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Press Headlines
The "press headlines" is a daily compilation providing a general overview of international media coverage of climate change-related issues, that does not purport to be exhaustive. The information contained in the compilation is taken as is from sources external to the UNFCCC secretariat, that are freely available on the Internet. No evaluation on the part of the UNFCCC secretariat has been done in terms of the information that they contain. The UNFCCC secretariat makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or content of such information.
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French host of climate talks seeks EU pledge by March 20
EU ministers must agree by March 20 a European Union goal to cut the bloc's emissions by at least 40 percent as its official contribution to U.N. climate change talks, French Energy Minister Segolene Royal said on Thursday.
“Second wave” of climate pledges to UN deal expected in September
New analysis shows a third of 81 surveyed countries have not started work yet on contribution to Paris pac
Europe blazes trail against climate change
AS CHAOS from climate change ramps up in the coming decades, making floods, droughts and heatwaves commonplace, Europe will be ready. So says the European Environment Agency, which launched its five-year assessment of the state of Europe's environment in Copenhagen, Denmark, this week
India, Egypt form joint working group on climate change
Ahead of the UN climate conference in Paris later this year, India and Egypt have decided to form a "joint working group" for "cooperation on environment and climate change".
Shell’s Ollila Says Society Must Find ‘Middle Way’ on Climate Change
Royal Dutch Shell PLC Chairman Jorma Ollila is joining Chief Executive Ben van Beurden in backing efforts to limit carbon emissions ahead of international climate talks in Paris later this year.
Wall Street Journal
Poland Seeks to Limit EU Carbon Fix’s Impact on Producers
The European Union draft carbon-market fix should be amended to prevent planned supply controls from curbing the number of free emission permits for power producers, according to the Polish government.
Paris veut jouer un rôle pendant la conférence sur le climat
La Ville de Paris entend être un hôte exemplaire de la conférence mondiale sur le climat (COP21) à la fin de l'année et un acteur de ce rendez-vous en lançant dès le printemps des actions concrètes
Le Monde
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