Methodologies and Tools to Evaluate Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

Compendium on methods and tools to evaluate impacts of, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change. Final draft

3 Cross-cuttting issues and multisector approaches

3.4 Other multisector tools

The tools described in this part of the compendium, listed in Table 3.4, are applicable to more than one sector. They provide a general evaluation of adaptation options, are easily adapted to numerous regions and situations, and are frequently used in conjunction with sector specific tools to develop a comprehensive analysis or in support of a complete framework. Some are focused and produce specific information (e.g., M-CACES provides the user with estimates of the cost of particular adaptations, while CCAV provides insight into impacts of climate variability). Others are more general approaches that can be applied to more than one step of a vulnerability and adaptation assessment (e.g., DAM, uncertainty and risk analysis, forecasting by analogy, expert judgment).

Table 3.4. Other multisector tools

Dimensions of Adaptation Model (DAM) (14 kB)
Climatic Change and Variability (CCAV) (14 kB)
Expert Judgment (12 kB)
Historical or Geographic Analogs: Forecasting by Analogy (17 kB)
Uncertainty and Risk Analysis (14 kB)
Estimating Adaptation Costs: M-CACES (14 kB)