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REDD Web Platform: Forest Reference Levels and Forest Reference Emission Levels
UNFCCC documents related to REDD safeguards
FCCC/SBSTA/2011/INF.18 Expert meeting in Bonn, Germany (14 to 15 November 2011)
Expert meeting on forest reference emission levels and forest reference levels for implementation of REDD-plus activities
Expert meeting homepage

Expert meeting in Bonn, Germany (23 to 24 March 2009)
Expert meeting on methodological issues relating to reference emission levels and reference levels
Expert meeting homepage

Information submitted on forest reference levels and forest reference emission levels
UN-REDD Programme

Technical considerations for Forest Reference Emission Level and/or Forest Reference Level construction for REDD+ under the UNFCCC

pdf-icon English PDF (3060 kB)  pdf-icon French PDF (3827 kB)  pdf-icon Spanish PDF (3059 kB)

UN-REDD Programme pdf-icon Emerging approaches to Forest Reference Emission Levels and/or Forest Reference Levels for REDD+ (4888 kB)

pdf-icon REDD+ reference level submission and technical assessment (82 kB)

The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

pdf-icon Establishing Efficient, Equitable, and Environmentally-sound Reference Emissions Levels for REDD+: A Stock-Flow Approach (759 kB)
TNC brief on reference emission levels for REDD+

Meridian Institute Reports prepared for the Government of Norway

pdf-icon Guidelines for REDD+ Reference Levels (816 kB)

pdf-icon Modalities for REDD+ Reference Levels (846 kB)

For more information and different language versions of the reports, visit the REDD-OAR website

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