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Press Headlines
The "press headlines" is a daily compilation providing a general overview of international media coverage of climate change-related issues, that does not purport to be exhaustive. The information contained in the compilation is taken as is from sources external to the UNFCCC secretariat, that are freely available on the Internet. No evaluation on the part of the UNFCCC secretariat has been done in terms of the information that they contain. The UNFCCC secretariat makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or content of such information.
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Developing nations need $133 bln geothermal investment by 2030-report
Kenya and Turkey have exceeded forecasts for harnessing geothermal energy, but other developing countries, including Indonesia and the Philippines, are lagging behind on leveraging the renewable power source, a new analysis shows.
Zambia calls on Africa to adopt climate resilient agricultural policies
The Zambian government has called on African countries to adopt climate resilient agricultural policies if the continent is to adapt to the effects of climate change.
Water, Climate, Energy Intertwined with Fight Against Poverty in Central America
Central America’s toolbox to pull 23 million people – almost half of the population – out of poverty must include three indispensable tools: universal access to water, a sustainable power supply, and adaptation to climate change.
Climate Talks: India to Hold Meeting of LMDCs
Ahead of the crucial UN climate talks in Paris later this year, India would hold a meeting, of ‘Like-Minded Developing Countries’ (LMDCs) in September, on climate change to build a consensus on issues related to adaptation, mitigation and financing.
The New India Express
Decenas de personalidades hacen un llamamiento para acabar con “los crímenes climáticos”
Decenas de personalidades, entre ellas el arzobispo sudafricano Desmond Tutu, instaron a “dejar las energías fósiles enterradas” y a movilizarse para acabar con “los crímenes climáticos”, en una declaración publicada este jueves.
La Nación
Paris Bans All Cars For a Day in September
The city of Paris is trying an interesting experiment next month. ‘Une Journée Sans Voiture’ translates to ‘A Day Without a Car,’ and on September 27th Paris will prohibit all motorized vehicles from taking to the streets.
Ghana gets $8 million to fight climate change effects
The Adaptation Fund Board (AFB) has approved $ 8 million for Ghana to support the government to protect the climate and reduce the effect of climate change on the ecosystem and people.
Chinese-built solar power project benefits locals in Cameroon
The Mvomeka village solar power station project constructed by Huawei Technologies Company Cameroon Ltd. in Cameroon's South Region has brought benefit to around 15,000 villagers.
'Smart' solar palm trees power WiFi, phones in Dubai
A new species of palm tree has started sprouting around Dubai. But instead of producing dates, the fronds of the Smart Palm harness the sun’s energy to allow people to look up city information, access WiFi, and charge their phones, all for free.
Según la NASA, desde 1992 el nivel del mar subió casi 8 centímetros en el mundo
La subida del nivel del mar pone en riesgo numerosas ciudades y pueblos costeros, y amenaza con borrar del mapa multitud de islas. En algunos casos, especialmente en el Pacífico, desaparecerían países enteros.
Snowy Canada Endures Drought, Heat, Fires as Planet Gets Warmer
Canada is maybe one of the last places that come to mind when you think about heat waves and drought. Think again.
Why Climate Change Could Make Hurricane Impact Worse
Hurricane Katrina surprised disaster preparedness authorities when it made landfall 10 years ago, leveling entire communities and killing more than 1,800 people.
Climate change fueling larger wildfires in western U.S.
This year’s catastrophic wildfire season -- with more than 7.6 million acres already burned -- could be just a glimpse at what the future holds.
US News & World Report
The Climate Post: Recent Studies Provide Examples of Emissions Trading Successes, Failures Huffington Post
As momentum builds for December climate talks in Paris, Ban looks ahead to ‘bold’ outcome
Commending France’s “exemplary leadership” on efforts to tackle climate change, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today affirmed that the international community is now at a stage where the final elements of the new climate agreement are being negotiated.
UN News Centre
Ban Ki-moon : « Nous n’avons plus de temps à perdre » sur le climat
Quelques jours avant la reprise, le 31 août à Bonn (Allemagne), des négociations en vue de la 21e conférence mondiale sur le climat (COP21), qui doit se tenir en décembre à Paris, le secrétaire général des Nations unies, Ban Ki-moon, confie au Monde son optimisme sur la conclusion d’un accord international permettant de contenir le réchauffement en cours.
Le Monde
Tutu, Klein and Chomsky call for mass climate action ahead of Paris conference
Artists, journalists, scientists and academics among 100 signatories calling for mobilisation on scale of slavery abolition and anti-apartheid movements
Climate negotiations a ‘race against the clock’
COP 21 officials urge world leaders to ‘look beyond national interests’
Irish Times
You can fight climate change and grow the economy, says Lord Stern
Countries should not create an 'artificial horse race' between climate change and economic growth, says eminent economist
French Government Doubling Size Of Solar Energy Tender To 800 MW
The government of France has decided to double the size of an upcoming solar energy tender from 400 megawatts (MW) up to 800 MW — owing partly to the fact that bid prices for solar energy projects have fallen, putting them on a similar level to wind energy project bids
CHILE: Planta abre las puertas sudamericanas a la geotermia
Chile, un territorio plagado de volcanes y géiseres, inició la construcción de la primera planta geotérmica de América del Sur, un proyecto que busca ser la puerta de entrada de esta energía al país, cuya matriz energética está compuesta mayoritariamente por combustibles fósiles.
El País
Hawaii’s Governor Dumps Oil and Gas in Favor of 100 Percent Renewables
An unlikely partnership between Hawaii’s local government and the US military makes the island a leader in energy policy.
The Nation
In rural Mali, women's climate work brings political prowess
A t the end of every wet day, Sali Samake walks to a gauge a short distance from the mud brick houses in her village of Tamala in southwest Mali to measure how much rain has fallen.
Gambia: 'Climate Change Negotiation Process At a Crossroads'
Pa Ousman Jarju, Minister of Environment, Climate Change, Water,Forestry, Parks and Wildlife, has said the whole climate change negotiation process is at a crossroads, as the entire world is expecting a robust and equitable new climate change agreement to be agreed and adopted in Paris.
The Point (Banjul)
Kenya Primate underlines ecumenical call for climate change action
While calling for global carbon emissions cuts, Kenya’s National Council of Churches has launched a multifaith campaign to lobby governments, industries and multilateral agencies to agree on a binding treaty at the United Nations climate change talks in Paris later this year.
Anglican News
Le niveau des mers va monter d'un mètre d'ici 100 à 200 ans, affirme la NASA
Une montée des océans d'au moins un mètre en raison du réchauffement climatique est inévitable d'ici 100 à 200 ans, selon ce qu'affirme la NASA.
Why restoring degraded land is crucial to the climate
A new UN fund is aiming to cut emissions from bad land management and improve food, energy and water security - See more at:
Recycling -- fashion world's antidote to environmental concerns
Hennes & Mauritz, the world's second-biggest fashion retailer, is launching a new effort to promote recycling as it seeks to cut its environmental impact, boost its ethical credentials and address looming shortages of raw materials.
How Extreme Weather Is Melting Hollywood’s Winter Shoots
Film productions starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Channing Tatum, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jake Gyllenhaal were recently besieged by unpredictable and expensive weather obstacles.
Vanity Fair
Interview With UN Climate Change Report Author: "Avarice Has Overcome Fear"
Having had teaching posts at Oxford, Stanford and Princeton University, Broome was one of 800 authors who contributed to the UN's latest blockbuster climate series.
Huffington Post
Cambio climático: lo que cabe esperar (Raúl Estrada Oyuela) Clarín
Peru: Humala, Merkel, Hollande and Ban Ki-moon talk about COP21 in phone call
Peruvian President Ollanta Humala held a phone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President François Hollande and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, within the framework of the preparation for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) to be held in Paris in December.
COP21 accord 'impossible without financial commitments': French president
There will be no agreement at the international climate conference in Paris in December if industrialised countries do not pay the 100 billion euros needed annually to finance the transition to renewable energy in developing countries, French President Francois Hollande said Tuesday.
Senior UN climate change official envisages ‘good agreement’ at upcoming Pairs conference
The climate change agreement world leaders are expected to sign in December “has to take us to a less than 2 degree global warming path because that is the ultimate test of the whole package that will come out of Paris,” according to Janos Pasztor, a senior United Nations official dealing with the issue.
UN News Centre
Hollande exige pago para enfrentar cambio climático
Un acuerdo en la conferencia internacional sobre el clima, agendada para diciembre en París, no será posible si los países industrializados no pagan los 100 mil mdd anuales previstos para financiar la transición energética de los países en desarrollo, advirtió ayer el presidente francés, François Holland
World must face up to cost of carbon reductions, says European climate expert
Former European commissioner Connie Hedegaard agrees with Tony Abbott that wind turbines are not ‘beautiful’, but calls power plants ‘visually awful’
BHP says UN climate change conference will bring consensus
BHP Billiton chief executive Andrew Mackenzie says he expects some level of consensus to emerge when world leaders gather in Paris in November for the United Nations climate change conference.
Sydney Morning Herald
Las agencias de calificación de riesgo no ponderan el calentamiento global
Las agencias de calificación de riesgo, como Moody's, Standard and Poor's o Fitch, no tienen en cuenta el efecto del cambio climático en sus análisis, ni la tendencia política creciente de tratar de frenar el calentamiento del planeta.
El Economista
China, US seek 'clean coal' agreement as industry struggles
U.S. and China officials took a major step Tuesday toward an agreement to advance "clean coal" technologies that purport to reduce the fuel's contribution to climate change - and could offer a potential lifeline for an industry that's seen its fortunes fade.
Global insecurity and refugee crisis linked to climate change: expert
Climate change is "adding fuel to the fire" of worsening political instability and unrest around the world, an expert told a security forum.
Gambia Ahead in Preparation for UN Climate Change Meeting
The minister of Environment, Climate Change, Water, Forestry and Wildlife said The Gambia has completed the preparation of her Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) ahead of many countries, thus making the country among the few African countries to do so.
The Daily Observer (Banjul)
Nigeria: Our Life Style Contributing to Climate Changes - UN
Hajiya Amina Mohammed, Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki Moon, on the MDGs/SDGs, has said that extravagant lifestyle was partly responsible for the impact of climate changes affecting people across the globe.
Daily Trust
Conférence de Paris sur les changements climatiques : Le Burkina se prépare à prendre part activement
En prélude à la conférence des parties de la convention- cadre des nations unies sur les changements climatiques (COP21/CMP21) qui se tiendra à Paris du 30 novembre au 11 décembre 2015, le ministère de l’environnement et des ressources halieutiques a organisé un atelier de présentation de la contribution du Burkina en vue, d’une part de la réduction des gaz à effets de serre et, d’autre de s’adapter aux changements climatiques.
Top campaigners call for mass climate action ahead of Paris conference
Noam Chomsky, Desmond Tutu, Naomi Klein and Vivienne Westwood among group calling for mass mobilisation on the scale of slavery abolition and anti-apartheid movements.
How green builders are preparing to seize Paris Summit opportunity (opinion) BusinessGreen
United Nations’ Paris summit: India's climate plan to have sectoral goals
India's climate action plan ahead of the United Nations' Paris summit in December will come with sector-specific emphasis on emission reduction.
Economic Times
India says rich world has responsibility to curb climate change
India's environment minister said on Monday that the rich world could not wish away its responsibility for man-made global warming, as he urged developed nations to do more to help his country deal with the impact of climate change.
India's INDCs for UN climate summit to be comprehensive: Prakash Javadekar
Environment minister Prakash Javadekar said on Monday that India is in "advanced stage" of finalising its national climate action plan.
Economic Times
Credit scheme backfired, hiking greenhouse gases: study (internal)
A global scheme meant to keep atmospheric greenhouse gas (GHG) levels in check instead caused some 600 million tonnes of excess emissions, researchers said Monday.
Financial gatekeepers are blocking green investment – study
Investment consultants are holding back finance into low carbon sectors by failing to consider the long term, according to a study from Oxford University.
France: la COP 21 au cœur de la «Semaine des ambassadeurs»
Lundi 24 août a débuté la «Semaine des ambassadeurs», rendez-vous de rentrée de la diplomatie française.
“Green” Costa Rica 100% Clean Energy for 94 Straight Days (Video)
Eight years later a handful of other countries have joined this pledge, but none with the ambitious timeline that Costa Rica—a country rich in hydroelectric and geothermal power sources—aims to meet.
Costa Rica Times
$3,8 billones anuales le costaría el cambio climático a Colombia
Según anunció este lunes el Departamento Nacional de Planeación (DNP), en caso de no implementar medidas para lograr una adaptación al cambio climático, el país perdería en promedio 0,5 por ciento de su PIB en el período de 2011 - 2100, esto equivale a 3,8 billones de pesos por año.
El Tiempo
Obama to speak 'frankly' on 11-day climate change tour
President Obama will log more than 14,000 miles on Air Force One over the next 11 days in a climate change tour that will take him from the desert West to the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Circle.
USA Today
Obama apoya las energías limpias en conferencia en Las Vegas
El presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, aportó su influencia para promocionar los beneficios de la electricidad generada con energía solar en los estados occidentales durante la conferencia anual de energía verde en Las Vegas, de la que fue anfitrión el senador federal Harry Reid.
Climate change: Tropical forests almost the size of India set to be axed by 2050
Climate change: Tropical forests covering an area the nearly the size of India are set to be destroyed in the next 35 years, a faster rate of deforestation than previously thought, a study warned on Monday.
Financial Express
Malta will offer scholarships for research into climate change to students from developing countries
Environment Minister Leo Brincat today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Malta, to grant scholarships for Masters programmes relating to climate change research for students coming from low-income countries.
Independent (Malta)
Mayors Use Social Media to Fight Climate Change
Three city leaders on Monday signaled their support for international action on climate change by launching a social media campaign and calling on other cities to develop clean energy plans.
Courthouse News Service
Countries Slow to Pledge Emissions Cuts Ahead of Paris Climate Talks
Delays raise concerns over developing economies’ commitment to accord planned for later this year
Wall Street Journal
Too late: Pacific Island leaders warn climate change fallout leaves island nations struggling ahead of Paris talks
Two of the world's most vulnerable low-lying island nations, Kiribati and Tuvalu, say failure at upcoming climate talks in Paris is not an option, as rising sea levels threaten their very existence.
ABC Australia
US Navy to battle climate change with new 210MW solar farm
The US navy is seeking to boost its energy security and save at least $90m with a new 210MW solar farm in the Arizona desert to power its facilities.
"Torre Eiffel" en la selva amazónica medirá el cambio climático
Entre el espesor de la selva amazónica brasileña emerge una estructura metálica blanca y naranja. Es una torre de 325 metros, uno menos que la Eiffel de París, que servirá de laboratorio para estudiar cambios climáticos en este pulmón del mundo.
DRC climate plan ‘leaves laggards with no excuse’
If conflict-riven state can forge a carbon-cutting strategy then so can others says Kinshasa’s lead climate diplomat
Branching out to help solve climate change
Scientists mimic trees to provide another potential solution to growing CO2 emissionsScientists mimic trees to provide another potential solution to growing CO2 emissions
Irish Times
Energía renovable domina matriz energética de Honduras
Hasta el 31 de julio, las plantas térmicas son las que más energía aportaban a la ENEE, con 52.1% (978.6 megavatios de capacidad instalada), mayor que el 47.9% (945.6 MW) de las fuentes renovables.
El Heraldo
UNFCCC, MSSRF to work for conservation of coastal resources
In Andhra Pradesh the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC and the Chennai-based M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, MSSRF are going to work together for the conservation of coastal resources.
