Paris de la COP21 assure le principe de différenciation entre les pays, aux réalités et aux possibilités différentes:
Pyrénées: Les ours rentrent dans leur tanière plus tard à cause des températures clémentes
Biodiversité Le réchauffement climatique a un impact sur les conditions d’hibernation des ours dans le massif des Pyrénées…
20 Minutes
Adaptation in the Paris climate agreement: a matter of principle
The Paris Agreement hopefully kicks off a new era of significantly scaled-up climate action.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Le vignoble face aux changements climatiques
La COP21 s'est réunie à Paris avec pour objectif de limiter le réchauffement climatique de la planète.
Sud Ouest
2015, l'une des trois années les plus chaudes en France
Les dix années les plus chaudes enregistrées en France depuis 1900 sont toutes comprises entre 1990 et 2015.
Le Figaro
Renewables: Share data on wind energy
Giving researchers access to information on turbine performance would allow wind farms to be optimized through data mining, says Andrew Kusiak.
New Jersey and wind power: Perfect together?
An environmental group that strongly supports a proposed windmill farm off Atlantic City says New Jersey has the highest potential to develop offshore wind energy of any mid-Atlantic or New England state.
CBS News
La Jordanie, assoiffée, tente de sauver la mer Morte
Devenu, selon les autorités locales, le deuxième pays du monde le plus pauvre en eau, la Jordanie se débat pour tenter de combattre ce fléau qui gangrène son économie toute entière.
La Tribune
Des centaines de bernaches observées en janvier à Montréal
Plusieurs bernaches ont été observées début janvier à Montréal, signe d’un retard de l’hiver qui n’est pas sans conséquence sur la faune et la flore.
El cambio climático amenaza la generación de electricidad
A medida que avance el siglo, los ríos del planeta llevarán menor cantidad de un agua que será más caliente. Ambos fenómenos no le vienen bien a la generación de electricidad.
El Pais
Worldwide electricity production vulnerable to climate and water resource change
Climate change impacts and associated changes in water resources could lead to reductions in electricity production capacity for more than 60% of the power plants worldwide from 2040-2069, according to a new study published today in the journal Nature Climate Change.
Science Daily
Climate change is altering Greenland ice sheet, accelerating sea level rise
The Greenland ice sheet has traditionally been pictured as a bit of a sponge for glacier meltwater, but new research has found it is rapidly losing the ability to buffer its contribution to rising sea levels, says a York University researcher.
Science Daily
Study Shows Larger Effect of Clouds on El Niño
Clouds help amplify El Niño’s effect on the atmosphere to a greater degree than once thought, a new study reports.
The New York Times
The biggest climate stories of 2015

From the 195-nation agreement in Paris to curb global warming, to a journey down the Mekong River, evidence that climate change is impacting livelihoods and political decisions is stronger than ever

The Guardian
2015, une année «extraordinairement chaude»
Les climatologues appellent à une action urgente
Le Matin
Expertos advierten sobre transformaciones por cambio climático
El Instituto Belisario Domínguez (IBD) del Senado de la República advirtió en un estudio sobre las transformaciones que, por el uso de suelo y el cambio climático, modifican la frecuencia e intensidad de fenómenos hidrometeorológicos. En un comunicado, precisó que en el país se prevé el aumento de huracanes de alta magnitud, el incremento en el número de tormentas severas y periodos de sequía más extremos y prolongados.
Diario de Yucatán
Rwanda: What 2016 Has in Store for Climate Change Agenda
2016 has started with a sense of optimism about climate change following the adoption of the Paris climate agreement last December.
All Africa
Claude Lorius interview: The glaciologist on proving global warming with whiskey, and playing footie in Antarctica
Lorius is a French glaciologist and climate-change expert whose discovery of palaeo-atmosphere information within polar ice cores helped prove man-made global warming
Climate Change Warming World’s Lakes, Says Study
A new study by NASA and the National Science Foundation reveals that climate change is rapidly warming lakes around the world, according to findings in Geophysical Research Letters.
Climate Neutral - Reuters
Géopolitique, le débat
L’ours polaire, un animal géopolitique
Valéry Laramée de Tannenberg : «La vigne court de grands risques»
Selon cet expert de l'environnement, le réchauffement climatique pourrait rayer de la carte les fleurons du vignoble français. Mais cette tragédie peut encore être évitée.
Le Figaro
Major offshore wind operator plans £6bn UK investment by 2020
Dong Energy says it is now convinced UK government will back offshore wind power despite recent cuts to renewable energy sector subsidies
The Guardian
Le climat a un impact sur l'approvisionnement des Premières Nations
Les leaders autochtones commencent à s'inquiéter des impacts des changements climatiques sur les conditions hivernales des routes, essentielles pour faire parvenir nourriture, essence et autres fournitures vitales aux communautés nordiques.
Radio Canada
Sécurité alimentaire : Près de 4 milliards de FCfa de la Fao au Sénégal
En 2016, le Sénégal va bénéficier d’un projet de 3,9 milliards de FCfa de la Fao pour le renforcement de la résilience dans ses zones rurales face aux effets des changements climatiques, sur la productivité agricole, a annoncé, hier, un responsable de la Fao à Dakar, au terme de l’atelier national sur « les sols et changements climatiques ».
Le Soleil
El cambio climático, un riesgo para la pesca
Especies marinas tan importantes para la pesca y la acuicultura en Galicia como la caballa -o xarda- y el mejillón pueden migrar a otros caladeros o sufrir una reducción considerable en sus poblaciones durante las próximas décadas por cambio climático. Son sólo dos de los efectos que puede provocar, según expertos gallegos, si no se le pone remedio.
La Opinión A Coruña
Le Groenland en quête des quelques atouts du réchauffement climatique
Victime du réchauffement climatique, le Groenland fait, au moins à court terme, le pari qu'il recèlera quelques atouts en misant sur la diversification de son écosystème pour doper agriculture, pêche et exportations.
Yahoo News - AFP
Sustainable Development Goals to kick in with start of new year
As 2015 comes to an end, and with it the 15-year cycle of the anti-poverty Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the United Nations officially will usher in – on 1 January 2016 – an even more ambitious set of goals to banish a whole host of social ills by 2030.
UN News Centre
Le programme de développement durable démarre officiellement le 1er janvier 2016
Le Programme de développement durable à l'horizon 2030, qui a été adopté par les dirigeants politiques du monde entier en septembre dernier à l'ONU, va officiellement démarrer ce vendredi 1er janvier 2016, avec 17 objectifs à atteindre au cours des 15 prochaines années.
UN News Centre
El 1º de enero entra en vigor la nueva Agenda de Desarrollo Sostenible El 1º de enero entra en vigor la nueva Agenda de Desarrollo Sostenible
El primer día de 2016 entrará en vigor oficialmente la Agenda 2030 para el Desarrollo Sostenible que durante los próximos 15 años marcará la pauta para construir un mundo más justo y equitativo para toda la población, además de velar por el medio ambiente.
UN News Centre
Floods UK: Nasa blames freak weather across world on 'worst El Nino since 1998'
Severe flooding in the UK, above-zero temperatures in the Arctic and snow in Mexico could be symptoms of the most powerful El Nino weather system since 1998, Nasa scientists say.
Yahoo News
To save rare forest, farmers try a new crop: butterflies
The colourful butterflies fluttering through Zanzibar's Jozani forest are beautiful to look at, but for farmers and charcoal producers in the region, they mean something more: a paycheck.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Voici comment le changement climatique va aussi modifier notre alimentation
La production de certains aliments comme le café ou le chocolat pourrait être touchée de manière significative par le réchauffement climatique.
