III: Multilateral Assessment at SBI 43

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The multilateral assessment (MA) process is part of the newly established international assessment and review (IAR) process for developed country Parties. The IAR process is conducted under the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) and aims to promote the comparability of efforts among all developed country Parties with regard to their quantified economy-wide emission limitation and reduction targets.

The IAR process comprises two steps: a technical review of the national reports of each developed country, followed by the MA of the progress towards achieving the economy-wide target by developed country Parties.

The MA process entails three stages:

  • the preparation for the MA before the SBI working group session - encompassing a three-month "questions and answers" period; more

  • the international assessment during the SBI working group session; more

  • and the completion of the Party record after the SBI working group session. more

Timeline for the third round of MA in Paris:


1 to 30 September 2015: submission of questions by any Party to the Parties under MA - using the MA portal;


1 October to 27 November 2015: Preparation of answers by Parties under MA and posting of answers -  using the MA portal;


29 November 2015: upload compiled questions and answers by the secretariat onto the individual Party page upon completion of answers by the Party;


SBI 43, Paris: multilateral assessment of the two Parties' progress towards emission reduction target;


February 2016: publication of Party records for the two Parties

The IAR started in January 2014, with the submission of the sixth national communications and the first biennial reports from Annex I Parties and the technical review of these reports by international expert review teams. So far 41 Annex I Parties have been multilaterally assessed in the first round of the IAR.

SBI 41 in Lima 2014 - 17 Annex I Parties were multilaterally assessed during the first round of the MA working group session (link)

SBI 42 in Bonn 2015 - 24 Annex I Parties were multilaterally assessed during the second round of the MA working group session (link)

SBI 43 in Paris 2015 - Two Parties, Belarus and Kazakhstan, were multilaterally assessed during the third round of the MA working group session:

Annex I countries

Party pages - Multilateral assessment process SBI 43, Paris France


conducted at the MA working group session, SBI 43, BLR Party page


conducted at the MA working group session, SBI 43, KAZ Party page


*  Kazakhstan is a Party not included in Annex I to the Convention. However, it notified the depositary of its intent to be bound by Article 4, paragraphs 2(a) and (b), of the Convention. At COP12, the COP requested Kazakhstan to submit its national communication and annual greenhouse gas inventories in accordance with Article 4, paragraph 2 (b), and Article 12 of the Convention, using relevant UNFCCC guidelines, i.e. guidelines for Annex I Parties (FCCC/CP/2006/5, paragraph 96).  This request was reiterated at COP14 (FCCC/CP/2008/7, paragraph 68). Kazakhstan submitted its quantified economy-wide emission reduction target to the secretariat (FCCC/SB/2011/INF.1/Rev.1, paragraph 15).  The first biennial report of Kazakhstan contains information pertaining to its quantified economy-wide emission reduction target and is subject to the international assessment and review process as defined in decisions 1/CP.16 and 2/CP.1.

To access the MA portal log-in credentials are required. All national focal points were invited to submit nominations to the MA portal in June 2014. Should further nominations be required national focal points are requested to contact the secretariat at MA-portal@unfccc.int.