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Christiana Figueres

Bonn Climate Change Conference - May 2016

Mandated Events

In-session workshop to identify the types of revegetation activities potentially eligible as project activities under the CDM under the existing modalities and procedures (...)17 May 2016 SBSTA
Eighth meeting of the Research Dialogue (RD 8)19 May 2016 SBSTA
NEW! Technical expert meeting on adaptation: Effective policy frameworks and institutional arrangements for adaptation planning and implementation 25 May 2016 SBSTA
NEW! Technical expert meeting on adaptation: Enhancing the implementation of adaptation action 24 May 2016 SBSTA
NEW! Technical expert meeting on mitigation: Shifting to more efficient public transport and increasing energy efficiency of vehicles 23 May 2016 SBSTA
NEW! Technical expert meeting on mitigation: Social and Economic Value of Carbon: concrete tools based on a reference value of carbon to inform investment decisions, re-evaluate risks and incentivize early action 20 May 2016 SBSTA
In-session workshop: Exploring financing and use of the CDM by international climate finance institutions16 May 2016 CMP
In-session workshop on linkage between the Technology Mechanism and the Financial Mechanism 21 May 2016 COP
In-session workshop on long-term finance 18 May 2016 COP
Workshop on gender-responsive climate policy with a focus on adaptation and capacity-building and training for delegates on gender issues 18 - 19 May 2016 SBI
The 4th Dialogue on Action for Climate Empowerment18 - 19 May 2016 SBI
The 5th meeting of the Durban Forum on capacity-building20 May 2016 SBI
Facilitative Sharing of Views under the international consultation and analysis process20 - 21 May 2016 SBI
Workshop on the identification and assessment of agricultural practices and technologies to enhance productivity in a sustainable manner ()23 May 2016 SBSTA
Workshop on the identification of adaptation measures ()20 May 2016 SBSTA

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