Yahoo Actualités
Mais comment expliquer les phénomènes météo exceptionnels de la fin 2015?
Les épisodes météorologiques extrêmes sont dus au phénomène El Niño particulièrement puissant cette année qui s'ajoute au réchauffement climatique...
Yahoo Actualités
Réchauffement climatique: au Pôle Nord il fait 0°C au lieu de -30°C
Il a fait plus chaud au Pôle Nord que dans certaines parties des Etats-Unis ou du Sahara, mercredi. Alors que le mercure y affiche d'ordinaire entre -20°C et -30°C à cette période de l'année, il est monté jusqu'à plus de 0°C.
France soir
Quand la COP21 impacte la finance
La finance doit se préoccuper du réchauffement climatique. Très concrètement, les entreprises du secteur des énergies fossiles pourraient perdre une grande partie de leur valeur, faisant courir un risque systémique.
La Tribune
Obama to seek 'every opportunity' to push climate plans in 2016, experts say
On the heels of the Paris climate deal, the president is likely to focus on the environment in his final year in office – and Congress can do little to stop him
The Guardian
People of African descent must be fully included in climate change decisions, UN experts urge
People of African descent, often the poorest and most marginalized in society, are among those set to be most adversely affected by climate change, yet they barely figured in the recent Paris climate summit, a United Nations expert group warned today, calling for their full inclusion.
UN News Centre
Climat : il faut davantage impliquer les personnes d'ascendance africaine, selon des experts
Les efforts internationaux pour lutter contre le changement climatique doivent être plus inclusifs et impliquer les personnes qui ont été largement négligées pendant la Conférence sur le climat à Paris, estime le Groupe d'experts des Nations Unies sur les personnes d'ascendance africaine.
UN News Centre
Expertos: los afrodescendientes deben tener participación en los esfuerzos por controlar el cambio climático
El Grupo de Trabajo de Expertos de la ONU sobre los Afrodescendientes afirmó hoy que la implementación del Acuerdo de París y las negociaciones futuras sobre cambio climático deben tomar en cuenta las necesidades y las opiniones de las personas en mayor riesgo y no deben basarse en las fuerzas del mercado.
UN News Centre
El acuerdo de la COP21, el gran hito ambiental de 2015 según las ONG
El acuerdo de París contra el cambio climático, aunque insuficiente, ha sido el gran logro ambiental del año que ahora acaba en opinión de tres de las principales organizaciones ecologistas, que creen que los cambios legislativos realizados en España suponen una espada de Damocles para la naturaleza.
EFE Verde
Responsable de UNISDIR pide más acciones preventivas para afrontar fuertes eventos meteorológicos
Los tornados violentos que han azotado Estados Unidos, las nevadas anormales en México y las grandes inundaciones en Sudamérica y el Reino Unido acontecidos en los últimos días demuestran que los gobiernos deben adoptar acciones preventivas para reducir las pérdidas humanas y económicas, afirmó hoy la responsable de la Oficina de Naciones Unidas para la Reducción de Riesgos de Desastres (UNISDIR).
UN News Centre
Climat : tornades, inondations et chutes de neige inhabituelles montrent la nécessité d'agir, selon l'ONU
De violentes tornades aux Etats-Unis au moment de Noël, des chutes de neige inhabituelles au Mexique, et de fortes inondations en Amérique du Sud et au Royaume-Uni montrent que les gouvernements doivent prendre davantage de mesures préventives pour réduire les pertes humaines et économiques dues aux catastrophes liées aux conditions météorologiques, a déclaré mardi une responsable des Nations Unies.
UN News Centre
El Niño et le réchauffement climatique à l'origine des phénomènes météo exceptionnels
Inondations, tornades, vagues de chaleur...: les épisodes météorologiques extrêmes et contrastés qui ont marqué la fin 2015 sont dus au phénomène El Niño particulièrement puissant cette année qui s'ajoute au réchauffement climatique, selon les scientifiques.
El agujero de ozono en la Antártida en diciembre fue el doble de grande que el promedio en esas fechas
Investigadores de la Universidad de Santiago (Usach) de Chile han informado de que en los primeros días de diciembre el agujero en la capa de ozono en la Antártida alcanzó una extensión de más de 10 millones de kilómetros cuadrados. Ello significa más del doble del promedio para estas mismas fechas, según un comunicado del Instituto Antártico Chileno (Inach).
El Mundo
Gestion durable des terres au Sénégal : Le manque de données fiables sur la cartographie des sols décrié
En mettant, hier, en exergue la vulnérabilité des sols arables au Sénégal, lors d’un atelier national organisé par l’Institut national de pédologie (Inp) en collaboration avec le Nepad et la Fao sur : « Les sols et les changements climatiques », des acteurs ont déploré l’absence d’une cartographie fiable sur les sols au Sénégal.
Le Soleil
Posh New York City hotels pledge to go green
Some of New York's most iconic hotels, comprising more than 11,000 guest rooms, promised to cut their carbon footprints on Tuesday and join a city effort to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.
Yahoo News - Reuters
Climate Change Is Threatening Our Seafood Supply
It’s no secret that eating seafood is good for us, but will there be enough to go around after El Nino?
Rétro 2015: Les bonnes nouvelles de l’année pour la planète
On ne va pas se mentir, la planète n'est pas au meilleur de sa forme. Réchauffement climatique, extinction des espèces et pollution atmosphérique ne se sont jamais aussi bien portés. Pourtant, l'année 2015 a été émaillée de quelques bonnes nouvelles pour la planète qui redonnent de l'espoir.
Yahoo Actualités - 20 Minutes
Inondations, tornades, vagues de chaleur: comment expliquer ces phénomènes météo exceptionnels en cette fin d'année ?
Inondations, tornades, vagues de chaleur: des épisodes météorologiques extrêmes et contrastés ont marqué la fin 2015. Ils sont dus au phénomène El Niño particulièrement puissant cette année qui s'ajoute au réchauffement climatique.
RTL Info
Paris Points the Way Forward on International Environmental Policy
Regardless of your views on climate change, it is unprecedented that nearly 200 nations came together in early December for the Conference of Parties and the 21st United Nations Framework Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC), known as “COP21.”
Switzerland experiences its warmest winter in 150 years
Switzerland has been disappointing visitors who come in awe of winter tourism to this Alpine-clad region.
Yahoo News
L’année 2015 a établi un record planétaire de chaleur
Aux 195 pays qui, le 12 décembre, à Paris, ont conclu un accord historique pour contrecarrer le réchauffement planétaire, le bilan climatique de l’année 2015 apporte une légitimation elle aussi historique.
Le Monde
Cambio climático: Los peligros de 2016
Tormentas severas, sequías extremas, deslaves e inundaciones catastróficas afectarán con más frecuencia nuestro planeta, de acuerdo con un reporte científico del influyente Servicio Meteorológico británico (Met Office), que concluyó que el 2016 será el año más caluroso de la historia.
Marruecos pospone sin fecha la entrada en operación de la mayor planta solar
Marruecos pospuso sin fecha la entrada en operación de la primera fase de la megaplanta termosolar de Uarzazate (sur), con una capacidad de 160 megavatios, y con Acciona como principal constructor, que estaba prevista para hoy y tampoco se dieron explicaciones sobre este aplazamiento.