Grizzlies, polar bears evolve with climate change
Scientists say the Arctic has undergone unusual, and increasingly rapid change over the past few decades as a result of climate change, including the appearance of the Pizzly bear — a grizzly-polar bear hybrid.
World's fastest-melting glacier loses massive chunk in 2 days
One of the world's most rapidly flowing glaciers may have just set another record, and it's not one not that bodes well for low-lying coastal cities and nations around the world, which are vulnerable to sea level rise.
Comedy joins the climate change debate ABC Radio National
Climate Change Shrinking Uganda's Lakes and Fish
Climate change is reducing the size of several species of fish on lakes in Uganda and its neighbouring East African countries, with a negative impact on the livelihoods of millions people who depend on fishing for food and income.
How the private sector can scale up ambition to plug the emissions gap
COP21 presents the perfect opportunity to build momentum behind green initiatives from businesses
Are Coral Reefs Doomed? Changing? Ignored? What We Know So Far
You may have heard some mixed opinions about the state of coral reefs. Some will argue that coral conditions are in a natural flux, or that reefs will have time to adapt to our changing oceans. Others have found that coral populations have sustained irreparable damage. Now several new studies help show that things are a LOT more complicated than you might imagine.
Solarcentury's Frans van den Heuvel: What Paris means to me...
Green businesses have never been more organised but cannot be complacent as they look towards Paris, says Solarcentury chief executive
Climate boss says EU can only back a strong Paris deal
The European Union will support a U.N. deal to cap global warming only if the agreement is legally binding and includes regular reviews to ensure words translate into deeds, Europe's climate boss said on Thursday.
EU calls for urgency in ‘seriously lagging’ Paris climate talks
EU’s top climate official warns that ‘painfully slow’ negotiations must be accelerated to seal a meaningful global emissions pact at Paris summit
EU urges speeding of efforts to clinch global climate deal
The EU has called on world leaders to accelerate efforts to clinch a landmark UN climate deal in Paris in December, complaining that technical talks have been “painfully slow”.
Financial Times
Paris climate change pact: India's stance will be revealed through small print
India is likely to announce its targets for the Paris deal by September-end. The Indian offering– called Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs)– is expected to have different components with an over-arching target for reducing the emission intensity of the economy by 2030.
Business Standard
Obama stakes claim to Paris climate legacy
US president is pulling out all the stops for a global pact as quiver of climate policies unveiled at home
Germany and Brazil join forces on climate change action
Germany and Brazil committed themselves on Thursday to a joint stance on climate change, putting the largest economies in Europe and Latin America on the same page ahead of global climate talks in Paris in December.
Presidenta de Brasil divulga nuevos objetivos para luchar contra cambio climático
La presidenta de Brasil, Dilma Rousseff, anunció el jueves algunos de los objetivos que el país se impondrá para luchar contra el cambio climático, entre las cuales se comprometió a acabar con la desforestación ilegal en la Amazonía para 2030.
China Hubei carbon market reports 100 pct compliance rate
Hubei province, China's second largest carbon market, reported a 100 percent compliance rate in its first trading year, thanks to a decision by the local authority to postpone the deadline by which firms had to surrender their permits.
Le Royaume-Uni, premier État à lancer un réseau de routes électriques
Recharger sa voiture tout en roulant devrait bientôt être possible. Dès 2016, le gouvernement britannique va doter certains tronçons de son réseau routier d'une technologie de rechargement par induction.
We Demain
Morales convoca a segundo encuentro mundial de pueblos sobre cambio climático
El presidente de Bolivia, Evo Morales, convocó hoy la segunda "Conferencia Mundial de los Pueblos sobre el Cambio Climático y los Derechos de la Madre Tierra", prevista para octubre próximo en la región de Cochabamba, en el centro del país.
Les forêts du globe malades du réchauffement climatique
Les forêts du monde « ont survécu à d’importants changements climatiques par le passé ». Mais elles doivent aujourd’hui faire face à des bouleversements « trop rapides pour que leur processus d’adaptation suive le rythme ».
Le Monde
How climate change is spawning a new view of conservation
Conservation has long been about protecting communities of plants and animals where they are. But climate change is leading to a nascent form of conservation that embraces change and seeks to provide a thriving stage on which it can happen.
Christian Science Monitor
Climate change is so dire we need a new kind of science fiction to make sense of it (comment) Guardian
Bridging the Geezer-Young Person Gap to Drive Climate Change Solutions Huffington Post
Time to tap in to an underused energy source: wasted heat The Conversation
China's carbon count could be overstated by 14 percent: Nature
International organizations could be overestimating emissions from China, the world's biggest producer of greenhouse gas because of problems in the way they calculate their data, said a study published by Nature on Wednesday.
Denmark looks to lower its climate goals
New Climate Minister Lars Christian Lilleholt has announced plans to scale back Denmark’s ambitious carbon reduction goals to the the disappointment of environmental organizations and his political rivals.
The Local
EU debate on green energy targets pitches UK against Germany
Britain and Germany will line up on opposite sides of a European Union green energy debate starting next month on how to meet agreed renewable energy targets for the next decade.
EPA launches methane crackdown, as oil giants commit to cut emissions
The US' Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has this week announced new measures to slash methane emissions from the oil and gas sector by 40 to 45 per cent from 2012 levels by 2025, as part of the latest phase of Obama's Climate Action Plan
India offers technology to Pacific island countries to cope with climate change
India today offered its expertise and technology to the 14 resource-rich countries of the strategically important South Pacific region to help them combat the threat of climate change, a major concern for the island nations.
Economic Times
Las costas españolas retrocederán hasta tres metros en 2040 por el cambio climático
WWF recoge estos pronósticos en su informe «Un grado más, una playa menos» y anima a los ciudadanos a pedir al Gobierno un modelo energético 100% renovable
ABC España
India's Adani in talks with Softbank, Foxconn on $3 billion solar plan
India's Adani Group is in talks with Japan's Softbank (9984.T) and Foxconn (2354.TW), maker of Apple's iPhone, to secure investment in a $3 billion project to make solar cells and panels in the country, two sources with knowledge of the matter said.
Los glaciares tropicales de Colombia, entre más los afectados por el cambio climático
El deshielo de los glaciares son una prueba irrefutable de que el clima está cambiando y entre los glaciares tropicales, concentrados en los Andes, los más afectados son los de Colombia.
Paris UN climate summit to have first-ever “Buildings Day”
For the first time, a dedicated “Buildings Day” will feature at the United Nations’ climate change summit scheduled for Paris this December.
Global Construction Review
Lobsters in New England shift north as ocean gets warmer; boom in the north, bust in the south
The lobster population has crashed to the lowest levels on record in southern New England while climbing to heights never before seen in the cold waters off Maine and other northern reaches — a geographic shift that scientists attribute in large part to the warming of the ocean.
How climate change drove evolution of dogs (+video)
Scientists measured the elbow joints of carnivores dating back across 37 million years to determine how hunting styles have evolved.
Christian Science Monitor
Plan for Paris: looking beyond emission cuts (opinion) The Hindu
Muslim scholars call for climate action
Muslim scholars and environmental advocates from about 20 countries on Tuesday called for a global phase-out of greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century, joining a chorus of religious leaders urging the world to take strong action against global warming.
Islamic experts urge more Muslim action on climate change
A group of Islamic experts urged the world's 1.6 billion Muslims on Tuesday to do more to fight global warming, in a new example of religious efforts to galvanize action before a U.N. climate summit in Paris in December.
Islamic leaders issue bold call for rapid phase out of fossil fuels
Religious scholars, experts and teachers from around the world unite to make emotive declaration on climate change ahead of crucial Paris summit
Ségolène Royal "optimiste" avant la conférence sur le climat
Ségolène Royal s'est dite mardi optimiste sur l'issue de la COP21, la conférence mondiale sur le climat de décembre prochain, mettant en avant l'implication nouvelle des dirigeants sur la question de la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique.
African States Urged to Bolster Responses to Climate Change
African countries and experts have been urged to strengthen Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) as a tool for pre-2020 and post-2020 climate change action.
The New Times
Climate Change and Water: Local water woes could aid climate cause
The current water crisis affecting Jamaica could strengthen the Caribbean's hand and, by extension, that of small-island developing states in the upcoming climate talks in Paris, France - but only provided the other negotiating parties are willing to listen and take heed.
Jamaica Gleaner
Coral reefs are 'likely to disappear from the Earth' despite climate change talks
Even if the talks in Paris are "wildly successful", Professor Peter F Sale says the future of the planet's coral reefs is bleak
The Telegraph
Global warming halts 1,800 years of steady ocean cooling
Global warming caused by human activities has halted 1,800 years of steady cooling trend in the oceans of the world, shows new research.
Uso sostenible energía contribuye a superar barreras del desarrollo en región
América Latina y el Caribe -donde reside el 8,6 % de la población mundial- produce 12 % del petróleo, 9 % del gas natural y 2 % del carbón mineral del planeta, mientras que consume 7 % de la electricidad mundial, señalaron hoy expertos reunidos en la Cepal en el marco de un seminario sobre el uso sostenible de la energía.
200 Electric Cars Headed for Paris Climate Summit
The Renault-Nissan Alliance will provide a fleet of 200 electric vehicles for the United Nations climate summit in Paris in December. It will be the first time the UN uses a zero-emission fleet to meet its entire passenger car needs at a Conference of the Parties event.
Cochin airport to be powered by solar energy
Chief minister Oommen Chandy on Tuesday inaugurated a 12 MW solar power plant at the airport here, making it solar energy powered.
Times of India
Climate Change May Get Its Own Museum
Miranda Massie is on a mission to create an institution from scratch. It will cost many millions of dollars and years to build, but when done, it will help define the next 200 years of human existence.
Scientific American
Richard Alley: «El uso de energías renovables nos permitiría evitar el desastre»
Menudo, siempre sonriente y extremadamente expresivo y optimista, el geólogo Richard Alley huye de cualquier visión apocalíptica de un planeta sumergido bajo las aguas por la fusión de los hielos como consecuencia del cambio climático. Su frase más repetida en la entrevista, cada vez que se le pide un pronóstico sobre un aumento abrupto y devastador del nivel del mar, es «no es probable». Pero porque defiende que ya tenemos la tecnología para evitarlo: las energías renovables. «Otra cosa sería si no hiciésemos uso de nuestro conocimiento».
ABC España
Why INDCs can be a firm foundation to a climate deal (opinion)
Why People of Faith Care About the Green Climate Fund (blog) Huffington Post
Paris and the climate talks: business’ shortest route to success (by By Peter Bakker, WBCSD) BusinessGreen
Climate Change is Both a Challenge and an Opportunity (by Mike Bloomberg)
U.S. Is Set to Propose Regulation to Cut Methane Emissions
The Obama administration is expected to propose as soon as Tuesday the first-ever federal regulation to cut emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming, by the nation’s oil and natural-gas industry, officials familiar with the plan said on Monday.
NY Times
"Si no logramos bajar las emisiones, el crecimiento económico habrá sido en vano"
Christiana Figueres espera que la conferencia sobre calentamiento global en diciembre logre un acuerdo que dé espacio a la diversidad de los países y sus circunstancias
El Mercurio
U.S. EPA to propose rules to curb methane emissions from oil and gas sector
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will propose regulations on Tuesday aimed at cutting methane emissions from the oil and gas sector by up to 45 percent over the next decade from 2012 levels, sources familiar with the issue said on Monday.
Djibouti pledges to slash carbon emissions by up to 60 per cent
The Republic of Djibouti on the Horn of Africa has become the latest country to submit its carbon reduction pledge to the UN ahead of this year's climate summit in Paris
Energy Chamber renews call to remove fuel subsidy
Energy Chamber president Dr Thackwray Driver has renewed the group’s call for removal of the fuel subsidy which he describes as economically unsustainable as well as a threat to the environment as it promotes the use of traditional fuels which increase CO2 emissions.
Guardian (Trinidad & Tobago)
Engie Said to Plan Sale of Over $1 Billion in Asian Coal Plants
Engie, the French utility giant formerly known as GDF Suez SA, plans to sell more than $1 billion of stakes in Asian coal-fired power plants, people with knowledge of the matter said.
Los arrecifes de coral, sentenciados a muerte por el cambio climático
La emisión de dióxido de carbono -causa del cambio climático- está provocando una acidificación del agua que destruye la vida de los corales | Advierten que incluso un 'buen acuerdo' en la cumbre de París no será suficiente para salvar los arrecifes
La Vanguardia
Central Asian glaciers thaw fast in threat to hydro power, farms
Mountain glaciers in Central Asia have shrunk four times faster than the world average, threatening river flows vital for agriculture and hydro power from Uzbekistan to western China, scientists said on Monday.
Les glaciers d'Asie centrale fondent vite
Les glaciers d'Asie centrale ont fondu quatre fois plus que la moyenne mondiale depuis le début des années 1960, perdant 27 % de leur masse, selon une étude parue lundi.
La Presse
Former UN climate chief: World needs new economic model to drive green investment
Businesses must do more to help politicians understand the economics of climate change in the run up to the crucial talks due to be held in Paris later this year, the former head of the UN's climate change secretariat has urged.
Google Launches ‘Project Sunroof’ To Show Where Solar Energy Works Best
Using the new Project Sunroof website you can take a look at your house and see if it's a good candidate for solar panel installation.
Popular Science
Festival's climate alert
ORGANISERS of the Vodafone Hibiscus Festival 2015 have been applauded for recognising the importance of using climate change as their theme for the second year running.
Fiji Times
The Time for Feeling Powerless in the Face of Climate Chaos Is Over (blog) Huffington Post
How climate change and natural capital are changing banking
Peru President to meet French counterpart
Peruvian President Ollanta Humala will meet his French counterpart Francois Hollande on September 27 in New York City, where both leaders will address the fight against climate change, Peru’s Environment Minister Manuel-Pulgar Vidal announced.
The Weight of the World - Can Christiana Figueres persuade humanity to save itself? New Yorker
As seas rise, saltwater plants offer hope farms will survive
On a sun-scorched wasteland near India's southern tip, an unlikely garden filled with spiky shrubs and spindly greens is growing, seemingly against all odds.
Clima extremo aumenta el peligro de crisis de alimentos
El riesgo de crisis de producción de alimentos a nivel mundial y de aumento de los precios van en aumento debido a tormentas cada vez más intensas e inundaciones y sequías más frecuentes asociadas a temperaturas más cálidas, señalaron el viernes investigadores estadounidenses y británicos.
El Financerio
Fiji seeks India's support for climate change talks
India should support Fiji and other Pacific island countries at the climate change talks to be held in Paris later this year, the government-owned Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) said on Monday.
Fiji Times
Climate ‘alarm bells’ are ringing, Obama says ahead of Arctic summit
US President will highlight effects of climate change on Alaska to call for international action
Climate Change: Food Shortage To Triple By 2040 Due To Extreme Weather
The Global Food Security program, which monitors food security in 57 countries, released a report on Friday showing that global food shortage and price hikes will triple by 2040.
Headlines & Global News
Las especies ganadores y perdedoras del cambio climático
Los impactos del calentamiento empiezan a hacerse notar en los ecosistemas españoles, donde los científicos han detectado ya un reemplazamiento progresivo de especies animales y vegetales que permite distinguir a los «ganadores» y «perdedores» del cambio climático.
ABC España
Egypt, Sudan heat waves kill 108 people in August, authorities blaming climate change
Temperatures were as high as 47 degrees Celsius (117 degrees Fahrenheit) in parts of southern Egypt over the past week.
Mail & Guardian
Couple cycles from Vietnam to Paris to warn about climate change
A couple who had set on a bicycle ride from southern Vietnam in February 2015 to raise awareness about consequences of climate change arrived in Tehran last week.
