Initiative / 20 Sep, 2017
Top Finnish Golf Association to Go Climate Neutral

A leading Finnish golf association, Meri-Teijo Golf Oy in Salo, has announced that it is going to become climate neutral within the next 5 years, making use of carbon offsets under the UN’s Climate Neutral Now initiative.

For a company, association, club or organization to become climate neutral, it must take measures to reduce its carbon footprint, whilst making use of clean, renewable energy and offsetting all emissions that cannot be reduced.

Sports clubs and associations are becoming increasingly involved in helping to drive climate action, also at the local level.

”Climate change is proceeding at an alarming rate and each of us has to take responsibility to start the transformation to a climate neutral way of living,” says Tommy Skogster, Chairman of Meri-Teijo Golf Oy.

The golf association has already switched its power supply to wind energy, and has started to implement solutions that eliminate food waste – another source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Among the newly planned actions are the increased use of CO2-free energy, and the efficient use of fertilizers for the golf course.

The golf club will also encourage its members and guests to reduce emissions when traveling to and from the golf course.

”Climate Neutral Now offers an excellent framework for many sports and recreational organisations as well as individuals to reduce carbon footprint and to offset the rest. The initiative encourages us to do more, now, to voluntarily contribute to reaching the goal of global climate neutrality”, says project initiator Jouni Keronen, Executive Director, Climate Leadership Council and member of the Meri-Teijo Golf Club.

Mr. Skogster and Mr. Keronen are also calling for other organisations of all types and individuals to support the Climate Neutral Now initiative, which is led by UN Climate Change.

”Everyone can contribute through their own action at home, and by supporting credible, valuable emission reduction projects that also promote sustainable development in developing countries!” says Mr. Keronen.

Read more about the UN's Climate Neutral Now initiative here.

For more information on the initiative by Meri-Teijo Golf Oy:

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