U.N. chief ‘very grateful’ to George W. Bush for climate change success
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he’s “very much grateful” to former President George W. Bush for kick-starting efforts that led to a first-of-its-kind international agreement on climate change.
Washington Times
Environmentalists Say Deforestation Worsens Flooding in South America
Deforestation is one of the main causes of the floods in South America that have left at least 140,000 people, 20,000 of them in Argentina alone, homeless, environmental groups said
Latin America Herald Tribune
Major NYC Hotels Pledge to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
More than a dozen of New York City's most famed hotels are pledging to get greener.
ABC News
Climat: 2015, année la plus chaude depuis le début du XXe siècle
2014 était déjà l’année la plus chaude depuis le début du XXe siècle ; mais elle est déjà dépassée par 2015 d’au moins 0,14 degrés Celsius.
New York magazine corrects misinformation about MIT Joint Program climate projection
"2015 Energy and Climate Outlook" sees international COP21 climate conference as progress, with more work ahead.
MIT News
Making Paris Agreement work
Rich nations should take suo motu action to enhance their emission cuts to the extent it is required for keeping the global temperature rise below 1.5-degree Celsius
The Financial Express
Climat: un accord et des records
Sciences et technologies2015 est l’année la plus chaude jamais enregistrée. Le réchauffement a dépassé la barre des 1 °C par rapport à 1880.
La Tribune de Geneve
Naciones Unidas insta a los países a prepararse para el impacto de El Niño
La Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas llamó esta semana a los Estados miembros a elaborar estrategias nacionales y regionales para afrontar el impacto socioeconómico y ambiental del fenómeno El Niño.
UN News Centre
UK floods and extreme global weather linked to El Niño and climate change
Scientists say flooding in Britain, record US temperatures and Australian wildfires linked to El Niño making effects of man-made climate change
The Guardian
Climate sceptic Maurice Newman says world leaders embracing junk science
The former business adviser to Tony Abbott accuses world leaders of acting like ancient druids and pursuing ‘collectivist visions’ at the cost of ‘private choice’
The Guardian
Holoscenes: Performance Art Installation About Climate Change (VIDEO)
Holoscenes by Lars Jan is an aquarium-like sculpture in which performers execute everyday activities such as reading a newspaper while having to adapt to the tank filling and draining repeatedly.
The Huffington Post
Fighting climate change requires more than soothing fantasies
On climate change, curb your enthusiasm. It’s not that the recent international conference in Paris didn’t take significant steps to check global warming.
Washington Post
Victime du réchauffement climatique, la truffe se fait rare et chère
Une année chaude et peu pluvieuse : la truffe n'aima pas ça.
Sciences et Avenir
AP Interview: Climate deal caps a long quest for UN chief
When international negotiators reached a first-of-its kind climate change agreement in Paris this month, the United Nations' normally low-key leader, Ban Ki-moon, celebrated onstage, arms raised in victory and more exuberant than many had ever seen him before.
Associated Press
Réchauffement climatique: la Russie se réchauffe 2,5 fois plus vite que le reste de la planète
L'information est plutôt alarmante. La Russie se réchauffe 2,5 fois plus vite que la moyenne mondiale, conduisant à une augmentation des catastrophes naturelles
The Huffington Post
La conciencia del clima, por fin
Este año se recordará por los importantes avances que se han conseguido mediante la cooperación internacional a la hora de afrontar los dos retos definitorios de nuestra generación: la erradicación de la pobreza y la lucha contra el cambio climático.
El Pais
Let’s all boo the global warming panto villains
One pantomime running throughout the year has been that staged by all those comic characters who try to persuade us that the world is faced with deadly 'global warming'
The Telegraph
Gaz à effet de serre : des entreprises sanctionnées en cas de non-présentation d’un bilan
Les gaz à effet de serre sont responsables du réchauffement climatique. Il a donc été décidé d’ordonner aux entreprises de réaliser des bilans d’émission.
Les News Eco
La edad de oro del carbón ya está llegando a su fin
La producción energética mundial podría estar saliendo de la edad del carbón. Ello, debido a la menor demanda china y al auge de energías renovables como alternativas a ese combustible fósil extremadamente contaminante.
No adverse impact on India due to climate change pact: Govt
Government today assured the Lok Sabha that there would be no adverse impact on India's development due to commitments made at the Paris climate summit as the country will attain sustainable growth even while reducing its carbon emissions.
Business Standard
Japan to Consider Emissions Trading in Climate Change Plan
Japan may consider introducing national-emissions trading as part of a set of measures it intends to put together by early next year to tackle climate change.
It’s Official: None Of The Remaining Major GOP Candidates Accept Climate Science
Say goodbye to the only major Republican presidential candidate who publicly accepts mainstream climate science. On Monday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) suspended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.
Think Progress
Nations urged to improve climate pledges by April 2017
In a new global warming pact, countries set out milestones over the next five years in a bid to bridge the gap between national targets and what science recommends.
COP21: Building peace by linking responses to climate change and security
Last weekend, the world cheered as negotiators secured the best possible deal on climate change. It’s an historic agreement tackling what The Observer called “the greatest existential threat to life on Earth.”
Researchers say less Arctic sea ice means more precipitation
– ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) – A research paper published Monday by U.S. and Canadian scientists says less sea ice in the Arctic has meant more precipitation is falling.
The AP
Perú inaugura el primer parque dedicado al cambio climático en Suramérica
El parque temático Voces por el clima, que ocupa cerca de cinco hectáreas en Lima, fue inaugurado hoy como el primero dedicado al cambio climático en Suramérica por el ministro de Ambiente peruano, Manuel Pulgar Vidal, y el alcalde de Surco, Roberto Gómez.
El número de árboles nuevos disminuye ante el cambio climático
Tras estudiar el comportamiento de cinco especies dominantes de árboles en áreas mediterráneas de montaña, investigadores del Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (MNCN-CSIC), en España, han comprobado que existe una compensación entre la supervivencia de los nuevos ejemplares y el crecimiento de los ya existentes. Para hacer frente al cambio climático las poblaciones de árboles inician un proceso de estabilización de la demografía en las primeras etapas del crecimiento.
Dix pays s'allient pour sauver 100 millions d'hectares de forêts en Afrique d'ici 2030
En marge de la conférence de l'ONU sur le climat lors de la COP21 à Paris, dix pays africains se sont engagés dans un large plan de reforestation. Cette initiative prévoie de remettre en état près de 100 millions d'hectares de forêts et de terres agricoles pour l'instant encore improductives.
COP 21: Les organisations évangéliques se félicitent de l’accord sur le climat et s’engagent à le promouvoir
L’Alliance évangélique mondiale (AEM), A Rocha International, Tearfund et les nombreuses autres organisations évangéliques présentes à la COP 21 se réjouissent de l’Accord signé à Paris le 12 décembre.
Evangéliques Info
Christiana Figueres Thanks Everyone Who Contributed to Paris Success
Open Letter of Gratitude
UNFCCC Newsroom
Cambio climático: las empresas cambiarán de estrategia para adaptarse al Acuerdo de París
Una semana después de la celebración de la Cumbre climática de París (COP 21), las empresas han madurado el Acuerdo alcanzado, están valorando cómo les afecta y el resultado es claro: tendrán que cambiar sus estrategias y sus planes de negocio, sobre todo las energéticas.
El Economista
Four things to ensure Paris climate agreement more than lip service
Governments need time and a little patience to make sure the Paris climate talks amount to anything more than nice discussion
The Independent
New Zealand scientists demand immediate action on climate change
New Zealand's foremost scientific organization Monday called for immediate action on climate change in the wake of the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.
