Audio / 03 Feb, 2016
Building Flood-Resilient and Affordable Homes in India

The city of Gorakhpur, India, is prone to flooding during the monsoon season, affecting more than one million people. Many of the people who live in the city are poor and marginalized and are therefore more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, such as floods, cyclones, altered rain patterns and heat waves.

An award-winning project called Community-Based Micro-Climate Resilience helps urban poor communities in Gorakhpur adapt to climate change by designing and building new types of flood-resilient and affordable houses. The homes built by this project minimize the use of energy-intensive materials like bricks and cement. In addition, the construction materials are locally sourced, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with transporting bricks long distances.

People who benefit from the project are involved in the construction process and then help others who want to adopt the design.

To learn more, we spoke to Dr. Shiraz Wajih, President of the Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group. Listen to the interview below, and subscribe to the Momentum for Change podcast. To stay connected with Momentum for Change, subscribe to the e-newsletter.