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Press Headlines
The "press headlines" is a daily compilation providing a general overview of international media coverage of climate change-related issues, that does not purport to be exhaustive. The information contained in the compilation is taken as is from sources external to the UNFCCC secretariat, that are freely available on the Internet. No evaluation on the part of the UNFCCC secretariat has been done in terms of the information that they contain. The UNFCCC secretariat makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or content of such information.
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As momentum builds for December climate talks in Paris, Ban looks ahead to ‘bold’ outcome
Commending France’s “exemplary leadership” on efforts to tackle climate change, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today affirmed that the international community is now at a stage where the final elements of the new climate agreement are being negotiated.
UN News Centre
Ban Ki-moon : « Nous n’avons plus de temps à perdre » sur le climat
Quelques jours avant la reprise, le 31 août à Bonn (Allemagne), des négociations en vue de la 21e conférence mondiale sur le climat (COP21), qui doit se tenir en décembre à Paris, le secrétaire général des Nations unies, Ban Ki-moon, confie au Monde son optimisme sur la conclusion d’un accord international permettant de contenir le réchauffement en cours.
Le Monde
Tutu, Klein and Chomsky call for mass climate action ahead of Paris conference
Artists, journalists, scientists and academics among 100 signatories calling for mobilisation on scale of slavery abolition and anti-apartheid movements
Climate negotiations a ‘race against the clock’
COP 21 officials urge world leaders to ‘look beyond national interests’
Irish Times
You can fight climate change and grow the economy, says Lord Stern
Countries should not create an 'artificial horse race' between climate change and economic growth, says eminent economist
French Government Doubling Size Of Solar Energy Tender To 800 MW
The government of France has decided to double the size of an upcoming solar energy tender from 400 megawatts (MW) up to 800 MW — owing partly to the fact that bid prices for solar energy projects have fallen, putting them on a similar level to wind energy project bids
CHILE: Planta abre las puertas sudamericanas a la geotermia
Chile, un territorio plagado de volcanes y géiseres, inició la construcción de la primera planta geotérmica de América del Sur, un proyecto que busca ser la puerta de entrada de esta energía al país, cuya matriz energética está compuesta mayoritariamente por combustibles fósiles.
El País
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