Xinhua News
Africa: Paris Outcome - Yet Another Raw Deal for Africa
The world eventually grinded out a climate deal on December 12 -- the Paris Agreement --named after the city in which it was agreed, but Africa accepted the outcome reluctantly.
All Africa
Obama: GOP is the 'only major party in advanced world' to deny climate change
President predicts Republicans’ continued insistence that climate change is not real is a long-term political loser while touting US as ‘key leader’ in Paris talks
The Guardian
Climat : Obama met son veto sur deux mesures républicaines
Le président américain, Barack Obama, a utilisé son veto sur deux mesures qui auraient ralenti les efforts de son administration dans la lutte contre les changements climatiques.
La Presse
Set up ‘smart villages’ to combat climate change
The plight of the small island developing states was centre stage throughout the Paris climate talks. Thanks to them, the Paris agreement now mentions an aspirational goal of keeping global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels
El alza del coste del CO2 obliga a la industria a reducir las emisiones
Las empresas que más contaminan tendrán que asumir una factura mayor de la que hasta ahora pagaban a través del mercado de derechos de emisión de dióxido de carbono (CO2)
La Voz de Galicia
Ed Miliband aims for cross-party coalition on climate change
Former Labour leader looks to build ‘high-ambition coalition’ to persuade government to change tack on environment
The Guardian
Turkey ‘faces bandwagon effect on climate change’
Turkey’s continued preference for fossil fuels will soon become untenable as it becomes impossible to swim against the tide of greater support for renewable energy
Hurriyet Daily News
Show me the climate money
The United Nations climate deal has been hailed by many as a triumph, but now the work of bridging the huge investment gap in low-carbon development begins, says Sindicatum Sustainable Resources chief executive officer Assaad Razzouk.
Google met ses données au service de l’énergie solaire
Depuis 2008, la Silicon Valley prépare la révolution solaire dans un pays où cette énergie renouvelable à zéro émission reste une alternative anti-fossile anecdotique. Avec son Project Sunroof, Google veut la démocratiser
Le Temps
Has the climate change deal really averted catastrophe?
We look at the coverage of the COP21 climate change summit and its framing as a success by the mainstream media.
Al Jazeera
People Who Were Certain Climate Change Is Fake Are Now Certain That Paris Can’t Stop It New York
COMMENT: Climate change and the Victorian bushfires: this is not a coincidence
Climate change remains an esoteric concept for many, but for those trying to save their homes from ever-increasing bushfires, it’s all too real and terrifying
The Guardian
COMMENT: How Not to Debate Nuclear Energy and Climate Change New Yorker
COMMENT: This Is the Missing Ingredient in the Climate Change Fight
Smart food policy can help us reduce emissions and eliminate waste
Costa Rica's Christiana Figueres honored for UN climate work
Costa Rican Christiana Figueres was awarded the Medal of Paris on Wednesday for helping broker the historic, 195-nation deal to avert climate change that was sealed in the French capital last week.
Tico Times
365 days: Nature’s 10
Ten people who mattered this year.
COP21 : «L’accord doit être une prophétie autoréalisatrice»
C’est la cheville ouvrière de l’accord de Paris sur le climat. Laurence Tubiana, ambassadrice chargée des négociations sur le changement climatique, a incarné, avec le ministre des Affaires étrangères, Laurent Fabius, la présidence de la COP 21.
COP22 en Marruecos se centrará en apoyar a países vulnerables
La ministra marroquí de Medio Ambiente, Hakima Haiti, dijo en Rabat que la próxima cumbre climática COP22, que acogerá Marruecos en 2016, se centrará en el estudio de los mecanismos de apoyo de los países más vulnerables.
El Universal
US primed to deliver first $500m to Green Climate Fund
Budget bill agreed by Congress opens door for funds to help world’s poorest cope with future climate impacts and invest in clean energy
Climate Home
'Climate change action is linked to lifestyles'
Climate change cannot be tackled without sus tainable lifestyles. This idea was India's contribution at the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) on climate change held at Paris recently .
Times of India
La consommation mondiale de charbon va fortement ralentir jusqu'en 2020
La consommation mondiale de charbon, énergie fossile la plus émettrice de CO2, va fortement ralentir sur les cinq prochaines années en raison d'une perte d'appétit de la Chine et de la montée en puissance des énergies renouvelables, estime l'Agence internationale de l'énergie (AIE).
Internet has revelation that climate change action won't kill the economy after all
Acting to reduce the severity of global warming has long been presented as an "either/or" problem, in which economic growth is sacrificed in order to address a massive environmental and development challenge.
Climate change warming lakes at a rapid rate, new study reveals
Climate change has led to warming of lakes at a rapid rate, even faster than the air or the oceans, according to York U Biologist Sapna Sharma, a lead author of a new global study.
Ante el cambio climático, hay menos árboles nuevos pero los demás crecen más
El estudio sugiere que los árboles inician un proceso de estabilización de la demografía en las primeras etapas del crecimiento.
What it was really like inside the negotiating room at Paris climate conference
For negotiators engrossed in months or even years of arcane, technical wrangling for a new global climate agreement, the sudden involvement of political leaders in the talks in Paris was both a curiosity and a distraction.
Sydney Morning Herald
Why the Paris Agreement is Good News for Women and Girls
Climate change is anything but an equal opportunity challenge. Discrimination keeps women from land rights, personal documentation, and access to credit and education.
Council on Foreign Relations
The Paris Agreement: 1.5 to Stay Alive (by Bianca Jagger) Huffington Post
Climate Change and the Road Through Paris Democracy Now
La Coalición de Gran Ambición cambió la cumbre de París (by Miguel Arias Cañete) El País
EU ambassador says follow through needed on climate agreement
The European Union's ambassador to the Pacific says now clear ambitions on climate change have been set, the world is duty bound to follow through.
Radio New Zealand International
Ban Ki-moon appelle "100% des entreprises" à lutter contre le réchauffement
Une semaine décisive pour l'avenir de la planète s'ouvre lundi au Bourget, près de Paris, où les ministres prennent la main dans les négociations mondiales sur le climat qui entrent dans le dur, avec nombre de points cruciaux encore disputés.
Canal Togo
El cambio climático hace más lenta a la Tierra, según un estudio
Clasifica esto bajo las "cosas que posiblemente no sabías": el cambio climático, según dicen los científicos, está desacelerando la rotación de la Tierra muy ligeramente.
CNN Español
Paris deal boosts plan for New York climate change museum
New York City's museum devoted to climate change has no walls, no admission fee and no exhibits.
November of 2015 was the hottest ever recorded
Last month was the world's warmest November in recorded weather history, according to figures released by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.
La COP21 pousse la « décarbonation » des portefeuilles
Bien qu'il soit un accord non contraignant, la conférence sur le climat de Paris a eu le mérite de mettre au centre du débat les questions environnementales.
Morning Star
Investors put pressure on miners to respond to climate change
An alliance of around 100 investors is calling on mining companies Anglo American Glencore and Rio Tinto to show that they are working to lessen the impact of climate change on their businesses.
LA to Lloyds rubber-stamp Paris climate deal
400 businesses to 150 cities and regions kick off batch of pledges vowing to implement newly-struck global warming accord
Climate Home
Las enfermedades que provoca el cambio climático
El cambio climático afecta a los seres humanos (y a los animales) y trae consecuencias en forma de enfermedades. Te contamos cuáles son provocadas por ello.
