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Recent developments: review guidelines by SBSTA 39 and their adoption by COP19

The “Guidelines for the technical review of information reported under the Convention related to greenhouse gas inventories, biennial reports and national communications by Parties included in Annex I to the Convention” were adopted by Parties at COP 19 in Warsaw (decision pdf-icon 23/CP.19). These review guidelines provide a solid foundation for the upcoming technical reviews of NC6 and BR1 in early 2014 under the new IAR process.

The section on the guidelines for the review of GHG inventories is currently a placeholder in these newly adopted review guidelines. The elaboration of these guidelines will be the focus of work under SBSTA in 2014. Two technical workshops will be held in 2014 to progress with the revised review guidelines for GHG inventories, which will be adopted at COP 20 according to the work programme under SBSTA.


First technical workshop on the revision of the guidelines for the review of biennial reports and national communications, including national inventory reviews, for developed country Parties