Tehran Times
Johan Museeuw and six other Belgian cyclists head to Paris for Climate Change awareness
Seven cyclists left the Atomium in Brussels at 6am on Saturday morning, to head to Paris.
Brussels Times
African climate experts to discuss mitigation actions in Rwanda
Rwanda is set to host the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) regional workshop on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) to climate change.
Costa's last stand: climate change could see tourists swap the Med for the Baltics
Drought and forest fires could mean Mediterranean resorts losing out to cooler climes and holidaymakers travelling outside peak season, EU report predicts
The Hullabaloo Online
Suplemento alimenticio para vacas podría ayudar a combatir cambio climático
La cría de ganado representa el 44% de las emisiones de metano en el planeta derivadas de la actividad humana. Cada vaca emite unos 500 gramos de este gas por día
La Tercera
Francis of the forest Korea Joongang Daily
Humans have already used up 2015's supply of Earth's resources – analysis
Earth ‘overshoot day’ – the day each year when our demands on the planet outstrip its ability to regenerate – comes six days earlier than 2014, with world’s population currently consuming the equivalent of 1.6 planets a year
It's only August and we've already used a year's worth of natural resources
When it comes to the Earth's resources, humanity is doing a pretty dismal job of balancing its checkbook.
If global warming really did pause, the planet just pressed ‘play’ again
In June, in a bombshell study in Science, federal researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) took away climate skeptics’ number one favorite argument — the notion that in recent years, global warming had slowed down or hit a “pause.”
Washington Post
1st presidential visit to Arctic to focus on global warming
President Barack Obama says he'll use his upcoming trip to the Arctic region to press world leaders to do more to fight climate change.
Tree loophole casts shadow over EU carbon action
European environment law provides more financial incentives to fell a tree than to plant one, campaigners say.
Zambia to Host Climate Change Indaba
Zambia will in November this year host a high level board meeting of the Worldwide Green Climate Fund (GCF), according to a report by ZANIS.
Zambia Reports
Méditerranée : le changement climatique réduirait les revenus touristiques des pays riverains
Le changement climatiqus pourrait affecter la demande touristique dans les régions de l'Union européenne (UE) car les nouvelles conditions climatiques pourraient influencer l'attrait relatif des différentes régions, avertit le Centre commun de recherche (CCR) de la Commission européenne.
People's Daily - French
Cinco países prueban que el mundo no necesita combustibles fósiles
Desde comienzos de 2015 este país centroamericano puede decir que es 100% verde.
Semana Sostenible
La fin du labour imposée en 2020 ?
Le monde s’apprête à vivre une révolution. Le prochain accord universel sur le climat, encore en cours de négociation entre les 195 pays invités à la Cop 21, conditionnera le développement économique de l’ensemble d la planète.
Terre-net Média
Move over MoMA, New York’s new climate change museum is about to be the hottest place in town
For many, climate change is not yet personal, but Miranda Massie is trying to change that. Massie is the executive director of the forthcoming Climate Museum in New York City, a project that seeks to make the impacts of and solutions to a changing climate intimate and tangible
Getting women actively involved in climate change mitigation (opinion/analysis)
How would you spend $100B? Ensuring water security in a changing climate Devex
Changement climatique : que dit et que fait l'Afrique ?
Dans la perspective de la COP 21 à Paris, les pays africains commencent à livrer leurs contributions, éclairées par le texte de l'ONU sur le climat.
Le Point Afrique
We need a miracle on climate change (opinion) Washington Post
La hora del clima (opinión) El Observador
Rich nations' climate plans fall short of hopes for Paris summit
Developed nations are on track to cut their greenhouse emissions by almost 30 percent by 2030, Reuters calculations show, falling far short of a halving suggested by a U.N. panel of scientists as a fair share to limit climate change.
Modi economic advisor urges India climate talks rethink
Arvind Subramanian says calls for finance from rich countries should be moderated and emission cuts made a priority
Kirbati's President Tong calls for global moratorium on coal mining
Kiribati President Anote Tong today called for a global and immediate moratorium on all new coal mines and coal mine expansions, and has called on all State leaders to back his call to action, in the lead up to the Paris climate talks in December
Matangi Tonga Online
How climate change is putting your investments at risk
Investors can no longer ignore the effect that climate change will have; direct exposure to energy companies is endangering portfolios
Islamic leaders to release climate change declaration
Istanbul summit will issue statement urging Muslims to treat action on global warming as a religious duty
Las minas usan energía renovable en Chile
Las tres calderas industriales que la mina de la estatal Codelco tiene en la parte alta de las montañas de Calama consumieron alguna vez 67.000 barriles de diésel al año para producir brillantes láminas de cobre para exportación
La Prensa/Wall Street Journal
Ségolène Royal : "L'Afrique australe attend des technologies, pas de l'argent" (podcast)
Ségolène Royal, Ministre de l'Écologie, du Développement Durable et de l'Énergie est l'invitée de Pierre Weill à 7h50 à l'occasion de sa tournée africaine en préparation de la COP21.
France Inter
AMÉRICA LATINA: La generación eléctrica verde, única alternativa para la región
Ante el reto de ajustar su infraestructura energética para lograr duplicar su oferta eléctrica hacia el 2050 y al mismo tiempo reducir sus emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero (GEI), América Latina tiene solo una salida: la generación eléctrica verde.
El País
Wind and solar surge sends EU emissions tumbling
Many countries that promised to cut GHG emissions under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol are now exceeding their targets, bringing new hope for success at the Paris climate talks
Power plant CO2 emissions at 27 year low
Most of the environmental news we hear today is disheartening information about the consequences we’ll soon be facing thanks to climate change
Les papillons pourraient disparaitre à cause du changement climatique
Selon une étude publiée lundi, seuls des efforts énergiques pour freiner le réchauffement climatique couplé à une refonte des campagnes, notamment en Grande-Bretagne, permettront de sauver de nombreuses espèces indigènes de papillon.
People's Daily - French
August 13th is Earth Overshoot Day this Year, According to Global Footprint Network
This year Earth Overshoot Day falls on August 13, as carbon emissions continue pushing the Ecological Footprint further above the planet’s annual budget, according to data from Global Footprint Network, an international sustainability think tank with offices in North America, Europe and Asia.
Fox Nebraska
Think local, act global: Sharjah schoolgirl spreads environmental message through culture
A 16-year-old girl from Sharjah is motivating citizens to become more environmentally-aware through her tailored audience approach. Environmental communications experts say this may be the best strategy we have.
The National
Haunted by Copenhagen
Six years later, and as preparations for the 21st summit scheduled for Paris in December get into high gear, the situation still haunts people like climate negotiator on behalf of the Government of Grenada Dr Spencer Thomas
Jamaica Observer
Something is happening here BusinessGreen
Arab world vulnerable to global warming Arab News
A New Evangelical Band Bangs the Drum on Climate Change Huffington Post
Paris climate deal ‘not a failure’ if it busts 2C goal
Judge UN carbon-cutting pact on its framework for long-term action, say co-chairs Dan Reifsnyder and Ahmed Djoghlaf
IPCC scientists to meet with Greg Hunt, urge all sides to respond to climate science
As the political manoeuvring continues over Australia's emissions targets, the world's top climate scientists are urging all sides to respond to the science.
ABC Australia
India coordinating with nations for balanced agreement in climate change summit: Prakash Javadekar
India is coordinating with various countries to ensure an "equitable and balanced" agreement at the forthcoming UN climate change summit in December, Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said today.
Economic Times
Britain’s Hammond in China for security, climate talks
British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond was in China Wednesday for talks on security cooperation and a potential accord at Paris climate change talks in November.
China Pushes for Better International Co-operation ahead of Global Climate Change Talks in Paris
Today we're bringing you our final report in our series on what's being done in China to try to combat global climate change.
Climat : avant la COP21, les États adaptent leurs promesses
En annonçant une réduction de 26% de ses émissions en vue de la conférence sur le climat de décembre à Paris, l'Australie a suscité les critiques de la part des défenseurs de l'environnement. Car comme pour d'autres pays, derrière cet engagement se cachent quelques arrangements avec les chiffres. Explications.
Le Figaro
Críticas a Australia por rebajar sus metas climáticas
Australia ha recibido críticas por su nuevo objetivo de reducción de gases de efecto invernadero, alejado de las ambiciosas metas de la mayoría de países ricos.
Green with gas: Oil majors eye UN climate deal
Shell and BG are leading calls for an ambitious global pact in Paris, but it’s still unclear how they will help lubricate talks
Carbón, futuro negro
El bajo crecimiento económico que vive Colombia por la caída en el precio del petróleo se agravará pues, muy seguramente, la comercialización del carbón será suspendida en un futuro muy próximo.
El Espectador
Chile Mines Turn to Renewable Energy
The three industrial boilers at the state-owned Codelco mine high in the mountains here once consumed 67,000 barrels of diesel a year to turn out shiny copper sheets for export. Now, the job is powered by nearly 3,000 solar panels that take advantage of the Atacama Desert’s cloudless blue sky.
Wall Street Journal
Tara: mission ornithologique au Groenland avant la COP21
La goélette océanographique Tara a retrouvé son élément favori, la glace: le deux mâts d'observation des écosystèmes marins soumis au réchauffement climatique cabote depuis la fin juillet le long de la côte orientale du Groenland, pour une mission ornithologique.
Carib artists raise their voices for climate justice
Award-winning St. Lucian poet and playwright Kendel Hippolyte thinks that Caribbean nationals should view the Earth as their mother
Quels sont les Pays les plus menacés par le Changement Climatique?
Les effets du changement climatique sur nos vies sont de plus en plus connus, notamment grâce au travail des scientifiques.
World’s First Digital Map of the Seafloor Could Help Fight Climate Change
The Earth’s oceans hold many secrets but the seabed is no longer one of them: scientists have created the world’s first digital map of the seafloor.
Yahoo! News
Paris summit: India should put the heat on rich nations (analysis) Hindustan Times
COP and the carbon bubble: What a climate deal could mean for fossil fuel GreenBiz
Climate change: Australia sets new emissions target
Australia plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions by between 26% and 28% below 2005 levels by 2030, PM Tony Abbott has said.
Climat: l'Australie s'engage à réduire ses émissions de 26% d'ici 2030
L'Australie veut réduire ses émissions de carbone d'au moins 26% d'ici 2030 par rapport aux niveaux 2005, a annoncé mardi le Premier ministre Tony Abbott, soulignant que son gouvernement restait déterminé à trouver un équilibre entre objectifs environnementaux et économiques.
Papa establece día mundial de oración por el medioambiente, refuerza su mensaje ecologista
El Papa Francisco estableció el lunes la "Jornada Mundial de Oración por el Cuidado de la Creación" para llamar la atención sobre los problemas medioambientales del planeta, aprovechando la reacción mayormente positiva a su encíclica sobre ecología.
Pope declares Sept. 1 'World Day of Prayer' for environment
The Vatican on Monday (Aug. 10) announced a World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, the latest move by Pope Francis to push environmental issues up the global agenda.
Australia criticized over greenhouse-gas reduction target
Australia has been criticized over its new greenhouse-gas reduction target which lags behind the ambitions of most wealthy countries.
Ikea to sell only energy-saving LED lightbulbs
Halogen and compact fluorescent bulbs will no longer be sold worldwide from September by retailer, which says LED technology has reached a tipping point
Why Shell Cut Ties to Conservative Lobby Group Over Climate Change
Does it matter that Royal Dutch Shell plans to cut ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) over climate policy?
Gaz à effet de serre : les énergies renouvelables tiennent-elles leurs promesses ?
Selon le centre européen commun de recherche (JRC), les énergies renouvelables déployées par les 28 Etats membres ont permis en 2012 d’éviter l’émission de 716 millions de tonnes de CO2.
Sciences et avenir
An easy climate change win before Paris? Business Spectator
El delegado de la ONU para el cambio climático analiza con Morales la cumbre de diciembre
El secretario general adjunto para el cambio climático de la ONU, el húngaro Janos Pasztor, se reunió hoy con el presidente de Bolivia, Evo Morales, para analizar la estrategia del organismo con vistas a la conferencia global sobre ese problema que se celebrará en París en diciembre.
New project to help cocoa farmers tackle climate change
A project based on applied climate science has been launched to help cocoa farmers in Ghana adapt to the effects of climate change. - See more at:
Afirman que las vacas emanan más gases que toda la industria
La producción agropecuaria y el cambio climático en la Argentina.Eructan sustancias de efecto invernadero como el metano, lo que hace subir la temperatura del planeta.
Iran, Spain sign agreement on renewable energy
Iran and Spain have agreed to have technical cooperation on designing and manufacturing equipment related to solar energy systems and renewable energies.
Egypt: Environment Minister - We Seek to Activate Framework Convention On Climate Change in Paris
Minister of the Environment Khaled Fahmi said on Friday 07/08/2015 that the current steps in the field of climate change to prepare for Paris Conference, which will be held in November, come as part of the Framework Convention on Climate Change. "We seek to implement the current convention not to change it", he said.
Egypt State Information Service
Canadians pull the plug on renewable energy scheme
The Canadian province of Nova Scotia, on the country’s Atlantic seaboard, has ended a programme which gave citizens an incentive to produce renewable energy.
How to Get Electricity to 300 Million People in India, Without Fossil Fuels LiveScience
Can grassroots climate action save the planet? RTCC
The Forest Path to an Ambitious Climate Deal (by Paul Polman) Huffington Post
Ban calls for well-being of indigenous peoples
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his message on the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, 9 August 2015, called for improvement of the health and well-being of indigenous peoples.
Trinidad and Tobago pledge 15 per cent CO2 cuts by 2030
The Caribbean island nation of Trinidad and Tobago has pledged to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 15 per cent across the transport, energy and heavy industry sectors by 2030, through a climate change plan expected to cost $2bn.
State addresses climate change
THE Fijian Government is committed to raising awareness through projects, training programs and strategic measures on the ever growing global problem of climate change.
Fiji Times
Will these Alaska villagers be America's first climate change refugees?
Scientists estimate that due to climate change, the village of Kivalina, in northwestern Alaska, will be underwater by the year 2025.
France ready to fund solar projects in rural Zambia
THE French government says it is ready to finance small solar energy projects to help Zambia cope with its power deficit. - See more at:
The Post (Zambia)
África, un continente muy vulnerable al cambio climático
África necesita una estrategia para hacer frente a las consecuencias del cambio climático. El continente africano es particularmente vulnerable a los efectos del calentamiento global y a las variaciones de clima debido a múltiples factores adversos en los que el hombre también es parte implicada.
El Mundo
Global warming: National Geographic map shows 'striking' retreat of Arctic ice sheet
National Geographic has produced an animated gif showing the "striking" retreat of Arctic ice that has occured over the last few years.
Climate Change: Why Can’t We Just Remove CO2 From the Air?
If we have put too much CO2 into the air, wouldn’t it make sense to find ways to remove it again? Well, yes: It would. But sadly it isn’t likely to be easy or cheap and, according to new research, it isn’t an adequate “solution” to the problems of climate change.
El primer globo aéreo impulsado por "energía solar" hace su debut en el Reino Unido
El uso de energía solar es algo cada vez más común, claro, depende mucho de la región del mundo de la que estemos hablando, ya que algunas han desarrollado el uso de esta energía en mayor medida que otras.
The reality of global warming: We’re all frogs in a pot of slowly boiling water (blog) Reuters
An inconvenient truth The Indian Express
Curbing global warming: Mission impossible? (opinion) Washington Post
Small steps on a planetary concern (commentary) Christian Science Monitor
EU needs climate finance plan by Paris, says Luxembourg presidency
Brussels needs to work out $100 billion roadmap and iron out internal position before Paris talks, says Carole Dieschbourg
COP21 and decoding the economics of climate change
With just four months to go until international delegates descend upon Paris for the much-discussed United Nations climate conference, COP21, the stakes for shifting to a low-carbon economy are starting to come into focus.
