Methodologies and Tools to Evaluate Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

Compendium on methods and tools to evaluate impacts of, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change. Final draft

4 Sector-Specific Tools

4.1 Agriculture

The agricultural sector tools described in this compendium, listed in Table 4.1, range from sector-wide economic analyses to farm-level crop models. The crop process models address the impact of various management and climate change scenarios on single crops (e.g., WOFOST, ICASA, ALFALFA, ORYZA), multiple crops (e.g., APSIM), and entire ecosystems (e.g., CENTURY). Other tools can be used to examine particular ecological factors or processes (e.g., ACRU) or support bigger picture strategic adaptation decisions (e.g., MAACV, RRI). The economic models (e.g., Ricardian analysis and input-output accounting) assist the user in evaluating the economic impacts of changing land values, supply and demand, and commodity production resulting from climate change. There are substantially more agricultural sector tools than there are tools in other sectors. This is because many agricultural models are crop specific or are applicable only to particular regions, whereas models in other sectors tend to be more generally applicable.

Table 4.1. Tools covered in agricultural sector

4.1    Agriculture Sector Tools

APSIM (Agricultural Production Systems sIMulator) (15 kB)
WOFOST (13 kB)
ACRU (Agricultural Catchments Research Unit) (16 kB)
Process Soil and Crop Models: CENTURY (16 kB)
ORYZA 2000 (15 kB)
Information and Decision Support System for Climate Change Studies in South East South America (IDSS-SESA Climate Change) (17 kB)
Decision Support Systems Linking Agro-Climatic Indices with GCM-Originated Climate Change Scenarios (17 kB)
Model of Agricultural Adaptation to Climatic Variation (MAACV) (14 kB)
Relative Risk Index (RRI) (11 kB)
Government Support in Agriculture for Losses due to Climatic Variability (11 kB)
Process Crop Models: International Consortium for Application of Systems Approaches to Agriculture (ICASA) — International Benchmark Sites Network for Agrotechnology Transfer (IBSNAT) Family of Models (15 kB)
Process Crop Models: General-Purpose Atmospheric Plant Soil Simulator (GAPS 3.1) (14 kB)
Process Crop Models: Erosion Productivity Impact Calculator (EPIC) (15 kB)
Irrigation Model: CROPWAT (13 kB)
Process Crop Models: Alfalfa 1.4 (12 kB)
Process Crop Models: AFRC-Wheat (15 kB)
Process Crop Models: RICEMOD (13 kB)
Process Crop Models:GOSSYM/COMAX (13 kB)
Process Crop Models: GLYCIM (13 kB)
Economic Models: Econometric (Ricardian-based) Models (15 kB)
Economic Models: Input-Output Modeling (with IMPLAN) (16 kB)