Resource / 13 May, 2017
Download UNFCCC Negotiator App

If you are physically participating in or virtually following the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, you can download our free “Negotiator App” on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

The App is available in the Google and iTunes stores (smartphone or tablet) and is a great way to follow international climate action at any time and especially during the UNFCCC conferences.

Conceived as a one-stop shop, the Negotiator App offers the latest news about the climate talks, along with alerts to live webcasts of sessions and press conferences, and access to official documents, agendas and programmes of meetings, side events and exhibits.

Among its different features, you can set the App to receive push notifications informing you of the latest news and announcements from the UNFCCC process.

Other Forms of Virtual Participation

Along with live webcast, social media community tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr enable virtual participation in the Bonn Climate Change Conference. Here you can find the full list of our social media accounts:


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