Ghana develops national climate change learning strategy
Ghana is developing a national climate change learning strategy to equip the public with the right set of skills and knowledge as part of efforts to address the impact of climate change.
Graphic Online
El dinero no nos salvará: los países ricos sufrirán más con las inundaciones
Las naciones más desarrolladas pueden invertir más en protegerse de desbordamientos. Un estudio que analiza las variables climáticas y económicas pone en duda que esta situación se mantenga
El Confidencial
HSBC India To Launch Green Bonds Soon
The Indian subsidiary of international banking giant HSBC is planning to issue its first green bond issue in the country this year
Pole to Paris: Cycling British Scientist in China to Raise Climate Change Awareness
Daniel Price, who is on a round-the-world cycling campaign, has arrived in China earlier this month. The 27-year-old British scientist with a PhD in Antarctic Studies from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand is cycling halfway around the world from the South Pole to Paris to raise awareness on climate change.
NTPC plans solar power push
NTPC Ltd is exploring options to manufacture solar equipment as part of the state-owned power producer’s strategy to be present across the green energy value chain.
Suplemento alimenticio para vacas podría ayudar a combatir cambio climático
La cría de ganado representa el 44% de las emisiones de metano en el planeta derivadas de la actividad humana. Cada vaca emite unos 500 gramos de este gas por día.
La Tercera
La technologie ne sauvera pas les océans
Des chercheurs allemands ont démontré que la technologie ne pourra pas stopper le changement climatique et que la meilleure façon de le limiter était d’arrêter immédiatement la combustion d'énergies fossiles.
Paris Match
US carbon pollution from power plants hits 27-year low
Heat-trapping pollution from U.S. power plants hit a 27-year low in April, the Department of Energy announced Wednesday.
Is the Caribbean a paradise for renewable energy?
The Caribbean nations have all the incentives and resources to convert to 100% renewable energy. But is it happening?
Climate justice
THE Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, is urging Fiji and other Pacific Island countries to rally and speak in union against the excessive carbon emissions of industrialised countries.
Fiji Times
A message to climate negotiators: Don’t forget farmers
Financing adaptation in the most vulnerable developing countries (opinon) The Daily Star
UN Climate Summit hosts fuel hopes for Paris deal
France and Peru say countries are edging towards consensus over the shape of global deal, as Ban Ki Moon praises US Clean Power Plan
France hails ‘considerable common ground’ on UN climate plan
Success of Paris deal will depend on meeting $100 billion climate finance goal and delivering long term emission cuts - See more at:
India's report to UN sets solar target at 20,000 Mw
Govt 'considering' enhancing the target of 100 Gw of solar power; draft report leaves door open for international scrutiny of parliamentary procedures
Business Standard
Fondo Verde anunciará su primer proyecto en noviembre
El Fondo Verde para el Clima, creado por Naciones Unidas, escogerá y anunciará el primer proyecto al que dará su apoyo el próximo noviembre, cuando celebre en Zambia su 11 Consejo de Directores.
How COP 21 is feeding Kellogg’s supply chain strategy
From winter wheat fields in the rural thumb of Michigan to rice fields in Thailand, the cereal maker is promoting sustainability with a global reach
Más sequías en España debido a los efectos del cambio climático
WWF alerta del aumento de la frecuencia de sequías extremas en España similares a la de California (Estados Unidos) si continúa la actual tendencia de cambio climático.
Bhutan: climate lessons from a Himalayan kingdom
The Buddhist state is lauded for its carbon neutrality and big hydro. What can it teach foot-draggers as Paris looms?
Tuvalu joins New Zealand christians to talk climate change
The founder of the Pacific Islands Climate Action Network is appealing to the New Zealand Christian community to support the call for immediate action on climate change.
Radio New Zealand International
Christian leaders call on candidates to address climate change, inequality
A coalition of Christian leaders issued a statement Tuesday (Aug. 4) calling on presidential candidates to address climate change and economic inequality, in preparation for the first presidential debate in Cleveland on Thursday.
Warming temperatures push walrus further north, leaving Alaska natives with fewer food sources
Hunters and scientists say walrus migration patterns are veering from historical hunting grounds as temperatures warm and the ocean ice used by the animals to dive and rest recedes farther north.
Climate change could make it hard for yellow perch to breed
The yellow perch living in Lake Erie have long faced challenges breeding after short, warm winters and some scientists believe that climate change could thus cause further problems for them.
Climate change threatens food production in Nigeria
Changing rainfall patterns and higher temperatures resulting from climate change will threaten food production across the country as more than 50 percent of farmers are yet to commence planting due to inadequate rainfall.
Silicon Valley Scientists ‘Brightening’ Clouds To Combat Climate Change
In a Silicon Valley research lab, scientists are working on what might be considered the option of last resort for global warming.
Nigeria: Tackling Climate Change and Health (opinion) Premium Times
South Africa to target 34% carbon cuts by 2025
Background document seen by RTCC indicates government will not change goal laid out in 2009 ahead of UN climate deal
Speed of glacier retreat worldwide 'historically unprecedented', says report
Researchers have recorded rapid rises in meltwater and alarming rates of glacial retreat, which are accelerating at a pace double that of a decade ago
Obama plan gives 'hope' for Paris deal
The UK government has welcomed President Obama's plan to cut greenhouse gases and boost clean power.
Francois Hollande Hails US Climate Plan Ahead of Paris Conference
Calling it “a historic step” that has been undertaken by the Obama administration to tackle climate change, the Clean Power Plan is being considered as a landmark action that will protect public health, reduce energy bills for households and businesses, create jobs, and bring clean power to communities across the country.
Sentinel Republic
En 2020 : Objectif 42% d’énergie renouvelable dans 5 ans
Le développement industriel et la croissance démographique mondiale ont engendré une forte accélération de la demande énergétique. Selon les prévisions de l’Agence internationale de l’énergie, la demande mondiale en énergie devrait croître de 52% à l’horizon 2030.
La Nouvelle Tribune
Here's where over 90% of the extra heat from global warming is going
It's no surprise that climate change is raising summer temperatures in many parts of the globe, but what you might not know is where most of that extra heat is going.
Business Insider
Methane Leaks May Greatly Exceed Estimates, Report Says
A device commonly used to measure the methane that leaks from industrial sources may greatly underestimate those emissions, said an inventor of the technology that the device relies on.
NY Times
Can’t we just remove carbon dioxide from the air to fix climate change? Not yet
If we have put too much CO2 into the air, wouldn’t it make sense to find ways to remove it again? Well, yes: it would. But sadly it isn’t likely to be easy or cheap and, according to new research, it isn’t an adequate “solution” to the problems of climate change.
The Conversation
Climate change could give San Francisco the climate of San Diego, scientists say
As you enter Redwood City, Calif., you may notice a sign with a curious slogan printed on it: “Climate best by government test.”
Washington Post
Apoyo a lucha contra cambio climático crece a la par que SOS de la naturaleza
Los ciudadanos de América Latina y de África, muy vulnerables a los desastres naturales y a la vez ricos en materias primas y en biodiversidad, son los más preocupados por el cambio climático, según un reciente sondeo del Instituto Pew de EE.UU.
July takes crown for biggest leap in electricity emissions in 10 years
And energy consultant says carbon dioxide emissions rose 0.4% in year to 31 July, which is about 80% of Australia’s electricity consumption
German environment agency takes aim at auto sector over climate change
The German transport sector needs to step up efforts to combat climate change, the Environment Agency said on Tuesday, blaming an increase in freight transport and a trend towards more powerful, heavier cars for a rise in emissions.
Tuvalu joins NZ christians to talk climate change
The founder of the Pacific Islands Climate Action Network is appealing to the New Zealand Christian community to support the call for immediate action on climate change.
Radio New Zealand
Archbishop of York visits tsunami-hit village and calls for more action on climate change
THE Archbishop of York has called for more action to tackle climate change, during a visit to Samoa ,Tonga and Fiji.
York Press
Climate change doesn't have borders so why should the response? BusinessGreen
US President Barack Obama hopeful of successful Paris Summit on climate change
US President Barack Obama has exuded confidence of a successful Paris Summit on climate change later this year, with the White House hoping countries like China and India will be fully on board for the "most ambitious international climate change in human history".
Economic Times
Cambio climático: Obama y su "ambicioso" plan contra las emisiones de CO2
Con un ambicioso plan para reducir las emisiones de carbono de las centrales eléctricas de todo el país, el presidente Barack Obama quiere que Estados Unidos haga su parte para aminorar su contribución al cambio climático.
Statistics says the long-term global warming trend continues
A new study has just been prepared for an upcoming climate meeting of the US Climate Variability and Predictability Program. This group has an annual summit and this year will have a special science session with papers and presentations devoted to the so-called “hiatus”.
Glaciers melt faster than ever
The World Glacier Monitoring Service, domiciled at the University of Zurich, has compiled worldwide data on glacier changes for more than 120 years
G20 countries pay over $1,000 per citizen in fossil fuel subsidies, say IMF
Subsidies for fossil fuels amount to $1,000 (£640) a year for every citizen living in the G20 group of the world’s leading economies, despite the group’s pledge in 2009 to phase out support for coal, oil and gas.
To save forests, Kenyan tea factory brews new way to dry tea
The first thing that strikes you as you enter the Makomboki Tea Factory is the air. It's clear, absent of the dark smoke that billows from the boilers of Kenya's other tea factories.
Climate: No 'Plan B' for oceans, says study
Technology to drain heat-trapping CO2 from the atmosphere may slow global warming, but will not reverse climate damage to the ocean on any meaningful timescale, according to research published Monday.
Efectos del cambio climático
Las actuales condiciones de producción del país están acrecentando el cambio climático. Las sequías como la de Villavieja, los derrumbes y crecientes súbitas en Colombia y otros municipios, demuestran la magnitud del fenómeno climático global, acrecentado por las prácticas inadecuadas.
La Nación
Renewable energy sector runs the risk of overpowering market
Another day, another billion-dollar renewable energy deal. That has been the story of the past few weeks as a raft of companies have made eye-catching solar and wind-power investments.
Financial Times
Cameroon: 'Permaculture the African Way' in Cameroon's Only Eco-Village
Marking a shift away from the growing trend of abandoning sustainable life styles and drifting from traditional customs and routines, Joshua Konkankoh is a Cameroonian farmer with a vision - that the answer to food insecurity lies in sustainable and organic methods of farming.
Vietnam continues to promote community-based climate change adaptation
In the context of increasingly serious and abnormal changes in climate patterns, community-based actions will be the quickest and most effective way to respond to natural disasters, Director of the Department of the Hydrometeorology and Climate Change under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen Van Tue said in an interview granted to the Vietnam New Agency.
Lack of education hampers climate awareness
People in Africa and Asia are more likely to consider global warming a personal threat if they notice changes in the local temperature, according to an analysis based on a survey of 195,000 people from 119 countries.
‘Green drive’: city youth earns UN certificate
City-based Gotru Sanjay Chakravarthy, 25, has become a certified member of a global family created by the Green (R)evolution Global Certification programme, an initiative of the International Centre for Culture and Education to educate, inspire and act against climate change, supported by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
The Hindu
In defense of the carbon tax | Opinion The Times
Pacific Islands: a collective drive towards financial inclusion (blog) Financial Times
U.N. states agree post-2015 sustainable development agenda
The United Nations 193-member states agreed on Sunday on an agenda for the world's sustainable development over the next 15 years that pledges to leave no-one behind and is now due to be formally adopted by world leaders at a summit in September.
Climate change: Obama to unveil Clean Power Plan
US President Barack Obama is due to unveil what he called "the biggest, most important step we have ever taken" in tackling climate change.
Obama lanza un ambicioso plan contra el cambio climático
Anuncia hoy un programa para reducir las emisiones; es una iniciativa sin precedente para un gobierno de EE.UU.
La Nación
Obama to unveil tougher climate change plan
President Barack Obama will unveil on Monday the final version of his plan to tackle greenhouse gases from coal-fired power plants, kicking off what is expected to be a tumultuous legal battle between federal environmental regulators and coal industry supporters.
What would a Paris climate deal mean for the fossil fuel industry?
How is the fossil fuel industry responding to growing pressure to address future emissions in the run-up to the Paris summit?
Caribbean formatting climate change strategy for Paris meeting
Government climate negotiators and civil society groups from the Caribbean who met with artistes and journalists here last week have discussed strategies to drum up local awareness and attract international attention as part of the region's preparation for the climate change meeting in Paris at the end of the year.
Jamaica Observer
Paris Agreement: France to set up co-operative mechanism to fight climate change
France, which is chairing the December round of the UN-sponsored climate talks in Paris, is working towards setting up a mechanism to help countries address specific challenges to adopting climate-friendly, low-carbon development options.
Economic Times
Asian countries to 'make or break' climate change: Researchers
Asian nations have been submitting their pledges on how they plan to reduce carbon dioxide missions in their own countries.
Channel News Asia
Zimbabwe’s Climate Change Ambitions May be Too Tall
With the U.N. Climate Change conference later this year in Paris fast approaching, Zimbabwe’s climate change commitments face the slow progress on an issue that continues to stalk other developing countries – climate finance.
Focus on renewable energy at Martinique conference
BOOSTING the use of renewable energy across the region was the topic of a recent conference in Fort-de-France, Martinique.
Turks and Caicos Weekly News
Knowledge hubs helping Pacific farmers tackle climate change (audio)
For some years, the Pacific region's farming communities have been grappling with an uncertain future as the threat of climate change looms.
Los veranos calurosos en España serán cada vez más frecuentes
La climatología está cambiando y los expertos vaticinan que el prototipo de verano en España, dentro de dos décadas, podría normalizarse en temperaturas de calor intenso como las de este julio (máximas por encima de los 40 grados durante 15 días consecutivos y mínimas muy altas).
The reports are false – coal burns on (blog) Financial Times
Island nations seek UN Security Council help in fighting climate change
More than a dozen small island nations made an urgent appeal to the UN Security Council on Thursday for help in combatting climate change, which they said poses a threat to their very existence.
Straits Times
'Slow forest drought recovery may boost climate change'
Trees and other vegetation take longer than expected to recover from extreme drought, thus storing less carbon dioxide and accelerating global warming, a study said on Thursday.
Daily Times
Climate change expert warns against copying bad habits
In the pursuit of techno-logical advances, small island developing states such as Jamaica are being urged to minimise the high environmental costs associated with such progress.
The Gleaner
Jefe de ONU pide esfuerzos mundiales para ayudar a pequeños Estados insulares
El secretario general de la ONU Ban Ki-moon pidió hoy a la comunidad internacional ayudar a los Pequeños Estados Insulares en Desarrollo (PEID) a combatir el cambio climático, promover el desarrollo sostenible y abordar sus vulnerabilidades.
Avanza América Latina en legislación frente a cambio climático
Liliana Peña, directora regional adjunta del Programa de Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente (Pnuma) aseguró este jueves 30 de julio en Panamá, que América Latina es una de las regiones que más estrategias legislativas implementó para enfrentar el cambio climático.
Radio Habana Cuba
Le voyage «climato-compatible», de plus en plus dans l'air du temps
Paris-Madagascar, Tokyo-Bali, Istanbul-Téhéran... en apparence, jamais voyager n'a été aussi simple. Pourtant, le bilan carbone du transport aérien est particulièrement montré du doigt.
20 Minutes
African river study fills gap in carbon emissions tally
African rivers emit a vast amount of greenhouse gases, a major paper on this understudied topic reveals.
