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Bonn Climate Change Conference

Bonn Climate Change Conference - June 2015

Mandated Events

In-session workshop on gender-responsive climate policy with a focus on mitigation action and technology development and transfer8 - 9 Jun 2015 SBI
In-session technical workshop on methodologies for reporting financial information by Parties included in Annex I6 Jun 2015 SBSTA
In-session workshop on long-term finance4 - 5 Jun 2015 COP
In-session workshop on the assessment of risk and vulnerability of agricultural systems to different climate change scenarios at regional, national and local levels, including but not limited to pests and diseases3 Jun 2015 SBSTA
In-session workshop on the development of early warning systems and contingency plans in relation to extreme weather events and its effects such as desertification, drought, floods, landslides, storm surge, soil erosion, and saline water intrusion 2 Jun 2015 SBSTA
Technical Expert Meetings on energy efficiency in urban environments5 - 6 Jun 2015 ADP
Technical Expert Meetings on renewable energy supply3 Jun 2015 ADP

Information for Participants