Momentum for Change Advisory Panel


Lorena Aguilar

Global Senior Gender Adviser
International Union for the Conservation of Nature

A Global Senior Gender Advisor with more than twenty-five years of experience in projects and initiatives involving public policy development and the incorporation of social and gender issues into the conservation of natural resources. Consolidated the IUCN Global
Gender Office, which is the preferred partner for international governments and non-governmental organizations seeking to promote gender concerns, and for realizing the potential of women for achieving biodiversity, conservation and sustainability. Formed the Network of Women Ministers of the Environment, to advocate for gender mainstreaming and balance with the CSD, Multilateral Environmental Agreements and other global negotiating bodies.

Developed strategies for leading environmental organizations, including UNEP, CBD and
UNCCD. Authored over seventy publications, including thirty books, on gender, the environment and anthropology. Keynote speaker at international conferences and congresses on gender, climate change and the environment.