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Paris Climate Change Conference - November 2015

Media accreditation for COP 21: the deadline and cut off date for receiving applications was Monday, 9 November

Important notice regarding media accreditation for COP 21:

STATUS OF ACCREDITATION                      
Paris Le Bourget, 20 November 2015

The UNFCCC secretariat is fully aware that numerous media have submitted applications for accreditation that have not been approved and this message is to explain how the situation is being addressed.
Firstly, this situation has arisen due to overwhelming interest from the global press and media that is unprecedented compared to any previous COP.
Whilst the UNFCCC secretariat and the French Government welcome this interest, it must be taken into account that the total number of approved accreditations is now at the maximum level in relation to the physical capacity of the media facilities and taking into account other participants, fire and security regulations.  The media facilities in particular cannot accommodate more than 3,000 media; nearly double this figure have applied for accreditation! 

The accreditation system for applications will not be reopened.
The UNFCCC secretariat and the French Government are approaching this problem with a view to giving a fair distribution of the positions available to all countries around the world which have shown interest.
To this end, those who have already applied will be given a ceiling with regards to numbers of those who can attend on behalf of their organisations.  It is understood that this will be inconvenient, but it is hoped that consideration will be given to this request to enable a window to open for other media to attend.
Media who are affected by this process will be contacted individually on Friday, 20 November 2015.  Those applications which are still pending will be contacted on Saturday, 21 November 2015.
The UNFCCC secretariat and the French Government are fully aware that many will be disappointed due to this exceptional situation, but strongly request that the above is accepted.
For explanations of key concepts, vocabulary and the negotiating process, please see the Essential Background section.

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