Ces 3.000 éoliennes qui produisent autant que 10 réacteurs nucléaires
Les eaux européennes accueillent de plus en plus d'éoliennes offshores. En 2014, elles ont produit l'équivalent de 10.393 mégawatts-heure.
BFM Business
U.S. 'laughing gas' emissions cause concern
Emissions of nitrous oxide ('laughing gas') generated from agriculture in the U.S. has been underestimated by 40 percent, according to a recent study.

Digital Journal
Column: Why climate change is a woman’s issue The Des Moines Register
Robots epic sea voyage reveals climate change secrets
They have been travelling through the depths of the North Atlantic, out of sight, out of mind, to better our understanding of climate change.
The New Economics of Climate Change The New Yorker
With only 10 days of negotiations left before the summit, cash commitments cause concern.
Heads of state may not be part of concluding round of talks during the crucial Paris climate summit in December unlike the Copenhagen conference which failed to clinch a deal despite presence of almost all top political leaders there during final leg of negotiations six years ago.
Times of India
New US climate plan due on Monday, roll-out set for 2022
States could face two-year grace period to ensure they can meet new power plant emission standards
World Bank rejects energy industry notion that coal can cure poverty
The World Bank said coal was no cure for global poverty on Wednesday, rejecting a main industry argument for building new fossil fuel projects in developing countries.
Climate talks hinge on money
With only 10 days of negotiations left before the summit, cash commitments cause concern.
Risque climatique : les investisseurs pourraient perdre 4 200 milliards de dollars
C’est une nouvelle alerte pour les investisseurs ayant des actifs dans les compagnies extractives d’énergies fossiles. Cette fois, elle est lancée par The Economist Intelligence Unit, qui vient de publier une étude sur le risque carbone.
Climate change ‘urgent and growing threat’ to national security: Pentagon
A new Pentagon report says that climate change is an “urgent and growing threat to our national security” and blames it for “increased natural disasters” that will require more American troops designated to combat bad weather.
Washington Times
Mali : Hydrogène naturel, une des clés du nouvel ordre mondial de l'énergie de demain
Pays pauvre ouest-africain, le Mali se voit projeter soudainement au cœur des enjeux du Plan Marshall énergétique de demain, suite au miracle qui s'est produit autour de la découverte du gisement de gaz d'hydrogène naturel dans les terres de Bourakèbougou, localité située à une quarantaine de kilomètres de Bamako, à vol d'oiseau
Les Afriques
Científicos aseguran que un diluvio de grandes proporciones azotará la Tierra
La Tierra estaría próxima a ser azotada por un diluvio de grandes proporciones. Así lo han asegurado científicos rusos, quienes han vaticinado que dicho fenómeno se haría presente en el planeta cerca del año 2050.
El Comercio
Campaigners warn of climate finance corruption risk
Countries like Bangladesh and the Maldives need cash to deal with global warming, but have a poor record on transparency
La desertificación afecta a 2,1 millones de hectáreas de tierra
De 3,5 millones de hectáreas de superficie cultibable, en la frontera agrícola, 2,1 millones de hectáreas de cultivos -el 60%- están en proceso de degradación o desertificación, según el Viceministerio de Tierras
Página siete
Orangutans face extinction on Borneo where deforestation is unsustainable: UN
The massive conversion of Borneo's forests for the production palm oil together with the impact of climate change is driving to extinction the orangutan on Asia's largest island, making it "clear that a future without sustainable development will be a future with a different climate and, eventually, without orangutans, one of our closest relatives," a new United Nations report revealed on Wednesday.
New Kerala
New UN-backed plan sets disaster resilience standards for hotels in Asia and Pacific
A United Nations-backed plan to develop and pilot disaster risk management standards for the hotel industry in Asia and the Pacific, home to 80 per cent of the world's disaster events, has been announced today.
UN News Centre
Tick populations booming due to climate change
Ticks are spreading further north in the US and Canada with the potential to transmit diseases to dogs and humans, reports Earth Island Journal
Could carbon pricing still play a role in Paris climate talks?
A global deal on climate change could yet include ambitious language to encourage countries to put a price on carbon emissions, even though the latest text remains sparse on details when it comes to the potential use of market mechanisms.
Q&A with Mary Robinson: What is climate justice?  Road to Paris
The Climate Negotiations in Paris - Time for Change (blog) Huffington Post
French climate ambassador concerned over slow progress of draft Paris deal
France wants to see serious progress by October on text for a new deal on global warming, says Laurence Tubiana
India will be playing a “leading role” in climate change discussions: Laurence Tubiana
India is a very important country and will be playing a "leading role" on the climate change discussions, Laurence Tubiana, Ambassador for Climate Change Negotiations and the Special Representative of the French Government for the December climate meet today said in New Delhi.
Economic Times
G20 could determine if rich meet climate finance promise RTCC
Progress on green growth is 'uneven', OECD finds
Subsidies for fossil fuel reform inconsistent with strategies for green growth, according to new analysis from the OECD
As we prepare for the UN climate talks, a look at what’s changed since Copenhagen
Is the world better suited for an agreement than it was in 2009?
Later Deadline Expected in Obama’s Climate Plan
The final version of President Obama’s signature climate change policy is expected to extend an earlier timeline for states to significantly cut planet-warming pollution from power plants, according to people familiar with the plan.
NY Times
UAE Described as Pioneer in the Field of Renewable Energy
When the government of Kenya hosted a U.N. Conference on New and Renewable Sources of Energy in Nairobi back in 1981, one of the conclusions at that meeting was a proposal for the creation of an international agency dedicated to renewable energy.
Panamá investiga la cantidad de CO2 presente en sus manglares
La iniciativa, que concluye en 2018, busca determinar qué cantidad de carbono absorben y almacenan estos humedales
El Comercio
“Chaque tonne CO2 évitée sur le sol africain doit ouvrir droit à rémunération”, déclare Fabrice Le Saché
Ecosur Afrique le leader du crédit carbone en Afrique vient de réaliser avec succès une première transaction dans le marché intra-africain. Cette opération est doublement salutaire, car non seulement elle a été un succès, mais aussi elle lance un signal fort allant dans le sens d’un échange Sud-Sud de crédits carbone.
Infos Plus Gabon
Northern Forests Falter in Combating Climate Change
The Earth relies on its vegetative cover to extract and hold onto carbon dioxide when a great deal of it finds its way into the atmosphere, as has happened with the burning of fossil fuels.
Atribuyen el calor de este verano a cambios en la circulación del aire
Un investigador de la Universidad de Jaén (UJA) apunta al cambio en los patrones de circulación del aire como el causante de las altas temperaturas durante este verano.
Les "riches" n’ont pas assez peur du changement climatique
Selon une étude menée par une équipe de scientifiques américains, seulement la moitié des habitants des pays riches perçoit le changement climatique comme une menace. Les chercheurs expliquent qu’il faut développer des stratégies de communication pour changer la tendance.
Paris Match
People's Climate March: the revolution starts here  Guardian
The Road to Paris - UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres
United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres expects that a global and legally binding agreement will emerge from a climate summit in Paris later this year, but she concedes that the commitments countries have made so far fall short of keeping temperature rise below two degrees.
Radio New Zealand
France urges nations to reveal details of climate action plans, road maps
France, host of this year’s climate change conference, has urged all nations to reveal details of the climate action plans they have been submitting, and present road maps for attaining the targets they have set.
India Express
French Special Envoy for COP 21 confident about the successful Paris outcome
aurence Tubiana, Ambassador for International Climate Change Negotiations and Special Representative of the French Government for COP 21, today spelt out the key elements of a "good outcome" of the conference in Paris in December this year as one that formalises a new legal instrument that is universal and legally binding to enable the global community address the challenges of climate change.
Investment flows are not automatically climate finance: India
The government on Monday said investment flows in themselves cannot be treated as finance for climate-friendly technologies unless specifically designated as such.
U.S. private sector vows to ante up on climate finance
Some of the biggest U.S. corporate names on Monday offered their support - and billions of dollars in green financing pledges - to buttress the Obama administration's quest for a global agreement on combating climate change.
Las 13 mayores compañías de EE.UU. se alistan contra el cambio climático
Piden un acuerdo ambicioso contra el cambio climático en la Cumbre de París y, mientras tanto, predican con el ejemplo
ABC España
Ban welcomes UN's endorsement of action plan on post-2015 development financing
The United Nations General Assembly on Monday endorsed the new global action agenda for financing sustainable development adopted two weeks ago by a major UN conference, and Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the move as a major step that firmly puts the world "on the path to a more prosperous, just and sustainable world for this and future generations."
India asks France to ensure global climate deal brings down tech costs
India has urged France — the official host of the UN-sponsored global climate change conference scheduled in Paris in December — to facilitate a consensus on the need to ensure that high intellectual property rights (IPR) costs of green technology do not act as barriers to freer flow of technology to developing countries.
The Hindu
España prorroga el Protocolo de Kioto hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2020
El Consejo de Ministros ratificó el viernes y elevó a las Cortes Generales la enmienda internacional que prorroga el Protocolo de Kioto estableciendo un nuevo periodo de compromiso de reducción de emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero para luchar contra el cambio climático que se extiende hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2020, la llamada «Enmienda Doha» (dado que fue acordada en la Cumbre Doha 2012), informa en una nota el Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente.
ABC España
Les impacts du changement climatique ou quand en 2050 le climat de Bordeaux sera celui de Séville
Alors que la France accueille en décembre 2015 la conférence des Nations unies sur le climat (COP21), ce livre apporte les clés pour en comprendre les enjeux et fournit des pistes pour se mobiliser tout au long de l’année.
Renewable energy poses challenge for Tokyo
The world’s largest wind turbine looms over the port of Onahama, dwarfing the derricks of a bulk carrier as it unloads coal at a nearby pier. Each blade on this 7 megawatt (MW) monster is longer than the wingspan of an A380 superjumbo.
Financial Times
Kenya: Country's Climate Change Bill Aims to Promote Low Carbon Growth
Alexander Muyekhi, a construction worker from Ebubayi village in the heart of Vihiga County in Western Kenya, and his school-going children can now enjoy a tiny solar kit supplied by the British-based Azuri Technologies to light their house and play their small FM radio.
In Pakistan, solar lamps turn women into green energy entrepreneurs
A s the sun sets and darkness falls over a village outside Bahawalpur, Shama Bibi switches on her solar lantern and starts sewing clothes for an upcoming family wedding.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Light trim for rough draft of climate pact
Senior diplomats charged with condensing an unwieldy draft for a global climate rescue pact, due to be inked in December, handed in their much-anticipated homework.
Global warming deal takes shape with latest UN draft
A global pact to fight climate change began to take shape after the United Nations published a new draft of a deal that envoys from 195 nations are working to seal at a year-end summit in Paris.
Fresh negotiating text promises 'strong foundation' for Paris Climate Summit
Hopes this year's UN climate summit in Paris will deliver an ambitious new international accord received a boost yesterday, as the UN published a 'streamlined' version of the crucial negotiating text underpinning the talks
U.S. companies pledge financial, political support for U.N. climate deal
Thirteen big name American companies on Monday were to announce $140 billion in low-carbon investments to lend support to a global climate change deal in Paris in December, the White House said.
Climate Change: Apple, Microsoft, Google Among US Companies To Pledge $140B To Cut Carbon Emissions
Several U.S. companies, including Apple Inc., Google Inc., Microsoft Corp., and Bank of America Corp., will on Monday announce at least $140 billion in new investments to lower their carbon emissions and increase funding for clean energy
International Business Times
Las ciudades reaccionan para frenar el cambio climático
Las zonas urbanas aportan su grano de arena para frenar los gases que procuden el efecto invernadero
ABC España
Climat : les Nations unies s’emploient à faire repartir les négociations d’un bon pied
Les Etats disposent d’un nouveau texte sur lequel s’appuyer pour négocier. Les discussions en vue du futur accord de Paris, qui reprennent fin août, doivent s’en trouver facilitées.
Les Echos
India’s climate action plan to provide clear CO2 reduction target
India's national climate action plan will provide a clear target for reducing the amount of carbon dioxide produced for every dollar of economic output or gross domestic product, dropping the earlier plan of providing a detailed, comprehensive and sector-wise goals to reduce carbon dioxide pollution and adapt to climate change.
Economic Times
China’s climate change plan represents decisive move
Chinese premier Li Keqiang recently unveiled the country’s plan for combating climate change.
Irish Times
Climate change : Minister echoes global warming concerns
The present unsustainable global economic order has brutally overexploited natural resources to achieve so-called development, benefitted a few while plunging millions in the developing world into poverty and debt.
The Express Tribune
Climate talks: Is the planet to be saved or doomed?
With just four months until COP 21, negotiations plod on but the public are mobilising
Irish Times
Investors could lose $4.2tn due to impact of climate change, report warns
Investments in fossil fuel companies face serious risk from global warming, research by the Economist Intelligence Unit shows
Al Gore flies into Australia to push momentum towards Paris climate summit
Former United States vice-president Al Gore has flown into Australia for a whistlestop tour that includes meetings with state government ministers and senior business figures as part of efforts to build global momentum towards the Paris climate change summit later this year.
The Age
Sebastião Salgado focuses on big picture with parable of reforestation in Brazil
At a Paris climate change meeting, the celebrated Brazilian photographer joined Bishop Fredrick Shoo of Tanzania in extolling the merits of reseeding forests
La música es uno de los protagonistas a la hora de denunciar el cambio climático
La música es uno de los protagonistas más importantes a la hora de reivindicar la sostenibilidad del planeta y denunciar el cambio climático porque llega a los corazones de forma inmediata, y dos periodistas,
Paris Rolls Out Blueprint to Fight Climate Change
Many local governments in France are not waiting for a U.N. climate conference in December to set plans to fight heat-trapping greenhouse gases. Paris, which is getting special attention since it is hosting the climate summit, is planning to transform itself into an eco-city in the months ahead.
Voice of America
The week climate change diplomacy went into overdrive
An unprecedented climate diplomacy drive is now fully underway, spanning continents and forcing governments to focus on what a UN global warming pact will look like
Secret weapon in fight against climate change: mayors
Sixty big-city mayors from around the world gathered at the Vatican this week to discuss their role in addressing climate change. Mayors often play an unheralded role in reducing carbon emissions.
Christian Science Monitor
Brazil, Indonesia climate pledges due within weeks – EU commissioner
The EU is expecting Brazil, Indonesia and Colombia to submit climate pledges to the UN “in the coming weeks,” according to commissioner Miguel Arias Canete.
Africa Advised to Take DIY Approach to Climate Resilience
African countries would do well to take their own lead in finding ways to better adapt to and mitigate the changes that climate may impose on future generations instead of relying only on foreign aid.
Namibia: Third Climate Change Communication to Be Submitted This Year
Namibia will submit its Third National Communication (TNC) to the UN body aimed at addressing climate change at the end of this year.
The Namibian
India launches biological diversity preservation initiative
A new initiative has been launched by the Indian government to highlight the economic consequences of the loss of biological diversity and the associated decline in ecosystem services, an official statement said on Thursday.
Abrupt climate change may have doomed mammoths and other megafauna, scientists report
Ever since humans uncovered the fossil records of the mammoths, giant sloths and other extinct megafauna that walked the Earth until about 11,000 years ago, scientists have been trying to solve the mystery of why they vanished. Was it human hunting and activity? Or did climate change bring about their end?
Washington Post
La loi sur la transition énergétique définitivement adoptée au Parlement
L’attente aura été longue, la gestation difficile. Mais le projet de loi de transition énergétique pour la croissance verte est arrivé à son terme.
Le Monde
Les égouts transformés en puits de carburant vert
Nos égouts pourraient bien devenir les puits de pétrole du futur. Des scientifiques québécois fabriquent en effet du biocarburant avec des microalgues récoltées dans les eaux usées.