Setting the record straight on the Paris Climate Agreement
World leaders call it a historic climate pact. Others say the agreement does not go far enough and might remain an empty shell. DW takes a closer look.
Deutsche Welle
Climate change deal: five reasons to be glad, five to be gloomy
Will the deal agreed in Paris be enough to save the planet? Emissions cuts and investment are promised, but legal responsibilities are thin on the ground
The Paris agreement is another false ‘turning point’ on the climate (opinion) Washington Post
The Paris Climate Summit: A Useful Failure (internal0 BloombergView
Paris climate change accord is just the beginning (opinion) Al-Jazeera
What the Paris Climate Agreement Means for Vulnerable Nations
Just before negotiators at the United Nations Climate Change Summit, in Paris, released the final text of their agreement, on December 12th, the members of the Alliance of Small Island States started to sing.
New Yorker
Japan, South Korea stick to coal despite global climate deal
Less than a week since signing the global climate deal in Paris, Japan and South Korea are pressing ahead with plans to open scores of new coal-fired power plants, casting doubt on the strength of their commitment to cutting CO2 emissions.
EU unlikely to increase climate ambition before 2020, says Canete
Priority for Brussels in next five years is to implement new set of climate policies, not aim for tougher targets says climate commissioner
Climate Home
FAO aboga por evaluación continua de efectos del cambio climático en el campo
El especialista en cambio climático y agricultura de la FAO Alexandre Meybeck indicó en declaraciones a Efe que el acuerdo suscrito el pasado sábado en la cumbre del clima de París reconoce la importancia de que los países se adapten para que la producción de alimentos no se vea afectada.
COP 21 Should be making People Ask: ‘Where Does My Turkey Come From?’
As the festive season begins, some farmers say that consumers should be asking about the origins of their food, and thinking about who produces it, especially in light of the historic accord reached at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) on Dec. 12 in Paris.
Climate change activists are just warming up
Even as it became clear that a historic climate agreement could be reached in France, activists were organizing protests deep into next year, some liberal political leaders were pledging to go beyond whatever goals the agreement might yield and diplomats, scientists and consultants were planning the next global summit.
LA Times
Climate Advocates See Need for Continued Activism
Amid all the cheering over the landmark climate agreement in Paris this weekend, there were also criticisms that it did not go far enough, including from many environmental advocates who had been working for years to push climate change onto the world’s stage and inspire collective action.
NY Times
Africa Looks for Help to Implement Climate Agreement
Africa cannot be left to foot the bill for climate change, so say leaders and specialists from the continent who attended the recent climate conference in Paris.
Voice of America
Preparándose para cuando el cambio climático golpee las costas
El Laboratorio de Ingeniería Marítima (LIM) de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) está ensayando diversas soluciones de ingeniería para combatir el impacto costero del cambio climático y evitar que las que se utilizan actualmente sean ineficaces en un futuro no muy lejano.
Energías Renovables
Can private investment help vulnerable cities adapt to climate change?
Typhoon Melor's approach on Monday came less than 24 hours after world leaders reached an historic agreement on climate change — and it serves as a harsh reminder of the work that remains to be done adapting to a world with rising temperatures and stronger storms.
Climate change puts Venezuelan amphibians at risk of extinction
Venezuelan frogs and toads are in critical danger due to climate change as rising temperatures complicate reproduction and spread a deadly fungus, say scientists, who liken the species to canaries in a coalmine warning of imminent danger.
Prada s’engage en faveur du développement durable
Après Kering et LVMH, c’est au tout de Prada de monter au créneau sur le thème très en vogue du développement durable.
Une nouvelle économie des changements climatiques La Tribune
The Paris climate change summit is one small step for humankind Financial Times
Climate deal: the pistol has fired, so why aren’t we running? (by Bill McKibben) Guardian
UN wants world leaders to sign climate deal on April 22
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Monday he is inviting world leaders to the United Nations on April 22 - Earth Day - to sign the landmark agreement to tackle climate change that was reached in Paris.
The Paris climate deal is done - will world leaders now deliver on their commitments?
If governments are to meet the ambitious temperature targets, analysts believe it could be the end of the road for fossil fuels.
Businesses Back Paris Climate Agreement
An international accord to combat global warming won a generally warm welcome from corporations
US News & World Report
Businesses get climate certainty they wanted; now for action
With the new global climate deal, businesses around the world got the long-term certainty that they had been clamoring for - now they need to back up the shift to a greener world with cold hard cash.
Germany to set out climate action plan by mid-2016
Germany will lay out a climate action plan for 2050 by the middle of next year and is talking to industry groups and trade unions about ways to end coal-fired power generation, its Environment Minister said on Monday.
El acuerdo de París contra el cambio climático impulsa las renovables
"Los mercados ya tienen una señal clara", resaltó el secretario general de la ONU, Ban Ki-moon, justo después de que el sábado se aprobara el acuerdo de París sobre cambio climático.
El País
Paris climate change deal too weak to help poor, critics warn
COP21 agreement excludes poor and fails to put humanity’s interests above short-term goals, say environmentalists and financial experts
El Acuerdo COP21 impactará en los mercados del petróleo y del gas
El acuerdo de la COP21 en París, firmado el sábado pasado, limitará las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero e impactará en el mediano plazo la demanda de petróleo y de sus derivados en el mundo.
El Comercio
Paris pact: South Korea, some Gulf nations may join ‘developed’ list
ONE OF the first implications of the Paris Agreement on climate change is likely to be a formal reclassification of countries known as developed, with South Korea and some others in the Gulf expected to join the club.
The Indian Express
The Paris Climate Deal's Unlikely Champion
The deal will likely die on the political vine, leaving investors to take the lead in addressing global warming.
Aircraft pollution a worrisome gap in Paris deal: EU climate boss
The omission of aviation from the Paris climate deal could cause "a very big problem" if talks next year fail to make progress on a global plan to reduce aircraft pollution, the European climate chief said on Monday.
Can the Paris agreement protect poor farmers from climate change?
Purity Gachanga is one small-scale farmer who is beating climate change. On her several acres of land in Embu North district in central Kenya, she keeps cows and goats that produce milk, grows trees for fodder, and collects water to irrigate her food crops in a pond filled with tilapia fish.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
COP21: a ‘green’ UN climate change conference, from electric cars to the power of human energy
With countries reaching a new agreement at the United Nations climate change conference (COP21), the global meeting has been qualified as a “monumental triumph” by top UN officials. While many continued to hail the outcome document as the walls of COP21 were torn down on Sunday, the UN News Centre looked back on other aspects that contributed “positive energy” to the two-week event.
UN News Centre
Toothless Paris treaty won't stop climate change (comment) The Age
For U.N.'s Ban, climate deal is personal victory after setbacks
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was among the most jubilant - and most relieved - of the leaders raising their arms on a stage on Saturday to celebrate a historic agreement on climate change.
Christiana Figueres: La líder de la carrera contra nuestra autodestrucción
"Nadie es profeta en su tierra, entre su propia gente", dijo Jesús. Si alguien debe sentirse identificada con ese pasaje bíblico es Christiana Figueres Olsen, la tica que muchos en su tierra desconocen, a pesar de ser la costarricense que más cerca ha estado de la cúpula de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas y la persona que carga sobre sus hombros gran parte del peso del mayor reto al que se ha enfrentado la humanidad.
