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Using carbon as a funding mechanism for conservation; Is REDD+ right for you? An introductory Guide (World Land Trust/ IUCN NL)

This report collates the main outcomes which hopefully will be of use to African NGOs and to a wider audience. The report provides introductions to key issues that we discussed and aims to condense the most useful outcomes from two workshops held in Africa in 2010, focussing on key points raised, questions, barriers and lessons learnt from both the trainers and participants’ experiences.

One of the key outcomes from these workshops was the realisation of the commitments required from a NGO to fully engage in a REDD+ project and that it is not necessarily suitable for everyone in their present capacity.

  • So how does an organisation know if it is ready to tackle a REDD+ project?
  • What sort of questions do they need to ask themselves?
  • And if they’re not ready, what alternatives are there to help prepare for future engagement?
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