Resource / 28 Apr, 2018
How to Walk the Talk - Making SB48 a Sustainable Conference

UN Climate Change News, 27 April 2018 -- Thousands of government representatives, non-Party stakeholders, members of the press and staff of multilateral organizations are gathering for the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference from 30 April to 10 May in Bonn, Germany.

Like any other large event, the conference will generate a climate footprint that all participants have a responsibility to help minimize.

As at other UN climate conferences, the UN Climate Change secretariat is inviting participants to help make the conference as sustainable as possible.

The secretariat´s Conference Affairs Services programme has published comprehensive online sustainability guidelines, covering topics that range from the choice of accommodation to avoiding paper wastage to use of local public transport and “climate-friendly” catering options. By joining these efforts, delegates can “walk the talk” and lead by example when meeting in Bonn for two intense weeks of climate talks.

Travelling to and from Bonn is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions linked to any conference. All participants are encouraged to make their travel carbon neutral by making use of the UN initiative Climate Neutral Now.

Laura López, Director of Conference Affairs Services programme at the UN Climate Change secretariat, says: “Building on the successful EMAS certification of COP23, we are working with the World Conference Center Bonn and Broich Catering to organize SB 48 as a sustainable event. Of course, we cannot do this without the active participation of delegates, for instance by limiting their use of paper and other resources, separating unavoidable waste and using local transport. We are all part of a sustainable SB48!”

Check the sustainability guidelines for the Bonn Climate Change Conference here.