La Nación
COP 21: Laurent Fabius lauded for successful conclusion
Ten minutes before the Paris climate accord was set to be agreed, the culmination of a year of fraught negotiations, the Nicaraguan delegation decided they still had problems with the text
Financial Times
Paris climate deal: the world's greatest diplomatic success
In the final meeting of the Paris talks on climate change on Saturday night, the debating chamber was full and the atmosphere tense. Ministers from 196 countries sat behind their country nameplates, aides flocking them, with observers packed into the overflowing hall.
COP21: Paris climate deal is 'best chance to save planet'
The climate deal reached in Paris is "the best chance we have to save the one planet we have", US President Barack Obama has said
Claves sobre el acuerdo global contra el cambio climático
En el pacto entre los países que participaron en la Cumbre del clima de París, se especifican los objetivos a largo plazo para frenar el cambio climático, revisión de estos objetivos y los recursos económicos
El Mundo
The one word that almost sank the climate talks
U.S. tactics during the negotiations included making a last-minute tweak to the text and amassing a huge coalition to help pressure China and India.
El verbo que casi hizo naufragar el acuerdo contra el cambio climático
Fue ya en el tiempo de descuento, cuando todos daban por seguro que el primer acuerdo global contra el cambio climático se firmaría en la capital francesa.
El País
Accord de Paris : un cap de bonne espérance
Le texte signé par 195 pays donne un élan sans précédent à la lutte contre le réchauffement. Mais l’enjeu sera de dépasser le stade des bonnes intentions.
Cheering, hugs and tears as ‘universal agreement’ is reached
Everyone who was at the final plenary session of the climate conference will be able to say, when asked by their grandchildren what they did to try to avert global warming, that they were in Paris when a historic deal was made, pointing the world in a new direction.
Irish Times
Un accord à Paris, et maintenant?
Les 195 Etats présents à la COP21 ont ratifié le premier accord universel de lutte contre les changements climatiques. Reste maintenant à savoir comment ils vont le mettre en application
Le Temps
The Latest: World Bank chief 'in shock' after climate deal
World Bank President Jim Yong Kim says he was stunned by the Paris climate agreement adopted by more than 190 countries.
L’accord obtenu à la COP21 est-il vraiment juridiquement contraignant ?
L’accord de Paris sur le climat est-il vraiment juridiquement contraignant ? Le ministre des affaires étrangères et président de la COP21, Laurent Fabius, l’a fièrement annoncé samedi 12 décembre, au moment de l’adoption du texte par les 195 Etats de la Convention-cadre des Nations unies sur les changements climatiques (CCNUCC)
Le Monde
Now comes the tough part: The world's carbon diet starts
The world is about to go on a carbon diet. It won't be easy - or cheap.
Climate deal may be terminal for coal, but death will be lingering: Russell Reuters
How the world learned its lesson and got a climate deal
It was an agreement born from a fear of failure, delivered by the smoothness of French diplomacy.
Climate conference: No big losers in Paris, here’s how everyone won something
The Paris Agreement would not have been possible if the countries had not resorted to the strategy of win some, lose some and compromise on others.
The Indian Express
For China, climate deal is imperfect but huge step forward
For China, the world's biggest greenhouse gas emitter, the global climate accord reached in Paris marked a huge step toward greener growth that safeguards its sovereignty while falling short on funding for cleaner energy.
Pope calls for global commitment to put climate pact into action
Pope Francis on Sunday urged the countries that signed the landmark Paris agreement on climate change to join in a concerted commitment to put it in practice urgently and to remember the poor as they do so.
 The Fate of the World Changed in Paris—but by How Much? The Nation
Global issues don’t live in separate boxes. Why no mention in Paris of refugees? Guardian
The Climate Path Ahead NY Times
COP21: UN chief hails new climate change agreement as 'monumental triumph'
Following the adoption of the new Paris Agreement on climate change, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said government representatives made history today.
UN News Centre
COP21 : un accord historique sur le climat adopté à Paris
Un accord historique sur le climat a été adopté samedi à Paris par les Etats membres à la Conférence des Nations Unies sur les changements climatiques (COP21).
UN News Centre
Ban: Adopción del Acuerdo de París es un triunfo monumental para los pueblos y el planeta
Tras dos semanas de intensas negociaciones 196 alcanzaron en París un pacto global que intentará limitar el aumento de las temperaturas del planeta a menos de 2 grados centígrados.
UN News Centre
196 countries approve historic climate agreement
Delegates from 196 nations approved a historic climate deal after 13 days of negotiating on Saturday, Dec. 12. Here's what you need to know about the accord.
The Washington Post
Obama calls Paris climate pact 'best chance' to save the planet
U.S. President Barack Obama on Saturday hailed the landmark climate accord reached in Paris as strong and historic, calling it the best chance to save the planet from the effects of global climate change.
Paris climate deal: nearly 200 nations sign in end of fossil fuel era
Two decades of talks have come to this: an ambitious agreement to hold states to emissions targets – but already low-lying countries are worried
The Guardian
COP21: 187 pays ont fait des promesses, insuffisantes pour tenir les 2°C
La quasi totalité des pays - 187 - ont remis à l'ONU, pour la COP de Paris, leurs engagements de réduction des gaz à effet de serre à l'horizon 2025-2030, des promesses qui restent insuffisantes pour contenir le réchauffement sous le seuil des +2°C.
France 24
Une dernière journée marathon avant l’adoption d’un « accord décisif pour la planète »
Au terme de deux semaines d’intenses tractations, 195 pays ont adopté, samedi 12 décembre, l’accord de Paris, un accord universel et contraignant visant à contenir le réchauffement planétaire, marquant une étape historique dans les négociations climatiques.
Le Monde
Banderole géante, vélos et fresque humaine à Paris pour marquer la fin de la COP21
Des milliers de militants écologistes se sont rassemblés samedi 12 décembre en différents endroits de Paris et en province pour marquer la fin de la conférence contre le réchauffement climatique (COP21), avec des initiatives festives et symboliques, étroitement encadrées par la police.
Le Monde
La Cumbre de París cierra un acuerdo histórico contra el cambio climático
La lucha contra el cambio climático consiguió este sábado poner de acuerdo casi al mundo entero. Los representantes de cerca de 200 países, reunidos en la Cumbre del Clima, adoptaron el primer acuerdo global para atajar el calentamiento desencadenado por el hombre con sus emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero. El pacto abre un camino, pero no es la meta, como resaltaron los negociadores.
El Pais
China defiende sus líneas rojas, pero por primera vez asume compromisos
China se ha salido con la suya. En el documento final aprobado en la reunión de París contra el cambio climático, los países han acordado revisar cada cinco años sus compromisos para reducir las emisiones.
El Pais
'Cooking up history': Best quotes from Paris climate talks
Here are 10 of the best quotes from the 13-day UN climate conference in Paris, which sealed a historic pact on Saturday to curb global warming
Yahoo News
Paris Accord Considers Climate Change as a Factor in Mass Migration
The two-week United Nations climate conference outside Paris that drew to an end on Saturday focused on many of the physical dangers associated with climate change: extreme weather, severe drought, the warming of oceans, rain forest destruction and disruptions to the food supply.
The New York Times
UN chief Ban Ki-moon terms Paris deal 'monumental triumph' for planet Earth
UN chief Ban Ki-moon has termed the historic climate change agreement reached in Paris as a "monumental triumph" for planet Earth that will set the stage for achieving an end to
poverty and development for all.
Economic Times
Obama: Climate change deal the 'best chance' to save planet
President Barack Obama on Saturday hailed the acceptance of a final draft of an ambitious, global climate change agreement in Paris, calling it the "best chance" to save the planet.