Le Journal de Montréal
El cambio climático amenaza la población de tortugas marinas
El cambio climático y el aumento del nivel del mar suponen una seria amenaza para la población de tortugas marinas, apunta hoy un estudio de una universidad de Australia
El Nuevo Diario
WWF alerta que habrá más incendios forestales debido a los efectos del cambio climático
WWF alerta del aumento de la frecuencia de los grandes incendios forestales y de que serán más devastadores debido a la falta de acción contra el cambio climático. Así lo refleja el documento presentado por la organización ecologista 'Un grado más, un bosque menos', sobre la relación entre clima e incendios forestales.
A ‘Third Way’ to Fight Climate Change (by Tim Flannery) NY Times
UN climate chief: Paris to set 50-year agenda
The December climate change conference in Paris is the last chance for a meaningful agreement that would offer hope for a planet at risk due to greenhouse gases, U.N. climate chief Christiana Figueres said Wednesday.
U.N. climate deal draft must be shorter, clearer: minister
Ministers working towards a new U.N. deal to tackle climate change, due in December, need a negotiating text that is shorter and more manageable than the current draft, the Marshall Islands' foreign minister said after informal talks in Paris.
Thomson Reuters Foundation
France law to halve energy use, slash nuclear dependence
French lawmakers were set to adopt a new law on Wednesday that will halve the country's energy consumption by 2050 and slash its reliance on nuclear energy.
Climat: la lutte contre le réchauffement, un "impératif moral", selon des maires du monde
Une soixantaine de maires du monde entier, réunis au Vatican à l'invitation du pape François, ont signé mercredi une déclaration dans laquelle ils affirment que la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique d'origine humaine est "un impératif moral pour l'humanité".
La apuesta colombiana contra el cambio climático
Después de más de tres años de análisis, estudios técnicos y concertaciones que involucraron a diversos sectores de la economía e instituciones del Gobierno, Colombia ha anunciado cuál será su meta para la reducción de las emisiones de gases que están provocando el calentamiento global.
El Tiempo
Altas temperaturas globales del primer semestre rompen récord
Registraron su mayor nivel desde que comenzaron los registros en 1880. La máxima anterior se registró en 2010.
Diario Financiero
'It's a moral obligation'
The most important climate conference of this decade will take place in Paris at the end of the year. In an interview, French COP21 delegate Philippe Lacoste explains how the summit works and what happens if it fails.
Deutsche Welle
UAE drops fuel subsidies to boost finances and cut emissions
The United Arab Emirates is to end billions of dollars worth of petrol subsidies in a bid to strengthen the Gulf state’s finances and limit spiralling car usage in the country, which has one of the highest per capita greenhouse gas emission rates in the world.
Financial Times
London economy vulnerable to climate change, assembly report finds
Mayor Boris Johnson urged to act as over half of the largest 100 companies listed on London Stock Exchange are found to have no plans to deal with climate risks
Philippine bishops campaign for action at Paris climate summit
Philippine bishops say many voices must be heard in addressing the growing problem of climate change, citing the country's vulnerability to environmental catastrophes after Pope Francis' latest encyclical.
Ecumenical News
Philippines to raise 10m signatures for pope’s climate petition
The world’s third-largest Catholic country is plagued by natural disasters and church leaders say they will mobilise believers to join Pope Francis’s campaign
Sharper focus on climate risks bodes well for Paris – but a global deal is just the start (opinion) BusinessGreen
Mr President, Africa needs your climate leadership in Paris RTCC
Pope represents fundamental shift in climate change  Globe and Mail
France signals 'breakthrough' in climate talks
France signalled a "breakthrough" Tuesday at 46-nation talks in Paris tasked with paving the way for a highly-anticipated climate rescue pact to be inked in December.
France's Fabius says climate talks were constructive
French foreign minister Laurent Fabius said on Tuesday that climate ministers had made some progress in preparatory talks for reaching an ambitious agreement on global warming at the end of the year.
Líderes políticos y religiosos se unen en París contra el cambio climático
La batalla contra el cambio climático es un deber moral para con las generaciones venideras.
El País
Sommet des consciences, « La crise du climat nous fait redécouvrir des valeurs communes »
Au Sommet des consciences à Paris, mardi 21 juillet, une quarantaine de hautes autorités religieuses et morales ont lancé un appel pour le climat, lors d’un sommet organisé au Conseil économique, social et environnemental.
La Croix
Climate change ‘a matter of conscience’ at Paris summit
Mankind’s relationship with nature was the focus of the Climate Summit of Conscience in Paris, hosted by French President Francois Hollande on Tuesday.
World mayors at Vatican urge 'bold climate agreement'
Mayors from around the world declared Tuesday that climate change is real, man-made and must be stopped as a matter of moral imperative, gathering at the Vatican to announce new measures to fight global warming and bask in Pope Francis' ecological star power.
Pope urges U.N. to take strong action on climate change
Pope Francis on Tuesday urged the United Nations to take a "very strong stand" on climate change at a landmark summit this year in Paris on global warming.
Gov. Brown blasts climate change 'deniers' during Vatican conference
Gov. Jerry Brown, speaking at a conference hosted by Pope Francis, on Tuesday denounced climate change skeptics as well-financed “troglodytes” determined to “bamboozle” local leaders.
LA Times
Interview: China sees sincerity in ministers' climate consultations leading up to COP21: official
Xie Zhenhua, China's special representative on climate change affairs, told Xinhua on Tuesday that he's confident of reaching an accord eventually in tackling global warming after attending the two-day preparatory talks of ministers in Paris.
Colombia pledges to cut carbon emissions 20 percent by 2030
Colombia, South America's third-largest economy, has pledged to reduce carbon emissions by at least 20 percent by 2030 as a contribution to a new agreement aimed at fighting global warming, the government said on Tuesday.
Developed nations need to reduce emission vigorously: Javadekar
Stressing that India was "aggressively" walking the energy efficiency path and will reduce its emission intensity, Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar on Tuesday asked developed countries to reduce their emissions "vigorously" ahead of the climate conference in Paris in December.
Another month, another global heat record broken -- by far
Earth dialed the heat up in June, smashing warm temperature records for both the month and the first half of the year.
Innovation Sputters in Battle Against Climate Change
In the race to develop technologies to slow climate change, the world is off track. That’s the latest assessment from the International Energy Agency, which presented a bleak outlook ahead of the planned climate summit meeting in Paris this December, where countries rich and poor are hoping to agree on a strategy to slow global warming.
NY Times
Five key lessons from the latest Stern Report on climate change
It's been 10 years since the publication of Nicholas Stern's ground-breaking Stern Review, which famously found the costs of inaction on climate change far exceeded the costs of action.
We need a business renaissance to address climate change
Act on climate change now, top British institutions tell governments
An unprecedented coalition of the UK’s most eminent scientific, medical and engineering bodies says immediate action must be taken by governments to avert the worst impacts of climate change.
The Guardian
2015 on course to be Earth's hottest year ever after record-breaking June temperatures
Both NASA and the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) have reported the global warmth of June 2015 matched or exceeded any previous June in historical records.
The Independent
Ministers to discuss 2C carbon budget at Paris talks
French government raises possibility of UN deal detailing implications of a trajectory to avoid dangerous warming - See more at:
Hansen: 2C warming will raise sea level several metres
Scientists warn feedback effects will melt polar ice faster than thought, causing “highly dangerous” impacts this century
Offshore wind on track to become cheaper than gas power within five years, says report
Industry-commissioned study details how offshore wind is on a steep cost reduction curve that should allow new projects to compete with new gas power plants
Business Green
Swamp power: how the world's wetlands can help stop climate change
From Asia’s peat swamp forests to Europe’s wetlands, swamp farming can provide valuable low-carbon energy, wildlife habitat and a means of depolluting waterways – and help reduce carbon emissions in the process
The Guardian
Study shows tropical fish genetically adapting to cope with warmer waters
As climate change continues to heat up the world's oceans, many aquatic species will face increasing threats to their survival. But one little fish has found a way to genetically adapt.
The Sydney Morning Herald
Opinion: Climate change spawning disasters
For many decades, climate was seen as constant and even the science shows that it was constant because first rains fell between October 15 and 18 every year in Zimbabwe, with local farmers arranging their planting calendars in line with the seasons.
Accord sur le climat : les Marshall, premières petites îles à publier leurs engagements

Les îles Marshall, qui comptent parmi les petits Etats insulaires ultravulnérables au changement climatique, ont publié dimanche 19 juillet leur engagement de réduction de gaz à effet de serre, appelant les grandes nations émettrices à l’action.
Le Monde
Alcaldes de varias ciudades, al Vaticano por cambio climático

Alcaldes de ciudades de todo el mundo como Madrid, México D.F. o Bogotá se reúnen hoy en el Vaticano para debatir sobre fenómenos como el cambio climático o la esclavitud moderna, un acto que contará con la presencia del papa.
El Universo
El boom de la energía solar en Chile: Casi US$13.000 millones en carpeta
Chile tiene a la fecha 2.267 MW proveniente de fuentes renovables no convencionales en operación, lideradas por la energía eólica y con la energía solar en el segundo lugar.
The 'stars are aligning' ahead of 'most important environmental summit in history', says UN climate change chief
The most important environmental meeting in history is on course to decisively tackle climate change as an “unstoppable and irreversible” momentum builds to “green the planet”, the United Nations climate change chief has told The Independent.
The Independent
Periled by climate change, Marshall Islands makes carbon pledge
The sparsely populated cluster of Pacific atolls becomes the first small island nation to submit a carbon-cutting pledge ahead of a year-end conference in Paris
Oil majors to reveal climate strategy in October
Coalition of top oil and gas producers to “announce next steps” ahead of critical UN climate summit
Climate change: Don’t introduce new agenda in Paris conference, says Javadekar
India today cautioned the developed nations against introduction of any new agenda at this "late hour" if they want to make the crucial climate change conference in Paris scheduled for later this year a "success".
Financial Express
Canada provinces agree to strategy on pipelines, climate change
Canada's provinces reached a long-sought deal on Friday over an energy plan for the country, agreeing broadly to curb greenhouse gas emissions while also promoting the use of pipelines.
Oil price fall casts shadow over coal-based chemical projects
Several mainland Chinese projects, including two by oil giant China Petrochemical Corp (Sinopec), using coal instead of oil or natural gas as feedstock for the production of key base chemicals have been delayed or shelved after the sharp fall in oil prices eroded their cost advantage.
South China Morning Post
S. Korea, Honduras agree to cooperate in energy and climate change
President Park Geun-hye and her Honduran counterpart, Juan Orlando Hernandez, agreed Monday to cooperate in the energy industry and join forces to cut greenhouse gas emissions which are blamed for global warming.
The Korea Herald
Blog: Kids Are Why We Should Care About Climate Change Huffington Post
Concentración de gases de efecto invernadero alcanza picos récord, dice la Noaa
Los gases de efecto invernadero que están en el origen del cambio climático, alcanzaron picos de concentración récord en la atmósfera en 2014, cuando el planeta además registró una temperatura récord en su superficie, reportaron este jueves investigadores de todo el mundo.
El País
Los rindes podrían caer un 35% por el cambio climático
En la actualidad, la temperatura media global es de 15º, pero según el meteorólogo Mauricio Saldívar, podría aumentar 4,8º para el año 2100. “Este cambio climático es diez veces más rápido que cualquier otro ocurrido en 65 millones de años”, aseguró en el Foro Internacional de Cambio Climático organizado en Buenos Aires, hace pocos días, por el Ministerio de Agricultura.
Les centrales électriques fonctionnant aux hydrocarbures bientôt suppléées par l'énergie solaire (rapport)
Selon les estimations des experts de l'agence Bloomberg, le prix de l'énergie solaire continuera de chuter jusqu'à devenir la moins chère du marché.
Maghred Emergent
Top climate envoys confident Paris on course for success
Summary of negotiator meetings show broad strokes of global climate pact, though carbon cuts unlikely to be legally binding
China June coal output falls nearly 5 percent -stats bureau
BEIJING, July 15 (Reuters) - China churned out 327 million tonnes of coal in June, down 4.9 percent from the same period last year, despite rising seasonal power demand, with major producers slashing output to minimise losses, data from the country's statistics bureau showed.
EU carbon market compromise pleases no-one
Environmentalists criticise freebies to polluters, while business lobby claims carbon costs will drive manufacturing overseas
Polynesian leaders push climate change message
Polynesian leaders are meeting in Tahiti today to form an agreement on their position on climate change.
Radio New Zealand International
Britain's first 'energy positive' house opens in Wales
Powered by the sun, this low cost three-bedroom house is the first in the country to produce and sell more energy than it uses
Exxon and Chevron prone to ‘groupthink’ on climate – study
Lack of diversity on boards makes US oil majors particularly liable to ignore carbon risk, find Oxford University researchers
Ditch meat to fight climate change?
A more balanced diet saves money, lowers cholesterol and helps to avoid obesity . But soon, the federal government may officially add another, and altogether more controversial, reason to the list: Skip that steak to combat climate change.
Business innovation: the leaders committed to sustainable development
Seven initiatives from private enterprise for sustainable development that are genuinely inspiring
The Guardian
El Vaticano insiste en agenda de combate a cambio climático
El Vaticano sigue presionando a gobiernos del mundo para que escuchen los llamados del papa a combatir el cambio climático y el tráfico de personas invitando a alcaldes a una reunión en el Vaticano la próxima semana para hablar de sus dos principales proyectos, la explotación de la Tierra y su gente.
La República
México respaldará a Francia en COP21
El presidente Enrique Peña Nieto advirtió que México respaldará con "decisión y firmeza" a la convocatoria que ha hecho Francia para celebrar el Acuerdo de Partes de la COP21 contra el Cambio Climático a realizarse en París.
El Universal
Vatican : esclavages modernes et changements climatiques sont liés
A l'initiative du Vatican, ces deux thèmes feront l'objet d'une Conférence internationale le 21 juillet, à laquelle les maires des villes comme Lubumbashi, Libreville ou Accra ont été invités .
Agence d'information d'afrique centrale
Changements climatiques : les leaders polynésiens réunis à Tahiti
Le séminaire réunissant les membres du Polynesian leaders group (PLG) autour des changements climatiques, s'est ouvert ce mercredi.
Pakistan, Bangladesh face ‘state failure’ as globe heats up
Study compiled by experts from US, UK, China and India underlines migration potential from warming world.
June hottest on record: Japan Meteorological Agency
Last month was the hottest June on record by a wide margin, Japan Meteorological Agency said, increasing the likelihood that 2015 will also be the warmest.
Sydney Morning Herald
U.N. Climate Chief to business: Support the talks
At the close of this year, we can be confident we will have that new agreement, which needs to put the world on track to a low carbon economy by charting a defining and definitive course towards limiting a global temperature rise under 2 degrees Celsius this century.
Christiana Figueres: How cities are accelerating sustainable development
As home to more than half of the world’s 7 billion people and one of the largest sources of emissions, cities are well situated to reshape social and economic growth and usher in an era of climate-safe, sustainable development.
C40 blog
What could a legally binding UN climate deal look like?
Countries agreed to target a ‘legally binding’ climate pact in 2011, but four years later it’s still not clear how it will work
Here’s Where People Are Most Concerned About Climate Change
Only 42% of people surveyed in the U.S. say they are very concerned about climate change
People in much of Latin America and Africa see climate change as the number-one global threat, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center.
How Climate Change Could Make Your Flights Longer
Flights over the Pacific Ocean have gotten longer due to climate change-related changes in wind patterns, a shift that could be mirrored in other regions across the globe, according to new research.
