Meeting / 15 Aug, 2014
Thematic Dialogue on Climate Technology Financing

Developing countries need both money and up-to-date technology to build their own clean and efficient energy networks and to develop resilient economies and societies.

Governments under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change have recognised this close link between the development and transfer of climate technologies and the provision of financial resources for climate change activities.

Bonn Meeting Will Identify Answers and Opportunities 

They therefore agreed to look more closely at how to improve linkages between the existing UNFCCC Technology Mechanism and its financial mechanism and on August 19, 2014, the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) of the UNFCCC will hold a thematic dialogue on climate technology financing. The dialogue, taking place in Bonn, Germany, will bring together international experts on climate technology financing to:

  • Highlight issues surrounding climate technology financing;
  • Identify challenges and opportunities, good practices and lessons learned from financing climate technologies;
  • Identify opportunities for enhancing the implementation of developing country technology needs assessments.

The experts will also consider how linkages between the financial community and technology community can be strengthened to enhance implementation of climate technology projects in developing countries. Participating experts include representatives from the Global Environment Facility, the Green Climate Fund, the Climate Investment Funds, the Asian Development Bank, the Standing Committee on Finance, the Climate Technology Centre and Network and the Senegalese organization Environment and Development Action.

The TEC is currently developing recommendations on these linkages for governments to consider at the UN Climate Change Conference in Lima, in December

The dialogue will be webcast and online viewers can participate in the discussions using social media. By using the Twitter hashtags #climatetech and #climatefinance, viewers can follow the online discussions and also send questions to the experts for their consideration during the dialogue. More information on the thematic dialogue is available here.


The TEC is the policy arm of the Technology Mechanism, tasked with providing policy guidance on issues related to the development and transfer of climate technologies. This includes considering issues related to the technology needs of developing countries.

The Climate Technology Centre and Network promotes the transfer of environmentally sound technologies for climate change mitigation and adaptation in developing countries. The CTCN responds to country requests with suggested, tailored solutions in order to transfer valuable knowledge and practical advice from one country to another and accelerate the pace of climate technology implementation. The CTCN is the operational arm of the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism and is hosted by UNEP in collaboration with UNIDO and 11 independent, regional organizations with expertise in climate technologies.

Wind turbine photo by Seattle.roamer