Paris climate talks: world leaders hail deal as ‘major leap for mankind’
Almost 200 countries sign historic pledge to hold global temperatures to a maximum rise of 1.5C above pre-industrial levels
The Guardian
The Latest: French president to join climate talks
French President Francois Hollande will join the Paris climate talks as delegates debate what organizers hope is the final draft of an unprecedented agreement among all countries to fight global warming together.
COP21: Le projet d'accord final doit être présenté samedi à 11h30
Le projet de texte pour lutter contre le réchauffement de la planète a été finalisé dans la nuit...
Las negociaciones sobre clima llegan a la hora de la verdad en París
La lucha mundial contra el cambio climático llega este sábado al momento de la verdad, cuando los ministros de 195 países intentarán de nuevo alcanzar un acuerdo universal para frenar el aumento de la temperatura del planeta, seis años después del fracaso de Copenhague.
French Foreign Minister says never been better momentum to get climate deal
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Friday there had never been a better time to get an ambitious, global climate deal and the responsibility was on national governments to make necessary compromises.
COP21: dernière nuit pour un accord
Le dernier projet de texte d'accord sur le climat devrait aboutir samedi, à la mi-journée. Les dernières heures de négociation sont souvent cruciales.
Le Figaro
France: Final Text of Climate Accord Expected Within Hours
The final text of an international pact to fight global warming was expected to be released within hours, a French official said early Saturday, after negotiators leaving a meeting with France's foreign minister expressed optimism that success was within reach.
ABC News
El primer acuerdo contra el cambio climático se aplaza al sábado
La Cumbre de París ultima el primer acuerdo global contra el cambio climático. El borrador de texto presentado este jueves, se parece cada vez más a un acuerdo.
El País
COP21: Climate deal final draft 'agreed' in Paris
Organisers of the climate talks in Paris say a final draft text has been agreed after nearly two weeks of intensive negotiations.
Fabius met en demeure les négociateurs de la COP21 de conclure
Laurent Fabius a mis en demeure vendredi soir les négociateurs de 195 pays engagés dans d'âpres discussions sur la lutte contre le réchauffement de la planète, de conclure samedi la conférence de Paris sur le climat par un accord ambitieux.
COP21: Les «égoïsmes nationaux» reprennent le dessus à 24h de la fin des négociations
Ils sont bien loin les discours passionnés des 150 chefs d'Etat qui étaient venus au Bourget prêcher la bonne parole climatique pour l'ouverture de la COP21
Ban Ki-moon calls Paris climate talks 'most complicated and difficult' ever
The UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon has said the international climate talks that are edging towards a conclusion in Paris have been the most complicated and difficult negotiations he has ever been involved in.
Historic climate change deal expected in Paris
The world is on the brink of a major breakthrough on climate change, with an historic agreement expected in Paris today that will limit global temperature increases to “well below 2 degree Celsius” above pre-industrial levels.
Irish Times
Paris UN climate conference 2015: Exhaustion and brinkmanship as summit stretches into overtime
An historic global deal to limit and tackle climate change is a step closer after a final draft agreement has been completed at the United Nations conference in Paris.
Sydney Morning Herald
How tiny islands drove huge ambition at the Paris climate talks
The Paris climate-change conference was supposed to be about the needs of big countries and what they are willing to do to slow the warming of Earth’s atmosphere.
Washington Post
COP21: 'Conditions never better' for climate change deal
Negotiators in Paris are again working through the night in an effort to secure a new global climate deal.
Faith groups meet Hollande, present requests for fair climate agreement
Faith-based groups presented French President Francois Hollande with 1.8 million signatures of people seeking a fair climate change agreement that would stop global warming and protect the poor, reported religious groups in Paris for the U.N. climate change conference.
Catholic Register
China to set up climate change fund
CHINA is preparing to establish a fund for south-south co-operation on climate change.
Fiji Times
Why Pulling All-Nighters For The U.N. Climate Agreement Is A Bad Idea
What are the U.N. Climate Chief's biggest concerns gearing up to the creation of the historic climate agreement on Friday? Aside from the challenge of coming up with ambitious yet realistic legally binding guidelines for carbon reductions, and the significant financial concerns associated, she's seriously concerned about sleep deprivation.
Huffington Post
COP21: encouraged by climate talks, Ban urges negotiators to ‘make final decisions for humanity’
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today said that he is encouraged by progress of the talks at the UN climate change conference (COP21) in Paris, where the negotiations under way are perhaps the most significant and complex ever attempted.
UN News Centre
COP21 : Ban Ki-moon reste encouragé par le progrès des négociations à la Conférence sur le climat
Les négociations vers un accord sur les changements climatiques à Paris sont « les plus complexes et les plus importantes jamais tentées, » a estimé vendredi le Secrétaire général des Nations Unies, Ban Ki-moon, qui s'est dit « rassuré par les progrès enregistrés » jusque-là.
UN News Centre
COP21: Ban llama a los negociadores a decidir a favor de la humanidad
El Secretario General de la ONU instó hoy a los negociadores encargados de redactar el acuerdo que se adoptará en la Cumbre sobre Cambio Climático (COP21) que tiene lugar en París a tomar sus decisiones a favor de la humanidad y desde una perspectiva global.
UN News Centre
COP21: Greenpeace en mission commando place de l'Etoile à Paris
Près de 80 militants ont été interpellés après un happening en plein Paris, vendredi...
Yahoo News
COP21: dernière nuit pour un accord
Le dernier projet de texte d'accord sur le climat devrait aboutir samedi, à la mi-journée. Les dernières heures de négociation sont souvent cruciales.
Le Figaro
Fabius juge les conditions réunies pour un accord à la COP21
Toutes les conditions sont réunies pour obtenir un accord universel à la conférence de Paris sur le climat, a déclaré vendredi soir Laurent Fabius.
Yahoo News
Fin de la COP21 : 6 questions pour tout rattraper
Va-t-on parvenir à un accord universel contre le réchauffement de la planète ? La présentation du texte final, reportée à l’issue d’une nouvelle nuit d’âpres négociations, au cours de laquelle plusieurs pays ont campé sur leurs positions, est attendue samedi 12 décembre à 9 heures, avant une adoption par les 195 pays à 14 heures.
Le Monde
COP21 : les négociations sur le climat rattrapées par leurs vieux démons
Jusqu’au dernier moment, la présidence française de la conférence climat (COP21) a nourri l’espoir de tenir les délais et sceller, vendredi 11 décembre à 18h, un accord permettant de contenir le réchauffement.
Le Monde
Kerry says climate talks make progress, despite delay
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said talks on a global deal to slow climate change "made a lot of progress" overnight but that there were a couple of "very difficult" issues to resolve after France extended the conference by a day into Saturday.
Yahoo News
Climate draft puts temperature limit out of reach - scientists
A deal to slow climate change being thrashed out in Paris fails to map out steep enough cuts in carbon dioxide emissions to limit global warming to the target of at least "well below" 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit), scientists said on Friday.
Yahoo News
French Foreign Minister says never been better momentum to get climate deal
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Friday there had never been a better time to get an ambitious, global climate deal and the responsibility was on national governments to make necessary compromises.
Yahoo News
Au Bourget, qui ne dit mot consent
C’est une des bizarreries de la COP. Le texte final qui pourrait être soumis aux délégués des 195 pays réunis au Bourget ne fera pas l’objet d’un vote formel.