Cambio climático, la principal preocupación mundial, según encuesta
El cambio climático es ya el primer motivo de preocupación mundial dentro de los desafíos globales, con especial relevancia en América Latina y África, indicó una encuesta divulgada hoy por el Centro de Investigaciones Pew.
El Universo
“El cambio climático no se puede discutir como el fútbol, es una cuestión de ciencia”
Iñigo Losada, director de Investigación de IH Cantabria y coautor del quinto informe de evaluación del grupo Intergubernamental de Expertos sobre el cambio Climático (IPCC), asegura que “el cambio climático no es algo que se pueda discutir como el futbol.
El Diario
Le réchauffement global risque de provoquer migrations et terrorisme
Les pénuries alimentaires et baisses des réserves en eau induites par le réchauffement risquent d'entraîner d'importantes migrations de population, désorganiser les Etats et favoriser le terrorisme, en particulier au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique, mettent en garde des experts internationaux.
«Le défi climatique peut renforcer l’économie»
De passage à Paris pour la conférence scientifique « Notre avenir commun face au changement climatique », qui s’est tenue du lundi 6 au vendredi 10 juillet à l’Unesco et à l’Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, l’économiste américain Joseph Stiglitz a répondu aux questions de plusieurs médias internationaux, dont Le Monde.
Le Devoir
India Calls for End to Extravagance as It Works on Climate Plan
India’s Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar called on richer nations to change their lifestyles in an effort to halt global warming, noting his own country is working on a robust series of initiatives for curbing pollution.
For climate change, India is a make-or-break player
Earlier this month, the U.N.’s climate chief Christina Figueres told the media that an Indian pledge to voluntarily cut carbon emissions is “critically important” to any meaningful agreement at a crucial UN climate summit in Paris in December.
Business Insider
How Climate Change Might Kill People
Temperature swings can kill, and not just with heat waves, researchers reported Monday.
NBC News
Solar power industry vows to step up campaign to topple Abbott government
Vow to expand marginal-seats campaign against Coalition comes after ban on Clean Energy Finance Corporation from financing wind and small-scale solar
Which Advanced Country Has the Most Climate Sceptics? Hint: It's Not the United States
It's not necessarily a competition you should be particularly keen to win, but which country in the world has the most climate change “sceptics”?
To Talk To A Five-Year-Old About Climate Change
Climate change can be a scary thing to talk about with grown-ups, let alone children. It is also very complex, with long-term effects that reach into future decades and centuries, and causes that include an invisible, odorless gas.
Huffington Post
Fossil fuel industry must 'implode' to avoid climate disaster, says top scientist
‘The age of carbon is over’ and a transition to a greener economy is inevitable, says Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, adviser to the German government and Pope Francis
La vente de quotas de CO2, un butin convoité à l'approche de la COP21
La réforme du marché du carbone après 2020 pourrait permettre de dégager 80 milliards d'euros pour des projets de lutte contre le changement climatique, dont une part incertaine pour les pays en développement.
La Tribune
Cuba construirá siete parques de energía eólica
Cuba construirá siete parques eólicos con inversión extranjera directa, dentro de un programa de desarrollo a mediano plazo de fuentes de energía renovable, anunció este sábado el titular del Ministerio de Energía y Minas (Minem), Alfredo López.
El Spectador
América Latina encabeza el giro hacia las energías renovables
El calentamiento global, como el sol, no se puede tapar con la mano. Por ello, Naciones Unidas está instando a los países a alcanzar compromisos para evitar que la temperatura media del planeta aumente más de dos grados en las próximas décadas.
Financing for Development: What to expect from UN Addis Ababa summit
Who will foot the bill to end poverty and tackle climate change? That’s the big question as the third Financing for Development Conference opens in Addis Ababa on Monday.
Benefits far outweigh costs of tackling climate change, says LSE study
The economic benefits for a country from tackling climate change easily outweigh the costs, according to a study that seeks to highlight the incentives for individual nations to take urgent action to cut emissions.
UN conference in Paris will show the way in overcoming climate change threat: Prakash Javadekar
NEW DELHI: Sounding optimistic about crucial UN conference in Paris later this year, Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar today said to overcome the threat of climate change "joint efforts" from all the nations will be required and Paris will show the way.
Economic Times (India)
Abbott government extends renewable energy investment ban to solar power
A directive banning the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) from investing in existing wind technology will also apply to small-scale solar projects, a move that will effectively throttle the industry, the Australian Solar Council said.
Other countries 'airy-fairy' on climate change, says Tony Abbott, as Australia delays new emissions target announcement
The Abbott government does not get enough credit for its emissions reduction policies, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said, as he revealed Australia will not announce post-2020 climate targets until August.
Sydney Morning Herald
Australia’s financial system ‘vulnerable’ to climate change
Australia’s financial system could be vulnerable to the effects of global warming both in terms of direct climatic changes and in any slump for exports of carbon-intensive exports.
The Australian
Bond market innovation could help China climate change pledge
As the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, China has an important role to play in meeting the 2°C limit.
South China Morning Post
(Opinion) 'We can be the first generation that ends poverty'
An African proverb teaches that “fine words do not produce food”. That wise counsel is foremost in my mind as leaders gather in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for a pivotal global financing conference to put the world on course to end poverty and protect the planet.
La lucha contra el cambio climático devalúa inversiones en energía fósil
Las alertas del impacto de las medidas contra el cambio climático en las energías fósiles han saltado en la Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económico. En uno de sus últimos informes, la OCDE vaticina que “el endurecimiento de las políticas climáticas no solo tendrá un impacto en las decisiones de inversión futura, sino también en la rentabilidad de los activos existentes”.
El Pais
"El cambio climático no se va a ir, empeorará si no hacemos algo”
La experta del Banco Mundial está convencida de que la base de los cambios está en las mismas comunidades, a las que debe educárseles para adaptarse a la nueva realidad climática.
La Prensa Grafica
Bees Are Losing Their Habitat Because of Climate Change
As if pesticides, disease and habitat loss were not enough, there’s more bad news for bees. Changing temperature and weather conditions due to climate change has restricted the area where bees can survive, and the pollinators have struggled to adapt, according to new research published in the journal Science.
Fossil fuel firms risk wasting billions by ignoring climate change, says IEA
The world’s fossil fuel companies risk wasting billions of dollars of investment by not taking global action to fight climate change seriously, according to the chief economist of the International Energy Agency (IEA).
Facebook Doubles Renewable-Energy Target to 50% by End of 2018
Facebook Inc. set a goal of running half its operations with clean energy by the end of 2018, and eventually expects to reach 100 percent.
BRICS bank’s first project should be green – Modi
A new development bank to be signed off by emerging economies this week should make its first ever investment in the clean energy sector, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has said.
Outsider enters race to head UN climate science panel
Austria and Montenegro have entered an energy economics expert into the contest to lead the UN’s climate science panel.
Easing Alaska's wildfire seasons means tackling climate change
Alaska is burning. As of July 8 more than 300 fires are blazing across the state in an extreme and costly fire season that could last well into August. Firefighters and the resources they depend on are being pressed to the limits.
Alaska Dispatch News
One Direction wants leaders to take direction on climate change
Guess what, One Direction lovers? You have a new reason to coo over your favorite boy band. Earlier this week, band members Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan released a YouTube video as part of the action/2015, which launched in January to raise awareness about global issues, including climate change.
Seas could rise 6 metres even if governments curb warming - study
OSLO, July 9 (Reuters) - Sea levels could rise by at least six metres (20 feet) in the long term, swamping coasts from Florida to Bangladesh, even if governments achieve their goals for curbing global warming, according to a study published on Thursday.
Nuestro futuro común
Opinión: Christiana Figueres y Joseph Alcamo. En los últimos doce meses hemos visto un espectacular aumento del número de países que han mostrado su apoyo a una visión de largo plazo frente al cambio climático. Un avance sin duda emocionante.
El Universal
El mundo se queda sin abejorros
Los insectos, vitales para cultivos como el tomate, desaparecen por el cambio climático. Expertos proponen una insólita gran migración asistida por el ser humano para salvarlos.
El Pais
Ontario, Quebec, and California rally against climate change
North America’s three amigos in the fight against climate change are urging other leaders to join their crusade.
Toronto Star
World Suffering Surge in Extreme Rainfall Due to Climate Change
The world is suffering a surge in record-breaking rainfall because of climate change, scientists say.
Around the world in 5 climate change lawsuits
When a Dutch district court ordered the Netherlands government to up its climate game, campaigners were overjoyed.
Climate change hits one in six world heritage nature sites
THE climate is no respecter of beauty. Almost one in six of the UNESCO world heritage sites listed for their natural value are already being battered by the changing climate. This threatens their "outstanding universal values" – the features that qualify them for protection.
New Scientist
$15 Trillion Plan Would Have All of America on Renewable Energy by 2050
A group of scientists has published a plan for the United States to have all of its energy come from renewable sources by 2050, an ambitious goal that carries a $15 trillion price tag.
Epoch Times
Exxon knew of climate change in 1981, email says – but it funded deniers for 27 more years
ExxonMobil, the world’s biggest oil company, knew as early as 1981 of climate change – seven years before it became a public issue, according to a newly discovered email from one of the firm’s own scientists. Despite this the firm spent millions over the next 27 years to promote climate denial.
Banks urged to halt coal finance before Paris summit
A coalition of NGOs told banks to quit financing the coal industry on Thursday ahead of a summit tasked with securing a global warming pact.
Why You Should Short Public Oil Companies
U.S. coal companies have lost about 75 percent of their market value during the bull market that began in 2009. Oil and gas companies, which account for 60 percent of U.S. carbon emissions, and about 84 percent of fossil fuel market cap, have fared much better. But risks abound.
Bloomberg View
Gobernadores norteamericanos discuten sobre cambio climático
Los gobernadores de las provincias canadienses de Ontario y Québec, y de la estadunidense California, encabezaron hoy discusiones sobre acciones contra el cambio climático en la Cumbre Climática de las Américas.
Cambio climático y vulnerabilidad social
2.000 científicos provenientes de un centenar de países están reunidos en París para evaluar el estado del clima del planeta y elaborar propuestas para luchar contra los desarreglos climáticos, en el marco de la conferencia "Nuestro futuro común bajo el cambio climático".
Gap Narrowing for Averting Climate Disaster: UN
Climate scientists gathered Tuesday in Paris, five months before the deadline for a historic carbon-curbing pact, to show that a radical shift to sustainable energy can still limit disastrous planet warming.
Here’s The Most Lucrative Way to Fight Climate Change
A new report outlines how to grow the economy and stymie climate change at the same time.
Paris climate pledges need explaining says Morocco minister
INTERVIEW: Hakima El Haite tells RTCC she hopes Rabat summit will offer clarity on what is on table for a UN deal.
Obama plans to put solar panels on low-income homes
The White House outlined a series of measures Tuesday designed to put more solar panels on low-income housing and expand access to solar power for renters.
China poised for a boom in green bonds
China is on the brink of a major green bonds push to finance clean energy and low carbon buildings.
Will Hillary Clinton swear off fossil-fuel money? Bernie Sanders already has
The Nation magazine and 350 Action are challenging presidential candidates to “neither solicit nor accept campaign contributions” from fossil fuel companies — and that’s putting the heat on Hillary Clinton in particular.
Edelman loses executives and clients over climate change stance
Edelman, which calls itself the world’s largest public relations firm, has lost four executives who lead its corporate-responsibility practice – at least in part because of the company’s unwillingness to take a strong stand on climate change.
In photos: On the front lines of climate change
Most of the planet remains, at least for now, relatively unscathed by rising tides, severe droughts and increasingly powerful weather events that mark a warming planet. But climate change has arrived – and those living on low-lying Pacific Islands are already dealing with effects like king tides, bleaching coral, graveyards getting washed out to sea.
Al Jazeera
Facebook is building a big wind-powered data center in Texas
The company’s fifth data center will be completely powered by a nearby wind farm.
« Il faut une vision à long terme face au changement climatique »
Tribune. Au cours de l’année écoulée, le nombre de pays qui se sont prononcés en faveur d’une vision à long terme sur le changement climatique a augmenté de façon spectaculaire.
Le Monde
Close the dangerous emissions gap in 10 steps –report
There is 27 gigatonne gap between global greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 under business as usual and the level needed to hold warming to 2C.
New Climate Economy's 10 ways to solve climate change
The New Climate Economy has today launched a major report outlining key actions that governments and businesses can embrace to help the world tackle climate change.
Business Green
Billions in gas projects stranded by climate change action, says thinktank
More than $280bn (£180bn) of liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects being planned over the next decade risk becoming “stranded” if global action is taken to limit climate change to 2C, according to a report by the thinktank Carbon Tracker.
New govt climate change target 'not enough'
The Government is being criticised for not doing enough in setting a 30 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions based on 2005 levels by 2030.
3News (New Zealand)
Deaths Mount in Pakistan as Heatwave Is Linked to Climate Change
ISLAMABAD—Pakistan’s lack of preparedness in the face of increasingly intense weather events is being blamed for a growing death toll following what has been one of the most sustained heatwaves in the country since records began.
Climate change is a matter of human rights, agrees UN
Last Thursday the Human Rights Council sent a strong signal to the ongoing climate negotiations by adopting by consensus a new resolution on climate change and human rights. -
Japan is building solar energy plants on abandoned golf courses—and the idea is spreading
Japan’s energy strategy in the aftermath of Fukushima calls for roughly doubling the amount of renewable power sources in the country by 2030. It is already building solar power plants that float on water. Perhaps inevitably, then, the nation has turned to building solar plants on old golf courses.
12 tools for communicating climate change more effectively
Uncertainty is an unavoidable feature of the climate change debate – just like any other complex scientific and societal issue. But sceptics have used (and in some cases abused) the presence of uncertainty in climate projections to argue that the science is not sufficiently settled to warrant policies to cut carbon.
(Opinion) Calderon and Stern: Fight climate change, boost economy
Recent trends in the global economy — such as the falling cost of clean energy, the spread of carbon pricing and the continuing volatility of oil prices — are building momentum for low-carbon growth and
USA Today
Cambio climático: dos mil científicos discuten soluciones
Científicos llegados desde un centenar de países debatirán a partir desde mañana en París sobre los medios para luchar contra los desarreglos climáticos, en el marco de una gran conferencia titulada "Nuestro futuro común bajo el cambio climático".
El Commercio
ONU busca 100.000 millones anuales para el cambio climático
Los países más pobres serán los más afectados por las peores consecuencias del cambio climático, como el aumento del nivel del mar, las inundaciones, las tormentas y las sequías.
Para lidiar con la inminente amenaza, que acabará con innumerables vidas humanas y causará estragos en la agricultura, la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU) pretende el aporte de 100.000 millones de dólares por año para 2020, como parte del Fondo Verde para el Clima que ayudará a los países en desarrollo a fortalecer su resistencia y adaptación al cambio climático.
Nobel Laureates call for action on climate change at Lindau
At the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, some of the world's most senior scientists have signed a joint declaration on climate change, backing the science, and calling for action.
Deutsche Welle
Coal investment is the most urgent climate threat
Head of the OECD says wealthy countries should help poorer nations that cannot afford to replace coal with low-carbon alternatives.
Climate News Network
Kenya is building Africa’s biggest wind energy farm to generate a fifth of its power
Kenya set in motion the construction of Africa’s biggest wind power farm this week, near Laisamis, 550km north of Kenya’s capital Nairobi.
Quartz Africa
WMO: Premature to Tell If Intense Heat Linked to Climate Change
The World Meteorological Organization said it is too soon to know whether intense heat waves sweeping Europe, parts of the United States and southern China are linked to climate change.
