Audio / 24 Feb, 2016
Resettling Families to Reduce Climate Risk in Uruguay

Climate-related flooding is taking a toll on Uruguay. During the last decade, flooding has displaced more than 67,000 people from their homes in 60 cities across the country.

In response to this increased flooding, Uruguay’s National Resettlement Plan is helping communities adapt. The program, which won a Momentum for Change Award in 2014, moves vulnerable families who live in areas at high risk of flooding, resettling them to safer locations. The houses the families are settled into are located in urban areas that have access to public transport and education, and that are connected to the electrical grid.

The $US42 million resettlement plan also includes job training for family members and the reuse of former flood-risk residential land into other flood-compatible uses. The plan can be replicated in other countries that are facing similar risks due to flooding.

To tell us more, we spoke to Raquel Lejtreger, Uruguay’s former Vice Minister of Housing, Land Planning and Environment. Listen to the interview below, and subscribe to the Momentum for Change podcast. To stay connected with Momentum for Change, subscribe to the e-newsletter.