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Press Headlines
The "press headlines" is a daily compilation providing a general overview of international media coverage of climate change-related issues, that does not purport to be exhaustive. The information contained in the compilation is taken as is from sources external to the UNFCCC secretariat, that are freely available on the Internet. No evaluation on the part of the UNFCCC secretariat has been done in terms of the information that they contain. The UNFCCC secretariat makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or content of such information.
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SE Asia has central role in global climate fight
Southeast Asia's huge and growing demand for energy will set the tone for the global fight against climate change, the United Nations climate chief said yesterday, and the region needs to plan energy investments carefully or risk higher health costs, more damage from extreme weather and loss of competitiveness.
Straits Times
Malaysia should table climate change motion at Asean summit: researchers
Some environmental researchers want the Malaysian Government to table a motion for a joint study among Asean countries on the global climate change and its impact on the region's socio-economy during the Asean Summit here later this year.
Zhang Yong favourite to replace Xie as China climate envoy in Paris
Veteran Communist Party official set to take control of Beijing’s negotiating team as talks enter critical phase
France's Hollande promises Philippine storm survivors a climate deal
French President Francois Hollande on Friday met victims of the biggest-ever typhoon to make landfall and promised them he would secure an international agreement to limit climate change.
Switzerland first to submit climate plan for Paris U.N. deal
Switzerland became the first nation on Friday to submit a plan for cutting greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2020 as a basis for a U.N. deal to limit climate change due to be sealed in December.
Awareness on causes of climate change vital
COMMUNITIES seem not to understand they are responsible for climate change even in places where deforestation is going on at an alarming rate.
Daily News (Tanzannia)
Members of €32bn Danish pension funds to vote on fossil fuel divestment
Series of resolutions asks six of Denmark’s pension funds to drop their ‘black money’ investments in coal, oil and gas projects that cause climate change
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