PM hopefuls zero in on climate change, promise to work with Notley
Opposition leaders with their eyes on the prime minister’s office are promising a different approach on climate change from the federal Conservatives that will include working with a new Alberta government grappling with its own pledges to get tougher on greenhouse gas emissions.
Galgary Herald
March for Jobs, Justice and Climate draws on allies for a clean-energy revolution
David Suzuki, Jane Fonda, Naomi Klein and Joel Plaskett marched loudly through downtown Toronto on Sunday, along with thousands of others: an eclectic coalition of unionists, environmentalists, anti-poverty groups, faith organizations, health care workers, and leaders from frontline First Nations communities.
The Star
Solar energy revolution: Past point of no return
When the SunShot Initiative was launched by the U.S. Department of Energy in 2011, even I thought it was a little crazy to think the goal of $1-per-watt solar energy was within reach. In this article from April 2011, I said that $1 per watt by 2017 had a "fighting chance" at best, but it was a long way off at the time.
USA Today
UN climate change chief tells charities to stop complaining about global warming
Environmental charities should spend less time complaining about global warming and more time coming up with workable solutions to the problem, the UN’s climate change chief has said.
UK Independent
Los científicos, convencidos de que el cambio climático está tras la ola de calor en Europa
LONDRES (Fundación Thomson Reuters) - Mientras Alemania y España sufren altas temperaturas y Londres registró esta semana su día más caluroso en el mes de julio de la historia, los científicos dicen que es "virtualmente innegable" que el cambio climático está aumentando las posibilidades de ese tipo de olas de calor en Europa.
36 premios Nobel exigen actuar contra el cambio climático
Después de la encíclica del papa Francisco, y del reciente contundente compromiso de China, 36 premios Nobel han expresado públicamente hoy su preocupación sobre las consecuencias del cambio climático, y han pedido a los líderes de todo el mundo actuar para limitar las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero. En una declaración firmada en la isla de Mainau, en el lago de Constanza (sur de Alemania), los galardonados con el máximo reconocimiento a la carrera científica recuerdan que hace 60 años en la misma isla se firmó una análoga declaración contra el uso de las armas nucleares, más conocida como Declaración de Mainau.
El Pais
Regions on four continents vow to cut carbon at ‘summit of stars’
Twenty states and regions from the Basque Country to British Columbia have set carbon-cutting targets at a summit probing how sub-national governments could confront climate change.
Rising number of local governments set targets to cut emissions
BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Twenty local governments, representing areas producing 5 percent of global climate-changing emissions, have committed to targets to cut those emissions, with the majority also setting goals for renewable energy, a platform uniting them said on Thursday.
3 EU regions sign ‘Under 2 MOU’ to limit global warming
France’s Rhone-Alpes, Scotland and Spain’s Basque County have signed the “Under 2 MOU,“a memorandum of understanding aiming to keep global warming at less than two degrees Celcius.
Caribbean States 'lighting path' towards sustainable future, says UN chief in Barbados
2 July 2015 – This is a year for global action, with international community in the final stretch of preparing a transformative post-2015 agenda for sustainable development that will be agreed in New York in September, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared in Bridgetown, where, two decades ago, the Barbados Programme of Action was adopted to tackle vulnerabilities facing small islands.
UN News Center
Germany to mothball largest coal power plants to meet climate targets
Germany agreed on Thursday to mothball about five of the country’s largest brown coal power plants to meet its climate goals by 2020, after months of wrangling between the parties in chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition.
Why South Australia is eyeing a renewable future
As the federal government drags its feet on climate action, the state is powering ahead with renewables.
CO2 emissions threaten ocean crisis
Scientists have warned that marine life will be irreversibly changed unless CO2 emissions are drastically cut.
Prince Charles: rewire the global economy to stop climate change
Prince Charles has said that “profound changes” to the global economic system are needed in order to avert environmental catastrophe, in an uncompromising speech delivered in front of an audience of senior business leaders and politicians.
Iowa Catholic leaders: Politicians must address climate change
ANKENY — Catholics must implore their political leaders to take action on climate change, and politicians must possess the courage to act, Iowa Catholic leaders said Thursday.
Anuncian en Francia declaración sobre compromisos para combate a cambio climático
Representantes de ciudades y regiones del mundo, reunidos en Lyon desde el 1 julio, anunciaron el jueves una serie de compromisos para combatir el cambio climático que, de forma colectiva, representan una reducción de emisiones de 1.500 millones de toneladas de carbono para 2020.
CRI online
Ban Ki-moon felicita en Barbados a los Estados Caribeños por su aplicación de energías renovables
02 de julio, 2015 — El Secretario General de la ONU se encuentra en Bridgetown, Barbados, para asistir a la inauguración de la 36 Cumbre de la Comunidad del Caribe (CARICOM).
UN News Center
Cities, regions, demand bigger climate say
Lyon (AFP) - Leaders of city and regional governments gathered Wednesday in the French city of Lyon, in the grips of a western European heatwave, to demand a bigger stake in the global push to curb global warming.
U.N. warns of risks as Europe enjoys scorcher
The United Nations warned on Wednesday of the dangers posed by hot weather, especially to children and the elderly, as much of Europe sweltered in a heatwave whose intensity it blamed on climate change.
INTERVIEW: "Climate change is in everybody's backyard" – Robert Redford
1 July 2015 – Actor and environmental activist Robert Redford paid his first visit to the United Nations Headquarters in New York this week.
UN News Centre
1,700 cities stress local action key to UN climate deal
Holding half of the world’s population and releasing 70% of its greenhouse gases, cities are vital players in fighting climate change.
Fossil heavy FTSE 100 threatens UK economic stability – report
The UK’s FTSE 100 stock market index is exposing investors to unacceptable levels of risk due to the high level of listed fossil fuel companies.
Scientists predict polar bear population crash
Salmon: Imperilled polar bears will see a population crash in most parts of the Arctic if global greenhouse gas emissions continue at current rates, thereby causing accelerated melting of the sea ice the animals depend on for survival, a study has found.
Brisbane Times
Alaska’s Glaciers Melt Faster as Climate Change Speeds Up
LONDON—The glaciers of Alaska are melting and retreating: the chief cause is climate change and the loss of ice is unlikely to slow, according to a new study by US scientists.
Neil deGrasse Tyson: Yes, The Pope Can Comment On Climate Change
Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has a word for those who think Pope Francis shouldn't comment on climate change.
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Les villes pour le climat
Il n’y a pas que les Etats qui se préoccupent du réchauffement climatique. A cinq mois de la COP21, et alors que 195 pays négocient actuellement pour préparer un texte commun avant la fin de l’année, les collectivités locales s’affirment, elles aussi, comme des acteurs majeurs.
Lyon celebra la cumbre mundial de regiones contra el cambio climático
Luchar contra el cambio climático. Con ese objetivo ayuntamientos y regiones se reúnen este miércoles y jueves en la Cumbre Mundial del Clima y los Territorios en Lyon, Francia.
La ONU avisa de que las olas de calor serán cada vez más frecuentes
Las olas de calor, como la que España y parte de Europa vive estos días, crecerán en frecuencia e intensidad, por lo que hay que estar preparados. Este es el aviso que lanzan conjuntamente la Organización Meteorológica Mundial (OMM) y la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) ante este fenómeno en ascenso como consecuencia del cambio climático.
Global Climate Pact Gains Momentum as China, U.S. and Brazil Detail Plans
WASHINGTON — Five months before a United Nations summit meeting aimed at forging a historic global accord to cut climate-warming emissions, significant signs of progress toward an agreement are emerging.
New York Times
U.S., China and Brazil Commit to New Climate Change Goals
The United States, China and Brazil all made new commitments to combat climate change Tuesday, in advance of a landmark United Nations conference on the issue in December.
Green Climate Fund shortlists projects worth $500m
The Green Climate Fund has reviewed 120 requests for cash totalling US$6 billion to help poor countries deal with climate change.
Greenhouse gas pledges bolster hopes for global deal
The US and three big emerging market countries have bolstered hopes for a global deal to combat climate change this year by unveiling plans to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
Financial Times
China makes carbon pledge ahead of Paris climate change summit
China will aim to cut its greenhouse gas emissions per unit of gross domestic product by 60-65% from 2005 levels under a plan submitted to the United Nations ahead of crucial climate change talks in Paris later this year.
China’s new climate change plan — in four graphs
On Tuesday, China formally submitted its climate change action plan to the United Nations. The document, which can be viewed here (in Chinese first, and then in English), formalizes the commitment made by President Xi Jinping alongside President Obama last November – to reach a peak in emissions by 2030, and make “best efforts to peak early.”
Washington Post
US and Brazil agree on ambitious climate change agenda
WASHINGTON: Ahead of the key Paris climate change summit this year, the US and Brazil today agreed on an ambitious agenda to mitigate the challenges posed by climate change, as they underlined the need for a deal that reflects the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities.
Economic Times (India)
Opinião - KAKÁ: Ganhando o jogo das nossas vidas
O papa Francisco fez um apelo para todos os seres humanos botarem seus corações e suas almas na luta contra a mudança climática por meio de uma encíclica, uma carta na qual expressa as nossas responsabilidades pessoais e coletivas de enfrentar um tema tão urgente e alarmante.
Folha de S.Paulo
Cambio climático: la temperatura media subió 0,5° en la Argentina
El cambio del clima no es una sensación. La temperatura promedio en la Argentina subió al menos medio grado. Y en algunas regiones, como la Patagonia, el alza llegó a 1° C.
La Nacion
Rafael Correa propone crear una Corte Internacional de Justicia Ambiental
El presidente ecuatoriano, Rafael Correa, sugirió en la inauguración de la Conferencia de Desarrollo Sostenible la creación de una Corte Internacional de Justicia Ambiental, a través de un tratado vinculante entre las naciones dispuestas a luchar contra el cambio climático.
El Espectatdor
Pace of climate talks far too slow: UN chief
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Monday that negotiations on climate change were moving too slowly and urged governments to quicken the pace ahead of the December conference on reaching a new global deal.
UN chief: Climate negotiations moving at a 'snail's pace'
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Monday that negotiations on a new climate pact to keep global warming from reaching dangerous levels are moving at a "snail's pace" and must be speeded up.
Robert Redford urges global action on climate change
Robert Redford said he came to the United Nations Monday not as an actor but as an environmental advocate, father, grandfather and concerned citizen to urge the world's nations to take action now on climate change.
China to unveil UN climate pledges imminently: Li
China is about to submit its long-awaited national pledges to reduce carbon emissions beyond 2020, ahead of the Paris climate summit, Premier Li Keqiang said Monday.
South Korea to cut 2030 greenhouse gas emissions by 37 percent from BAU levels
South Korea has finalised its 2030 target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 37 percent from business-as-usual (BAU) levels, higher than its earlier plan for a 15-30 percent cut.
China y UE prometen cooperación más estrecha en cambio climático
China y la Unión Europea (UE) acordaron este lunes mejorar la cooperación en la batalla cuesta arriba en contra del cambio climático mundial.
China works for 'win-win' climate plan, poised for U.N. pledge
China seeks a fair, global system to tackle climate change and will deliver its pledge to the United Nations by the end of Tuesday on how much it will cut emissions, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said after talks with top European Union officials.
ONU: Acuerdo sobre cambio climático avanza a paso lento
La ONU alertó ayer que las negociaciones para lograr un acuerdo global contra el cambio climático en la cumbre que se celebrará en París, a finales de año, avanzan demasiado lentas y reclamó a los líderes internacionales que se involucren personalmente para acelerarlas.
UN climate deal will come too late for Kiribati, says leader
A proposed UN pact to address climate change will come too late for the population of Kiribati, the president of the tiny Pacific state told the UN General Assembly on Monday.
Rich countries' $100bn promise to fight climate change 'not delivered'
Brazil, China, India and South Africa say they are disappointed in failure to make good on promise six years ago to mobilise $100bn a year by 2020
Realistic Goals for the Paris Climate Conference (by Michael Bloomberg) Wall Street Journal
'Paris deal on climate change should reflect differentiated responsiblities'
The developing countries' bloc of Brazil, South Africa, India and China have underscored that the ambitious Paris Agreement on climate change to be adopted later this year should "fully reflect" differentiated responsibilities of developed and developing countries.
Advanced developing countries quartet BASIC puts out vision of proposed Paris Agreement
The advanced developing countries quartet, BASIC, has put out its vision of the proposed Paris Agreement. Meeting in New York, on the sidelines of the UN climate day, the quartet of advance developing countries has suggested focusing on more than reducing carbon pollution, and take on board each of the six issues that countries identified in Durban as central to a global climate deal.
Economic Times
2015 opportunity to tackle climate change may never come again Thomson Reuters Foundation
China plays critical role in global climate actions: UN climate chief
China has always had a critical role in global efforts to address climate change, and made contributions to renewable energy development, said United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres in a recent interview with Xinhua.
Inter-religious march in Rome demands action on climate change
Several thousand Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and Moslems marched through Rome to the Vatican on Sunday to demand action on climate change and thank Pope Francis for his encyclical on the environment.
Brazil, China, India, South Africa in push for climate financing
Brazil, China, India and South Africa voiced disappointment Sunday over the failure of rich countries to come up with billions of dollars needed to help them sign on to a landmark climate change deal.
China's UN Climate Pledges 'Expected': Report
China is expected to unveil its long-awaited national pledges to reduce carbon emissions beyond 2020, a state-run newspaper said today, as Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visits Belgium and France ahead of a Paris climate summit.
Foro de ONU sobre cambio climático con la mira en París
La Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas realiza hoy un evento de alto nivel dedicado al cambio climático, foro que busca perfilar posturas comunes de cara a la cumbre de París sobre el tema, prevista en diciembre.
Prensa Latina
Broad coalition formed to seek common ground on tackling climate change
Major business, union, research, environment, investor and social groups have formed the Australian Climate Roundtable in an effort to “put the climate policy debate on common ground and offer a way forward”.
The Conversation
Ils mouillent la chemise pour réduire la pollution à Lyon
Mercredi 1er juillet et jeudi 2 juillet, en pleine vague de chaleur, Lyon accueille le Sommet mondial « Climat et Territoires », en présence de 800 membres d’organisations non gouvernementales du monde entier, mais aussi (le 1er juillet seulement) du Président François Hollande, de Laurent Fabius et du secrétaire général adjoint de l’ONU, Janosz Pastor.
Le Progres
EU ministers set to call for ambitious Paris climate deal, say reports
China and the European Union are today expected to issue a joint call for the world to intensify efforts to tackle climate change, declaring it one of the greatest threats facing humanity.
US climate deniers call Paris summit 'a threat' to the world
Fundraising letter warns UN deal on climate change would spell an economic suicide for America
Barack Obama turns tables in David Attenborough climate change interview
US president has opportunity to put questions to naturalist but ends up admitting action on climate change must be global and quicker
Iceland to Reveal Paris Climate Summit Goals This Week
The Icelandic government’s priorities for the UN climate change summit to be held in Paris next year will be presented to the public this week. The country’s environment minister says Iceland will most likely subscribe to the same set of goals Norway and the EU have proposed.
Icelandic Review
Royal Dutch Shell bids to develop carbon capture project
A windswept North Sea gas platform, manned by half a dozen maintenance workers, seems an unlikely place to embark on a low-carbon revolution.
Financial Times
Time to step up game on climate change (by Robert Redford) CNN
'Religious leaders have a duty to speak out about climate change': The Dalai Lama speaks at Glastonbury (video)
On Sunday at Glastonbury, the Dalai Lama joins a panel including editor-in-chief Katherine Viner and columnist George Monbiot to discuss the environment, ending nuclear weapons and whether he agrees with the Pope's view of global warming.
Polluting countries should make room for refugees (op-ed) Washington Post
How to clean up our act on climate change (opinion) Khaleej Times