Le Monde
El pulso con India y China marca el final de la cumbre de París
Laurent Fabius, ministro de Exteriores de Francia, tiene previsto presentar en la mañana del sábado el texto del acuerdo de París contra el cambio climático.
El Pais
EE UU y Europa se unen para cerrar el acuerdo del clima
Estados Unidos y Europa han emprendido una estrategia común de negociación del pacto contra el cambio climático en París.
El Pais
América Latina: desafíos y acción
En el PNUD llevamos más de veinte años acompañando a los países de la región en la construcción de modelos bajos en carbono y más resilientes
El Pais
Sean Paul and Natasha Bedingfield get political on climate change
As negotiations at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris went into overtime Thursday night, with world leaders, including Secretary of State John Kerry, spent a sleepless night trying to reach a compromise, an international group of artists tried to help the leaders along with a live performance of their "Love Song to the Earth."
Climate change means days are getting longer, scientists find
Duration of day has lengthened by a millisecond over the past 100 years as water from shrinking glaciers slows Earth’s rotation and shifts position of poles
The Guardian
Ban Ki-moon calls Paris climate talks 'most complicated and difficult' ever
As summit enters closing stages, UN secretary general urges negotiators to set aside national interests to reach a strong global deal for all
The Guardian
COP21: UN chief calls on civil society to keep governments accountable on climate commitments
Meeting with civil society groups today at the United Nations climate change conference (COP21), Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he counts on grassroots organizations to help keep governments accountable, so they implement what they have committed to in words.
UN News Centre
COP21: Climate change summit talks to go into Saturday, French foreign minister says
Talks on a global accord to combat climate change are taking longer than planned to overcome disputes and will last an extra day into Saturday, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Friday.
CBS News
Powerful El Niño intensifying in Asia and the Pacific region – UN
The ongoing El Niño weather pattern in the Asia and Pacific is likely to be one of the strongest since 1998 and will continue into early 2016, according to a new United Nations advisory, which urges regional cooperation for early warning, in-season mitigation, and long-term adaptation strategies to curb climate risk.
UN News Centre
COP21 : la société civile doit demander aux gouvernants de rendre des comptes, selon Ban Ki-moon
Alors que la Conférence des Nations Unies sur les changements climatiques (COP21) à Paris doit s'achever vendredi 11 décembre, le Secrétaire général de l'ONU, Ban Ki-moon, a demandé jeudi à la société civile de ne pas relâcher la pression et de demander des comptes aux gouvernants qui doivent mettre en oeuvre ce à quoi ils se seront engagés par écrit.
UN News Centre
« Nous sommes extrêmement proches du but » : le récap’ de la COP, jour 11
Une nouvelle version du texte d’accord, plus courte, a été présentée jeudi 10 décembre dans la soirée, la veille de la clôture officielle de la conférence climat de l’ONU. Laurent Fabius, président de la COP21, a annoncé aux négociateurs qu’il pensait « être en mesure » de présenter vendredi la « proposition de texte final » pour le pacte sur le climat.
Le Monde
COP21: Ban confía en que se alcance un acuerdo ambicioso al final
El Secretario General de la ONU expresó hoy su optimismo respecto a la adopción de un acuerdo global ambicioso en la última jornada de la Conferencia de Naciones Unidas sobre Cambio Climático (COP21), que concluye este viernes en París.
UN News Centre
Laurent Fabius espère présenter un accord sur le climat samedi
Laurent Fabius a annoncé vendredi après une nuit de négociations qu'il ne serait finalement pas en mesure de présenter dans la journée un accord final sur la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique à la conférence de Paris, comme initialement prévu, mais qu'il pensait pouvoir le faire samedi matin.
Yahoo Actualités
El primer acuerdo contra el cambio climático se aplaza al sábado
La Cumbre de París ultima el primer acuerdo global contra el cambio climático. El borrador de texto presentado este jueves, se parece cada vez más a un acuerdo.
El Pais
COP21 : un projet d’accord en 7 points
Le projet d’accord final pour lutter contre le réchauffement de la planète a été repoussé de vendredi à samedi 12 décembre matin, a indiqué vendredi 11 décembre au matin la présidence française de la conférence mondiale sur le climat (COP21).
Le Monde
Jefa de clima de ONU pide último esfuerzo para cumplir objetivo de fondo de adaptación
La secretaria ejecutiva de la Convención Marco de la ONU sobre Cambio Climático (Unfccc, por sus siglas en inglés), Christiana Figueres, pidió hoy un último impulso para cumplir los objetivos de financiamiento para el Fondo de Adaptación, que ayude a las comunidades vulnerables de los países en desarrollo a adaptarse al cambio climático.
Climate talks turn to South African indaba process to unlock deal
Climate negotiators in Paris have turned to a traditional South African consultation process in a quest for common ground among the nearly 200 nations seeking a global deal to curb rising temperatures.
Planet Ark
Paris climate change deal: new draft cuts through key sticking points
French foreign minister says Paris talks are ‘extremely close’ to agreement but negotiations will overrun into Saturday
The Guardian
China's President Xi and Obama discuss climate change by phone
China's President Xi Jinping told U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday that their countries should step up efforts to reach a climate change deal, state media said, as leaders try to bridge gaps between rich and developing countries at talks in Paris.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Scientists link UK storm to man-made global warming
The exceptional rainfall that wreaked havoc across northern England and Scotland as Storm Desmond tore through the UK last weekend can be linked to man-made global warming, scientists have claimed.
Financial Times
COP 21: Five ways climate change could affect Africa
As the UN climate change summit in Paris enters its final scheduled day, delegates from 196 countries are desperately trying to hammer out a deal, which could fundamentally alter the future of the planet.
BBC News
Ambition of Paris climate talks rises by half a degree
It would have been unthinkable just a few months ago, but a new global deal to combat climate change appears poised to set the world a much more ambitious target than expected, even if achieving that goal is far out of reach for now.
Yahoo News
Who promised what climate pledges?
Some 185 countries submitted pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ahead of UN climate talks aiming to close Friday with a historic climate deal.
Yahoo News
End in sight: The key dates in the battle against global warming
A near three decade-long effort to rein in dangerous planetary warming is meant to culminate Friday in the first-ever universal pact to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
Yahoo News
At climate talks, the media message is a job for PR professionals
They are a shadowy presence at the U.N. climate talks in Paris, holding no official standing and granting no interviews.
Yahoo News
«Si on plante beaucoup d’arbres, on aura moins de soucis»: La leçon d'écologie des enfants
Pendant toute la durée de la COP21, «20 Minutes» vous propose de découvrir des solutions concrètes pour diminuer les émissions de CO2 et s’adapter aux changements climatiques…
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Aviation emissions deal expected next year, no matter outcome of Paris talks: industry official
A deal on limiting carbon dioxide emissions from aviation will likely be reached next year, no matter the outcome of this week's climate change talks in Paris, a senior official from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said on Thursday.
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A new space race: satellites could test the world's climate vows
Scientists from the United States, Japan, and China are racing to perfect satellite technology that could one day measure greenhouse gas emissions from space, potentially transforming the winner into the world's first climate cop.
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U.S. government forecaster maintains outlook for strong El Niño this winter
A U.S. government weather forecaster on Thursday said the El Nino weather phenomenon that is underway is expected to remain strong through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, before tapering off during the late spring or early summer.
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Look beyond hotspots to help people weather climate shocks: study
Targeting money only at areas hit by drought and other climate extremes in an effort to build resilience among the world's poorest may be ineffective, researchers said.
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